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CSN Announcement


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CSN would like to welcome its newest government members,

[b]Emperor Smith as our new Minister of Defense
oinkoink12 as our new Minister of Foreign Affairs
Requia as our new Director of Raiding
JD252 as our new Director of Finance

Come say hello in #CSN on coldfront :)

[b][u]Executive Leaders[/u][/b]
[b]Head of State[/b]: Liz
[b]Deputy Head of State[/b]: SpacingOutMan

[b]Minister of Defense[/b]: Emperor Smith
[b]Deputies of Defense[/b]: KOwens06 & Clash
[b]Minister of Foreign Affairs[/b]: Oinkoink12
[b]Deputies of Foreign Affairs[/b]: Severius & Machanidas
[b]Minister of the Interior[/b]: Torchwood
[b]Deputy of the Interior[/b]: Mixer

[b]Director of Trades[/b]: Mixer
[b]Director of Raiding[/b]: Requia
[b]Director of Education[/b]: KOwens06
[b]Director of Finance[/b]: JD252
[b]Director of Recruitment[/b]: Lirael Darkeyes
[b]Director of Propaganda[/b]: EmperorSmith

forums: cncommonwealth.com



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Top Posters In This Topic

[quote name='Greg23' timestamp='1313436342' post='2781502']
Gibs not being in gov is always good, now I think there should be one more change, but everyone knows what that is.

Come on now I haven't done anything wrong...

[quote name='Kubla Khan' timestamp='1313436657' post='2781514']
The short bus has new people pushing it toward the cliff
All Hail!

So cute... I get to drive said special bus I hope.

Oh right...

o/ CSN

Edited by KOwens06
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[quote name='WorldConqueror' timestamp='1313436075' post='2781488']
I am confused as to why the thread title is CSN Announcement when your banner clearly states 'Official Seal Commonwealth'.

The full alliance name is Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations so the seal is basically saying 'Commonwealth Official Seal' its just abbreviated on the topic not on the seal.

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[quote name='Omniscient1' timestamp='1313435836' post='2781479']
in b4 CSN is an awful alliance, Liz is awful, lol CsN, or some joke about Xiph ruling CSN.

you stole my thunder :mad:

it's a bit interesting to see some newer people in the middle ranks, so best of luck to you, and Gibs too. See ya on the battlefield B-)

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