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Chairman Meow Accords

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[b][center][size="4"]The International and the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization would like to announce:[/size][/center][/b]


Fraulein Lexie wishes to express her hatred for GATO and Craig for making her redo the image over and over

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[quote name='sir pwnage' timestamp='1314065540' post='2786520']
*joke about CPCN-GATO*

Congrats to INT and GATO, it's a very nice treaty.

Also, Romo should've made the image. Just sayin'.

1000 this.


lolcommies :D

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[quote name='D34th' timestamp='1314066458' post='2786531']
Will NoR charge royalties for the layout of this treaty?

I don't think NoR has a copyright on "treaties that are actually pictures so that they look sexier."

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