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The Prolifc Empire Decree's


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Two years ago Homeboy and I founded The Prolific Empire on the ideals of Unity, Friendship, and Honor. Don't misjudge "honor" as us being guided by some sort of higher moral standard in the way we treat other alliances. [Just so someone doesn't quote me when we do some $%&@ed up !@#$ in the future. Not that we are planning on it ;) ]

We didn't know it then, but two years ago we began an amazing journey. It has been filled with friendship, controversy, and war. Without a doubt, I wouldn't trade the two years we have dedicated to this alliance for anything else and their will be more years to come unless someone tries to make us disband - I welcome you to try :smug:

We would briefly like to thank our allies for their unwaivering support - thick and think.

First of...the [b]Orange Defense Network,[/b] Thank you for believing that something amazing could come out of some random ex-MooN MoF and an ex-MCXA Chancellor. You were right :)

Special thanks to OsRavan, Proximus, and Banksy (We still love YOU!)

Secondly...the [b]Darkfall[/b] crew, you guys have by far been the coolest, craziest, funniest allies we've EVER had. You guys are our second longest standing treaty behind ODN, and there's a reason for that. We <3 you guys.

Special thanks to Daikos, and CaptainCrackers.

Thirdly...[b]The Last Remnants[/b] (formerly Athens), ahh yes, the shared passion we have for war and nuking folks...yes that's it. It's a passion and joy we will continue to share forever! Our late *classified* irc meetings shall never be forgotten.

Special thanks to WickedJ, Londo, RSox, JGoods, and Rush Sykes!

Fourth...but definitely not least, [b]The Foreign Division[/b], our youngest treaty :wub: In getting to know you, we literally found a twin, one that we soon grew to share a bond with. One day we'll activate that MDoAP :smug:

Special thanks to Gearhead, SupremePrince, and TheIggy.

Images are worth more than words, sometimes...THRIVE!

o/ The Prolific Empire

[size="4"]Feel free to ask any questions...One time chance?...[/size]

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I thought you were announcing your merger with Darkfall here. I guess you are going to post a new thread for that? :huh:

In all seriousness, you guys are the best allies we could possibly ask for. I never would have guessed that we would end up being such close allies when we first started chatting in that bloc opsec channel but I'm glad we did. Here's to another 2 years.

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