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Athenian/Strigian Diplomacy


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The following message was sent via secret courier to the Emperor and Empress of the Athenian Federation; it was a private, personal missive, and would not be published unless it got into the hands of some collector.

[center]From The Keeper of Strigia, Mattias De Luit
To Our Noble Friends of Athens,[/center]

[center]Greetings. We, the people of Strigia, are in your debt; during our recent era of wandering, you proved your friendship in a world bereft of aid or compassion. Now that we have come into our own, we wish for a public display of our mutual trust and friendship in the form of a treaty; as we promised in days gone by. Our diplomats stand ready to greet you in Split, as well as the finest reception. It would be my pleasure to meet with both of you in Athens, or anywhere in your territory, as well. Please respond via the courier who brought this to you.

With Respects,


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[quote]To: Keeper De Luit
From: The Office of the Empress of the Eastern Athenian Federation

The Empress shall be heading to your nation later today. Attached you will find a flight plan and a manifest of the residents on Imperial Air One-East including the High Guard security detachment.

Yours sincerely,
In name of Her Imperial Highness Ariadne Notaras of Heraclius,
Michelle Renault[/quote]


A few hours later Ariadne would find herself on her personal Airbus. As was common a large security detachment, government officials and of course Athenian press accompanied her. As she was looking out of the window at the Dalmatian countryside under the plane she thought about the trouble that had now pushed Europe into another dark age. The Irish, the English, the Germans and even the Austrians. It was almost like the entire world around Athens kept collapsing.

After a relatively short flight the Airbus would descend at the airport in Split. As soon as the plane landed Ariadne would walk out escorted by a personal lieutenant to make notes of meetings and 2 High Guard.

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Christopher Khendon, the former Commanding Officer of the Hanseatic Foreign Legion, and leader of the Hanseatic/Marchar Survival Mission, would greet her at the tarmac; appearing in a traditional grey three-piece suit; his Monarch had wished him in military dress, but Khendon was retired...and he doubted the medals would impress the Empress anyway, she'd seen him in enough military gear when he'd come a-begging for aid and asylum. His lined face was measured, calm; grey-green eyes betraying no emotion, and his greying-brown hair was worn long, the Marchar way.

Striding forth to meet her, he extended a gloved hand, and bowed slightly; he ranked equal to her in the figuring of the ancient feudalists, but he was a realist...and realistically, the Empress could remove their country without much effort. Besides, Ariadne was a good friend, and civility cost less than nothing.

"Your Majesty", The Monitor said in his low tone, "It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the Capital of the first Marchar nation in three hundred years. It is not great, but know that all that you will see here in Split is thanks to your great kindness in ensuring our survival. The Marchar NEVER forget a friend, and we mean to prove that to you during your stay. If you will kindly follow me?"

He lead her to the fourth of five black, unmarked cars, nodding to the Strigian Legion Adjutant who was already talking to her security director. They were still a frontier nation for all his bragging, and her security was paramount. Once seated, he offered her water, tea, or wine as she liked, and leaned back in his seat.

"I would like to hear your thoughts on the state of things to the west, if you would be so kind. We have been keeping our noses out of the business, too busy with the work of survival, but if I need to prepare for another nuclear winter, I would appreciate abit of warning; our people have had five in the last couple hundred of years, and I'd like to keep the body count low if at all possible."

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"Honesly I don't know anymore. There are so much things to consider, so much variables. I'd like to think we are with the Irish people but then we have the United States as close friends to the state."

She said after taking a sip from a cup of tea. "I do like what you did with this region."

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[quote][center][b]Strigia – Athenian Federation Agreement on Optional Defense, Intelligence Sharing and Economic Prosperity[/b][/center]

Strigia and the Athenian Federation(hereafter known as signatories or signatory if an individual nation) have come together in friendship and with focus on the future by agreeing to the terms of this treaty.

Article I:
The signatories recognize the sovereignty of the other to stand above all. Under no case may a signatory attack the other through over or cover means nor may a signatory support another party in such aggression.

Article II:
To promote trade and greater cooperation between the peoples of the signatories the signatories agree to remove as many economic restrictions as possible. In addition citizens of one signatory will be allowed to travel freely in the territory of the other signatory and vice versa.

Article III:
Intelligence relevant to the security of a signatory must be shared at all times. While not mandatory this agreement recommends both signatories to link intelligence facilities and agencies as much as possible.

Article IV:
Should one signatory come under attack it is the right of the other to assist the defending signatory. While this is not mandatory a signatory is urged to agree to such a request.

Article V:
Should one or both signatories find the friendship is gone the treaty can be cancelled with 72 hours notice given in private prior to the cancellation.

Signed for Strigia,
Mattias De Luit,
Keeper of Strigia

Christopher Khendon II,
Monitor of Strigia
Commandant, Strigian Legion (Ret.)

Signed for the Athenian Federation,
Her Imperial Highness Ariadne Notaras of Heraclius, Empress of the Eastern Athenian Federation and her overseas territories, Lady Protector of the Delian League, Supreme Commander of the Hellenic Forces, Priestess of the Cult of Athena, Speaker of Zeus, Incarnate of Athena, Heroine of the revolution.[/quote]

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