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Operation Golden Arch


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Diplomatic communications with the Federation of Columbia was never really strong when the nation was actually a functioning state, but for almost a month, a state of lawlessness had extended over the Federation of Columbia. The Cajun Federation's border patrols had seen border stations on Columbia's side of the border unmanned for no reason, nor were repeated attempts to raise the government fruitful. The Interior Ministry had also reported increased crime across the northern borderlands of Arkansas following the collapse of the government for unexplained reasons, including what could have accounted for the large amount of heavy weapons that were involved in the Alexandria Uprising in Central Louisiana. Although these were just theories, the fact remained that the Federation of Columbia had inexplicably lost its central government.

After an emergency meeting during a hot and humid evening in Baton Rouge, Michelle Broussard-Doiron approved a military expedition into the Federation of Columbia to restore order and establish Cajun protection over the failed state.

Three military columns were hastily arranged, along with the support of the nation's national police force, the Federation National Police or "FNP", officers of which would be interspersed amongst the advancing columns, to move across the border and into the defunct Federation of Columbia. The western column, which was built around the 3rd Infantry Brigade, would drive north from its jump off locations near Fayetteville, Arkansas, and drive along the western border, securing Joplin and pushing north to Kansas City. Comprising the center column would be the "Pathfinders" of the 8th Infantry Brigade, which would move towards Springfield, then motor on to Jefferson City. The eastern column, which was built around a task force of both the 14th Armored Brigade, as well as the "Tigercats" of the 9th Infantry Brigade, would ride hard along Highway 55 towards Cape Girardeau. From there, the 14th Armored would push on to Saint Louis, which would see a portion of the 16th Airborne Brigade make an airborne assault on Lambert International Airport. Once secure, the rest of the brigade would be airlifted in, and await the 14th Armored Brigade's heavy armor and armored infantry.

Rounding up the operation, a regiment from the 179th Airborne Brigade would be dropped in the northern part of the failed state, along with a company of Group 62 operators. Platoons of Group 62 would be interspersed with each column to perform long-range reconnaissance and counter-intelligence operations, as well as undertake strikes against any major criminal operations, working closely with the FNP's Counter-Intelligence Team.

The operations would be well supported by AH-80 Blackfoot gunship team overflights that would provide close air support if resistance was encountered. At high altitude, the venerable 1st Fighter Group would fly overwatch in their newly-modified F-22B aircraft. At Mountain Home, Arkansas, the 10th Cavalry Brigade was in tactical reserve to provide its air cavalry units should any serious resistance be encountered. Units from the Cajun Federation Air Forces' Auxiliary Commands would fly the typical AWACS, JSTARS, ELINT/SIGINT, and electronic warfare/PSYOPS missions, while providing transportation and refueling services to both helicopters and aircraft as the operation proceeded.

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[center][b][size="6"]Cajun Federation Official Statement[/size][/b]


"The Cajun Federation officially announces a stabilization campaign to protect the security of its northern border, official channels of communication have been lost with the Federation of Columbia, and its border stations appear deserted. Reconnaissance overflights confirm a lack of activity at its central government buildings, as well as military installations. Therefore the Cajun Federation has taken it upon itself to conduct a military operation to bring martial law over the lawless region that was the Federation of Columbia. The Cajun Federation announces that it will not be annexing the Columbian State, but creating a status of protection over the nation.

We have reason to believe that the lawlessness of the Federation of Columbia attributed to the higher levels of violence in the ongoing Alexandria Uprising by the Louisiana Christian Guard. The LCG has been labeled a terrorist organization by our nation, and has been able to acquire heavy weapons to combat our forces and cause large amounts of casualties. We believe these weapons came through the lawless border of the now-defunct Federation of Columbia, and believe this pacification campaign will eliminate this threat to our internal security. We are willing to discuss the future of the former lands of the Federation of Columbia with other concerned members of the North American community, but we will be going ahead with this campaign for the time being."

[i]Michelle Broussard-Doiron
Lady Protector of the Cajun Federation[/i]

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We of the Confederacy applaud the Cajun Federation's effort to establish order within the former Federation of Columbia. With a nation that allegedly collapsed right on our own borders, we are relieved to see order restored in the territory of the former Federation.

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"The Special Response Detachment in position in the back alley yet?" whispered one of the masked soldiers, turning to one of his counterparts as they slowly crept to the front sliding door of a large warehouse.

"Negative, boss," responded his comrade, shaking his head to accentuate his answer.

"The longer we wait, the longer these people have to find out we're here," responded the first soldier, as they stopped at a regular door next to the large sliding door. One trooper was already behind the door, crouching beside it to cover the front as they waited for their civilian counterparts to get into position.

"Eagle Actual, this is Eagle Eye, I have a tango headed towards the front door on the thermal scopes here, watch that door to your twelve o'clock," whispered a trooper who was providing over-watch for the entire mission.

"Eagle Team, hold your fire," whispered the first soldier, who appeared to be their leader. He and his four teammates crouched down into the dark shadows beside the building as a man grumbled, opening the door and walking outside with a pack of cigarettes in his hand. He shut the door, and whipped out a lighter, and lit the cigarette, heaving a sigh that was laced with smoke.

The soldier dubbed 'Eagle Actual' motioned at the man who stood next to the door, then pointed a the man who had come outside, and then put a finger up to his lips, then put his finger across his neck. The soldier drew his kukri, a traditionally Gurkha fighting knife, and quietly stalked forward, grabbing the man around the face and putting his gloved hand over the man's mouth, while driving the blade forward into the man's back, twisting it brutally. The man let out the quietest of whimpers as he struggled feebly against the sudden assault, which was over as soon as it began. The man slumped to the ground in a heap as the special forces operator pulled his blade from the man's back and quickly moved back to the shadows after securing the man's assault rifle.

"Good kill Eagle Three," whispered Eagle Actual, over the commlink, as the man wiped his blood-coated kukri off on his uniform, and sheathed it.

"Eagle One, this is Constable Actual, in breaching position at the rear of warehouse, waiting for your go," whispered a voice in their commlinks, as they took up breaching positions around the door.

"Copy your traffic Constable Actual, Eagle Eye, report on tangos?" asked Eagle Actual, as he motioned for one of his troopers to place a breaching charge on the door.

"Thermals are showing a total of nine tangos inside, Eagle Actual, four in the rear of the building, five in the front room of the warehouse, one pacing near door," responded Eagle Eye, as the trooper moved to the door and placed a breaching charge on the door, making sure it was secure, and the detonation mechanism was secure.

"Copy your traffic, Eagle Eye, give the go ahead when the tango is right in front of the door," responded Eagle Actual, as he looked around at his squad. "Eagle and Constable Teams, Breach, Flash, and clear," he ordered, one of his troopers preparing a flashbang grenade as the soldier with the breaching charge detonator readied to blow the door.

"On the count of three, Eagle Actual," said Eagle Eye, "One... Two... Three."

"Blow it," whispered Eagle Actual, hurriedly to the man holding the detonator. The breaching charge went off with a large blast and a shockwave that shook the squad. The flashbang left the hand of its' owner mere milliseconds after a cry could be heard from inside as the man pacing in front of the door was blasted with a concentrated burst of shrapnel from the shattered door. He would be flung at least ten feet through the air into a crumpled heap after the charge went off. The breaching charge on the rear blew at the same time, perfectly coordinated, the flashbangs thrown in from both doors detonating and causing more confusing amongst the occupants of the building. As soon as the flashbangs went off, Eagle Team stalked into the din, their MP5 Submachineguns, C8A3 Assault Carbines, and an M1014 shotgun firing in a trained fashion at the occupants, some of whom had dived for cover.

The team dropped behind stacks of what looked like missile launcher carriers, bullets pinging off the solid metal containers as some reloaded, some gave covering fire into the dim room. The firing from Constable Team could be heard on the far side of the warehouse, a yelp issued from somewhere near Eagle Team's position. Eagle Three aimed at a line of fluorescent lights near the warehouse occupants' location, and loosed off a few short bursts, shattering the lights and plunging most of the warehouse into darkness.

"Constable Team, take cover, Eagle Team is sweeping and clearing," called out Eagle Actual, as Eagle Team stood up and opened up with a large bust of fire, moving out into the open center of the warehouse. Weapons could be seen stacked everywhere through night vision goggles, which had been activated quickly after the lights went completely out.

Two gunmen stood up from behind a stack of wooden crates right in front of the Eagle Team leader, but Eagle Two dropped both with a well-concentrated burst of fire. The firefight was one-sided, and two gunmen had quickly realized this after seeing how fast their comrades had dropped without giving a good account of themselves. One stood up and was gunned down almost immediately with a round of buckshot that sent him sprawling to the ground where he stood, the other made a run for the back door, only to stumble forward as Eagle Actual found the range with his C8A3, peppering his back with rounds. The team dived to the ground, however, when one gunman opened up from a small office area of the warehouse with a light machinegun, spraying the center of the warehouse wildly with rounds.

"Constable Team, flank and clear out that office, we need some support here," said Eagle Actual calmly, despite the rounds the peppered boxes around them with rounds, splinters flying everywhere.

"Copy that Eagle Actual, moving into position," responded Constable Actual, as the Special Response Detachment of the Federation National Police moved into position near the office, moving along the wall in the shadows.

"We can't stay here long, boss," called out Eagle Two, as he sprayed a solid burst of rounds at the office with his MP5, only to get a response in the form of a hail of bullets that sent splinters from a nearby box all over the place.

[b]OOC: To be continued, need more time to finish post.[/b]

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