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Selling 50 tech for 3mil with condition

Konata Izumi

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i cant send tech out at this time, this will probably last for 2 or so more months (due to things going on in my alliance). I can still receive money, and I need to keep my income at max.

If you send 3mil, I promise to send 100 tech when I am allowed to again (possibly a few months from now) when i can trade tech again, i intend to continue trading with my alliance buds, but I will appreciate any trust shown by strangers and, after repaying them duely, I will offer additional deals as a thanks. I will do whatever is necessary to prove I'm safe.

thanks for listening, Konata Izumi
grunt of the SOS Brigade, http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=465495

if you trust me, plz go ahead and send the 3mil when your ready, i will keep track of how much I owe and will pay it all after this business in my alliance that prevents me from sending out tech at this time is settled

EDIT: seeing as few ppl seem to be responding, I'm bumping the deal up to 100tech/3mil, but will accept 50/3mil first.

EDIT: ppl seem to keep pointing out that I have 200 tech, and thus seem unsafe. I have 200 because, due to current conditions in my alliance, I can't send out tech for awhile and decided to get some more for the bonus. Also, it will make tech trading nice and swift when I start up again^^

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