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Oceanic Union Announcement Concerning Brunei


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With regret, it is my duty to inform the world that the Sultanate of Brunei has fallen into anarchy. As I speak, Selenarctan troops are landing on Borneo to secure order and preserve the quality of life the people of Borneo have enjoyed. Borneo shall become an Oceanic Union protectorate until such time as a new government may assert itself, and the island of Borneo shall be governed under the same proscriptions as the Oceanic Union's Australian protectorate.

-President Diokno


On the order of the Office of the President of Selenarctos, the 2nd Mechanized Division, the 203rd Air Superiority Squadron and the 3rd Task Force are deployed to Borneo for stabilization, humanitarian and peacekeeping missions. All former-Sultanate weapons and military hardware shall be integrated into the peacekeeping force or properly disposed of.

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