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Unterdrückung National News Corp.

Fredreich Absul

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[size="1"]Unterdrückung National News Corp.[/size]

[color="#FF0000"]Tuesday August 16th 2011[/color]

[quote]It has been confirmed that late Sunday evening of last week, Fredreich Absul and other Democratic Socialist party members exiled in the aftermath of the Freitag Massaker and with the aid of national guard troops, successfully staged a coup removing Wilhelm Albrecht Drekker from power and placing in the custody of the National Guard. Drekker is currently being held in an undisclosed location awaiting sentencing for what Fredreich Absul said in an informal address to the nation wednesday "... [i]high treason against country and comrade[/i]...". Press Officials have released the following statement:

[i]Wilhelm Albrecht Drekker and members of his cabinet have been placed under the custody of the Unterdrückung National Guard. The Office of Internal Security urges citizens to use caution and exercise vigilance in the coming weeks as retaliation from Socialist Labor loyalists still pose a significant threat. Sentencing will be released later this week at the discretion of the High Court. [/i]

So far little backlash from Socialist Labor party loyalists has been reported. National guard units have maintained a strong presence in all major metro areas across the nation and local police have been monitoring crowd activity.

Overall the reaction the coup has been positive across the nation. Thousands took to the street today in Verzweiflung in celebration of Drekker's removal from power. Students at the University of Niederlage marched marched from the university to the city council building in defiance of the provision 21.22.C6, written into law under Drekker in 1999 preventing public demonstrations.

A press official from the Office of Media Relations announced that president Fredreich Absul would present the nation with a formal address by the end of the week.[/quote]

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