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CN Radio Revival


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Hello denizens of Planet Bob! CN Radio is being revived. You may remember CN Radio from its broadcasts during such wars as the Blue Balls War and the Karma War. You may also remember me and my lovely voice.

People keep asking me "Bros, are you still doing that radio? I loved it!" The answer is yes. I have been doing it every Saturday. I have been doing it since the radio stopped. I will continue to do it every saturday. So tonight, I invite you to the reopening of CN Radio. We will kick off the fun with my show at 9 PM Eastern. Join us in #CN-Radio on coldfront or at our site (still a work in progress) [url=http://www.cn-radio.net]www.cn-radio.net[/url]. We are also accepting DJ applications for virtually all time slots.

Got any questions? Post them here!

bros, [i]CN Radio Station Manager[/i]
Malone, [i]CN Radio Station Manager[/i]

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Last night's show was fun. We had a few listeners.

For those who don't feel like registering on the board to see if they can DJ, shoot me a query on IRC. I'll be in #CN-Radio all day. If I don't respond, say bros and then I should pop in in a few minutes

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