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Acquiring Arms

Mergerberger II

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The United Federation of the East was a long time friend to Japan since its formation and especially during its reunification several years ago. Japan lived peacefully and prospered under its protection, happy to allow the most powerful nation on earth keep potential enemies at bay while in the meantime, Japan's economy prospered and grew back to prewar levels. Since the reunification, industrial output was nearly back at prewar levels, and many Japanese corporations were regaining their positions in the world. But Japan never really had bothered to invest in its military, because it never needed to. But that was going to change.

Japan has no intention of living under the protective umbrella of its Chinese allies forever, relying on their strength diplomatically and militarily to protect its shores. No, Japan would need to be able to defend itself properly. And who better to learn from, than the Federation itself? Japanese Minister of War Hidoro Takahashi called the UFE government asking to meet to try and negotiate an arms deal with the UFE, and they were happy to oblige. When the day came for the meeting during which they would work out the details of the deal, Takahashi sent a limousine and police escort to the airport which picked up the UFE representatives and brought them back to the Ministry, where the two nations could hammer out a deal in the main conference room.

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Executor Ding arrived at the meeting with his aides as well as representatives from several of the UFE arms companies which had been authorized for the deal.

"Minister Hidoro it is a pleasure to meet you." he said with a traditional Japanese bow. "Let us get right to business, it is my understanding that you wish to make a major purchase of UFE armaments." he said.

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"It is wonderful to meet you as well," Hidoro said as he took his seat and the others followed, "Yes, that is correct. Japan seeks to make a large purchase of UFE weapons and war machines, as well as blueprints. Japan seeks to develop its own military force so that it may fend for itself should the fateful day ever come when we are attacked or one of our allies needs our help. We do not much like feeling useless, relying on the UFE for our protection and management of our military. It seems quite natural to us to ask you for these things, as you are our closest ally." The lights turned off as Hidoro rose again and an image projected onto the white screen behind him.

"Japan currently operates a fighting force of 50,000 men known as the Japanese Self Defense Forces. While useful for dealing with any internal matters, obviously they would not be very effective when dealing with an enemy invading our shores or anyone else's. So, the Japanese Government has determined to increase the size of the Japanese military to over 600,000 infantry, as well as 6,000 armored vehicles, over 1,200 aircraft, and 78 Naval vessels, as well as supplementary devices such as missiles, artillery, cyberwarfare equipment, etc, in addition to many logistical upgrades. Naturally it would not make sense for Japan to pour money into research and development for all of these things when that money could be much better spent in other places. Instead, Japan looks to the UFE for assistance, to give Japan a sort of jump start, so to speak.

"Japan is looking to purchase modern body armor and weapons for infantry, as well as the blueprints to standard-issue assault rifles, pistols, long-range rifles, and explosive infantry weapons. Additionally, we want to procure four hundred main battle tanks as well as the blueprints for this equipment so that we may study it and eventually create our own variation that we may build in our factories. Similarly, we would like to request blueprints for mobile artillery, SAM units, and other supplemental ground warfare things. In terms of aircraft, we wish to purchase 150 multirole aircraft, 150 air superiority aircraft, 200 attack aircraft, and 100 bomber aircraft, half being strategic and the other half tactical. Further, we wish to acquire the blueprints for the same planes we purchase. In addition to these, we want to purchase one battleship, two destroyers, five corvettes, five submarines, a frigate, three cruisers, and the blueprints to all of them. In addition, we want the blueprints required for the construction of support infrastructure, such as cyber warfare, RADAR systems; essentially all things computerized that go into supporting an army of the size we are looking to upgrade to. Lastly, we would be very grateful if the UFE could also send skilled technicians and teachers to teach our soldiers, generals, and operators how to handle all of the equipment acquired from the UFE. Additionally, it would be very generous of you to allow Japanese generals to study with those of the UFE, and to learn military tactics and strategy from them.

"Now, obviously, these are a lot of things that we are asking from you. Japan is willing to pay whatever price is necessary to acquire all of the things that we need for our defense. Furthermore, we are willing to make whatever accommodations the UFE requires us to make in order to make this happen. Japan is very dedicated to making its military top-notch, and we see this as the best way to get that done. Also, it being that the UFE is far more knowledgable in the use and sale of its own weapons, we were hopeful that you could make a recommendation as to exactly what types of armaments we need to buy so as to make our military as effective and efficient as possible as soon as possible, while at the same time preparing Japan well for a long road of building its military." He sat back down and leaned forward in his chair, hands folded together on the table, as his aids and those that had come with him to the meeting turned to face Executor Ding to await the UFE response to the proposal.

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The UFE proposes selling you the following inventory of weapons:

For your ground forces:
900, 000 Alpha (Top) level Xenias Combat Armor/ weapons Kits, for your current force and substantial reserve equipment within your territory.
3000 Mounted Combat Systems
3000 Juggernaut II MBTs
4500 Stryker II Modular Combat Vehicles
1500 Expeditionary Fighting Vehicles
4500 NLOS Cannons
1000 NLOS Mortars
500 MLRS Launchers

For air defense:

A country wide integrated radar and infrared detection system with AESA, OTH, and other capabilities.
1500 S-500 Surface to Air Missile Transport Launchers
600 S-600 Surface to Air Missile Transport Launchers
2000 NLOS Hydra Self Propelled AA Guns

For your air force:

150 F/A-47-E Multi Role Sino Fighters
150 F/A-165 Super Vanguard Air Superiority Fighters
300 F/A-36 Super Joint Strike Fighters
84 Tu-160 Sino Bombers
26 B-9 Stealth Bombers
20 AWACs and Mid Air Refuelers Each
36 P-9 ASW aircraft

For your navy could you be more specific on requirements?

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