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Valhalla Kilometerstone


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Hear Ye, Hear Ye:

Valhalla has surpassed [b]5 Million NS[/b] for a third time. However this time with far fewer members. A mere 114 to be exact. A feat not matched by many. Strangely enough each time we reach this mystical number we unleash hellfire upon our enemies in a massive war. o/ Here's to Tradition!

Also as you may have noticed, Valhalla has a shiney [s]old[/s] new lineup. After several backroom deals, bribes, promises, blackmails, favors and just plain begging.. Oh and a whole bunch of mead; The membership of Valhalla has produced this fine Einherjar:

[b]Regent:[/b] Chefjoe

[b]Vice Regent:[/b] Tronix
[b]Marshal:[/b] Levistus
[b]Security Consul:[/b] Jesper
[b]Chancellor:[/b] ChairmanHal
[b]Emissary:[/b] Seipher Caim

[b]Norns:[/b] Graphix, Akasha and Kryievla

Notice a shortage of Bud. I know everyone hates having a shortage of Bud. But alas after two years of tapping kegs, breaking up fights, befriending other Viking Clans and supplying plenty of wenches for our raid parties, He is taking a very well deserved "Staycation". All cards, gifts, cash and beer should be forwarded to the Valkyrie Valley Retirement Home (He took my old room).

Also Seipher Caim returns as Emissary and he already has a torch and a fistful of our treaties in his hand. Lets hope he doesn't show up your doorstep. =/

...and last but not least, Kryievla greases up her whip and joins the Norn to keep us all in line. (hah good luck with that!).

TL~DR: Valhalla = 5m NS, new Gov and Winter is Coming.

-Tron(is baaaack)ix

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[quote name='wiccan high priest' timestamp='1313535140' post='2782438']
How can Bud retire? he has been retired for the last 2 years.

no no no, he has been retarded for the last 2 years, now he's retired

congrats Val

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[quote name='DarkEra97' timestamp='1313534826' post='2782435']
Happy to see Kry and Seipher up there :)
Where's RePePe?
He hasn't managed to pull himself out of retirement yet. The appeal of the rocking chair is often too much to resist.

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First & foremost, congrats Valhalla. o/

Secondly, lol, FEAR has a similar tradition for when we reach approximately 3.5 mil, which we're just 56k or so away from now. Put on your war boots and neutrals pop your popcorn, war must be starting very soon indeed. :)

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