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Peace in Our Time

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[b]The Random Insanity Alliance and The Mushroom Kingdom (Hereafter "signatories") agree to assist each other by sharing information beneficial to the other signatory with them.

Both signatories agree to work diplomatically to resolve any disputes that may spring up between one signatory and an ally of the other.

In the event of military action involving one signatory, the other signatory is required to assist the other with their operation to the best of their strength and ability.

In the case of hostilities or a general distancing between signatories, this treaty may be cancelled after 72 hours of notice from one signatory.[/b]

Signatures for the Random Insanity Alliance:
[u]Leo, (Ex?) Head of Foreign Affairs[/u]
[u]cctmsp13, Viceroy
Fire-Angel, Head of Strategic Planning[/u]

Signatures for The Mushroom Kingdom:
[u]ReytheGreat, Princess
huh, Co-Pollmaster
Mathias, Co-Pollmaster[/u][/center]

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Well, for starters, I didn't sign this.

and otherwise this has the worth of the paper it's not written on...

If a mod could lock or make this vanish or both, that's be super

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