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A few brief announcements from the New Polar Order

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[size="3"][b][center]Internal Reforms[/center][/b][/size]
I believe that the governmental structure of Polaris is one of the best on Planet Bob. It combines the stability and legitimacy of appointed Ministers and upper government with democratic elements. Being an Imperial system, it relies on a strong and benevolent dictator to helm the whole operation. I have long believed that all Constitutional Dictators should be able to be legally removed from their position, yet our charter lacked this. I have proposed a fix to this and the Body Republic of Polaris has ratified it. If a situation arose within Polaris that required the removal of the sitting Emperor, there is now a proper method to do so.

Additionally some more minor changes were made to the Charter, including the seperation of OOC concerns (forum and website hosting) from IC government. This is something that I have observed in other alliance charters and I think it's an all around solid idea.

After all, an alliance that does not constantly re-evaluate and seek to improve itself is one that misses chances to grow and develop. The current version of the Charter is always viewable here including the recent updates: [url="http://polarorder.net/forum/index.php?topic=29978.0"]Link[/url]

[size="3"][b][center]A Cancellation[/center][/b][/size]
Polaris has determined to cancel its treaty with The Imperial Order. We no longer believe we have a working relationship and the level of trust required to move forward as allies. This is partially due to their recent desire to unilaterally "downgrade" our treaty to an Optional Defense Pact. This was to be non-negotiable, despite no clause regarding this found anywhere in our treaty.

Polaris does not feel that it is acceptable to have a one-sided treaty decision such as this. This cancellation is also partially due to a general breakdown in communication and our relationship.

We wish The Imperial Order the best of luck in the future and hope it is realized that while our relationship today is not what it was yesterday, it can be something wholly better tomorrow.

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As the rightful Emperor of Polaris, it gives me great joy to see these Amendments passed. Once again the Body Republic has confirmed the legitimacy of my rule by failing to explicitly give the Emperor any power to dismiss the Imperial Regent - validating my sad but necessary assumption of the Throne from the pretender Penguin nearly eighteen months ago.

Long may Polaris stay strong!

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