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The Resistance Hires a MERCeneray


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Its been close to three and a half years since the Military Establishment of Righteous Countries(MERC) was founded, and times have been tough. We've fought 1 war, we've barely passed 160k strength, and we've had 4 protectors: Element, The Dark Evolution, Athens, and, as we sign off, The Last Remnants.

This is unfortunately the last announcement from the smallest member of NOIR and the black team, as well as one of the oldest micro-micro alliances.

With this announcement, MERC officially merges into The Resistance.

The Resistance will protect the MERC AA until the four MERC members have switched to The Resistance AA, or 2 weeks, whichever is shorter.

From us at MERC to you, we salute you.

Final government of MERC:
Premier - Jack Whiterstein
CoFA - porkpotpie

Member - Komrade
Member - waldosmistress33

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The Resistance welcomes our new comrades-in-arms to the ever lasting fight to resist. With the new backup regiment, our commanders have decided to take The Resistance in a new direction. Our banner shall now fly under the Black Sphere. While it will be sad to leave our Orange comrades, we hope our new friends on Black will welcome us with open arms and will help us foster new friendships for our alliance.



The Resistance Council

King Death II, Prime Minister
Colossal Thrust
Jack Whiterstein

Edited by King Death II
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Hey, what a jip! I had a lot invested in MERC recruitment. :P

Well, sorry to see you go guys. MERC was one of the first groups I met when I came to CN, and for a micro AA to still be kicking over 3 years later (outliving so many groups which were larger and more politically engaged)... well, I've always been impressed with you. You may disband today, but your members should carry on their CN careers knowing they were once part of one of the most determined micros on Bob. :)

Good luck, all; and congratulations to tR for gaining some loyal new members.

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[quote name='Delector' timestamp='1313782679' post='2784655']
Worthwhile merger! Still 26 members! Congrats fake TR! :lol1:

There were only four of us, and two of us have successfully switched AAs at this point...


Also, sorry Richard, but things kinda ended up not happening, so it got kind of boring...

Edited by PorkPotPie
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[quote name='WorldConqueror' timestamp='1313967330' post='2785819']
Whoa really. Huh. Guess I just subconciously knew that you had two terrible gov members, but forgot that Mogar replaced KDII in the second seat alongside Ogaden!

Mogar isn't in gov, either. Nor is Ogaden.

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