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An Argent Announcement


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[center][img]http://i305.photobucket.com/albums/nn222/kgradert/CN/argentnukesymbol6.png[/img] [img]http://i305.photobucket.com/albums/nn222/kgradert/CN/5M9oG-2.png[/img]

[quote]Grandma Loves Sliver

Argent – State of Nirvana MDoAP


There comes a time in every relationship where one wants to be alone. Argent acknowledges that the State of Nirvana (hereafter SoN) no longer needs to be dropped off at Grandpa Joe’s and will allow SoN to do as they please as long as they don’t kick and scream.

I. Friendship:
Argent and SoN agree to never kick or scream at one another. Both friends agree to be friendly and show respect to one another at all times.

II. Backup:
Both Argent and SoN agree to provide diplomatic, financial, and/or military aid to one another if either friend feels necessary.

III. Mutual Defence
If anyone kicks or screams at either friend the other shall be ready to join the fight in defense as soon as they can muster all their strength.

IV. Optional Aggression:
If either friend starts kicking and screaming against a third party, the other friend shall feel free to join the fight if they are so inclined. Assistance is encouraged, but is not mandatory.

V. Breaking Up:
Should either friend decide to go outside and ride their bike out and kill their toad, they must provide 47 hour notice to the other friend before making public announcement.

Signed for Argent:

Janax - Emperor
Rustynail - Regent
Poobah - Minister of Foreign Affairs

Signed for SoN:

Councilor – ALT3RNAT1V3
Councilor – htmlmaster
Councilor – Guppy
Councilor - Lowsten
Minister of Foreign Affairs – Roxas[/center][/quote]

It was my pleasure to work with both The Conclave and First Earth Battalion as our protectorates, and I look forward to that continuing through their new shared future.

Congratulations everyone.

PS: The Conclave and First Earth Battalion are still under our joint protection until we say otherwise.

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[quote name='King Death II' timestamp='1313429630' post='2781403']
I knew about this before it was cool to know about this. Also sup Lowsten

[quote name='KagetheSecond' timestamp='1313433053' post='2781432']
You'll burn with your protectors, SoN.

We <3 you too man

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