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Delta Squad of Noveria


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Sergeant Jesse sat in his chair in the barracks at his base which just north of Edmonton (CFB Edmonton) waiting for his squad's new orders to come in. The stories of the past still haunted him. Ever since the end of the Confederation of American States some time ago life has been hard for him but now it was starting to turn a corner. He grew up in the city of Reno in what was once the state of Nevada in the Confederation of American States but was now part of a protectorate of the Republic of Noveria. When Noveria took over Jesse and his friends moved their families to Edmonton and are now the first members of an elite army squad known only as Delta Squad. They did the missions deemed too risky or too dangerous for other squads to do and they always succeeded.

Jesse was a Sergeant and the leader of Delta and always seemed to know exactly what to do in every situation.

Brian was his best friend and was Jesse's second in command, he always tries to save as many civilian lives as possible but someday that may get him killed.

Nathan was another of his friends and one of the best marksman that Noveria had, you give him a sniper and point him at a target and it will be dead before it or anyone else knew what happened.

Ben was a medic from Calgari and although he was new to the squad he knew exactly what to do to keep the team and himself alive through all the missions.

Anthony was the squad's explosive's expert, if there was anything that they needed to blow up he was the one to do it.

Together they formed Delta Squad. The best group of soldiers that Noveria had and together they would do whatever tasks were sent their way. Now they wait for their next orders to come in from Noveria Command, or for something else to happen so they are not bored during the day.

[b]Brian: [/b]When will our next mission be handed to us. It has been a long time before we saw any real action.

[b]Jesse: [/b]Well you are gonna have to wait. Ever since the end of the Germany-Austria war things have been quiet all over. Plus didn't we just stop a terrorist attack on the city.

[b]Nathan: [/b]Since we stopped it than it never happened. Which means that supposedly our fight with them never happened either.

[b]Jesse: [/b]That doesn't mean the public has to know. Sometimes it is better if they didn't know what happens under their noses. Now all we need to do is wait for what our superiors give us next. The terrorists are dead so they won't be threatening anyone ever again. We need to focus on what comes next.

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[b]Jesse: [/b]Well after waiting for a while it seems they have nothing for us to do for a while. I didn't think it was possible but they seemed to have run out of bad guys for us to deal with.

[b]Brian: [/b]Now I know that is impossible. There will always be bad people in the world. Evil people who would wish to harm the innocent and it is our job to stop them from hurting those people. Whether it is on the battlefield or in enemy bases... I know why you are stressed. None of us saw it coming. We never knew that Damion would betray us and try to kill you.

[b]Jesse: [/b]He was my brother. I should have seen it coming after his family was killed in the war. He lived in Vancouver during that war they had down there long ago. His family was there when it was nuked and they were killed in the blast. The loss of his family tore him apart. I thought I could help him by bringing him here but that only made it worse. It has been a while since the day of our fight and he is still out there plotting his revenge on those who killed his wife and kids.

[b]Brian: [/b]From what I remember it was the Austrians who nuked it when they were at war with the former Revolutionary Republic of Vancouver. If anyone it is them who he would want his revenge on.

[b]Jesse: [/b]We will find him soon enough. Lets just hope it is before he does any real damage.

[b](OOC: I was looking at the regional history and it seems that a nuke did go of there recently before Noveria took it over.)[/b]

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Sergeant Jesse's Delta Squad would receive orders from Military Executor, Julius Thrawn, through secure channels:

[quote][font="Courier New"][b]DIRECTORATE OF DEFENSE,
Office of the Military Executor,
Nadrink, August 14, 20XX[/b]

On behalf of the President of the Republic of Noveria, as per military procedure standard in the Noverian Army, Delta Squad, along with the Tenth Platoon of the 25th Company of the 14th Regiment of the Seventh Division, are henceforth ordered to participate into military exercises.

Your orders are to undertake the training necessary to hone Delta Squad's skills, capabilities, and skills, as well to maintain its utmost readiness in times of war as well in times of peace.

This military exercise will take place in central and southern Nova Coimbra (OOC: Alberta), where mock buildings and fortifications will be built in specific points [[i]list attached[/i]] as to resemble their real-life counterparts. They will be used to hone and evaluate Delta Squad's skills and readiness in all situations as possible. Your forces will utilize, among the necessary resources and equipment, dummy rounds in situations that require the use of firepower.

In undertaking this exercise, Delta Squad, along with the Tenth Platoon of the 25th Company of the 14th Regiment of the Seventh Division, will not be permitted to go near or through major cities and towns. [[i]map attached[/i]].

[i]Julius Thrawn,
Military Executor[/i][/font][/quote]

OOC: You are correct that a nuke did go off in Vancouver. At that time, the Kingdom of Ursalia was undergoing a civil war between royalists (these loyal to the Ursalian government), and the Revolutionary Workers' Party (Communists who would establish the Union of Revolutionary Socialist Republics, URSR). Many people thought it was the Communists who fired off the nuke that destroyed much of Vancouver, when in fact they didn't do that. The nuke was fired off by a foreign rogue submarine that roamed the Pacific Ocean, firing random nukes at random nations.

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[b](OOC: If there were supposed to be actual lists and maps attached to those points in the message they did not show. Do not use the code graphics over file attachments.)

Jesse: [/b]OK guys we have are orders.

[b]Nathan: [/b]This is gonna be a walk in the park.

[b]Brian: [/b]Its better than sitting around here all day.

[b]Jesse; [/b]Anthony get the Humvee ready. Soon you will be able to blow some stuff up.

[b]Anthony: [/b]Finally! I know this is only a practice run so none of us should be getting hurt but is Ben coming?

[b]Ben [over radio]: [/b]I'm coming to provide medical care in case something goes wrong which shouldn't happen but otherwise I will be an extra gunman.

[b]Jesse: [/b]Lets get going. Ben should be done getting our Humvee ready anyways.

[b]Brian: [/b]He knows how to fix people but I still think he knows how to fix machines even more.

[b]Jesse: [/b]He knows how to fix things and people. That is the reason he is with us.

[b]Brian: [/b]You really do not like new blood huh.

[b]Jesse: [/b]New blood I can deal with. It is the young blood I still have problems with.

[b](OOC: ^= He likes new squadmates but not young ones.) [/b]

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OOC: They weren't supposed to show up :P

I'm a tad too lazy to make an actual map (and to make up an actual list) of the locations, so its up to you to imagine where they would be located in. You can pretend that the map and the list were attached in the orders (as in your characters can see the map and list). :)

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[b]Delta Squad's Humvee, On its way to exercise area, an while later.

Jesse: [/b]OK. This should be simple. Our job is to infiltrate an area under enemy control in which the bad guys will be played by soldiers from the Sevie (7th) division. There are some outer buildings and bunkers which we need to blow with the explosives Anthony has and then we move on to a large building that is heavily fortified with gun positions and patrols all around it. We don't have to be stealthy in this final assault but we need to get to the center and kill its General in order to win. A hit with a sniper = 100 damage which is a "your dead". A hit with a pistol does 10 damage and a hit with a MG or AR does 20 damage. We each have 100 health points which will be monitored by our suits and displayed in the HUD in our helmets. The explosives and nades shoot out the same TTR (Tactical Training Rounds) paint substance that is in the TTR bullets. If they are hit by that it is an instant death for them. Even with how good we are we probably won't be able to take on a real fortress like this by ourselves so there are a few rules. They are still not as tough as us so for them 3 hits other than the "instant kill sniper rifle" equals dead for them. There are a lot of them so it might not even matter even if it was insta kill with every shot we shoot at them but I want it to be challenging.

[b]Nathan: [/b]Dam Jesse. All these rules were in the order report he gave you?

[b]Jesse: [/b]I came up with these rules long ago. We haven't had a mission in a while and I wanted to have some fun while honing our skills at the same time so I sent a report to the DIRECTORATE OF DEFENSE on what I wanted in this exercise and they made it happen. They already know how good we are, all this is practice. A chance to prove how good we can be. I actually don't think we are gonna succeed. At least not with all of us surviving. This is supposed to be as challenging as possible without being totally impossible. Plus the reports on them said that these guys needed some combat practice as well and I wanted to see how bad they really are. When they says someone needs a lot of practice it usually means that they suck.

[b]Brian: [/b]So it will be as much a cakewalk as it is impossible.

[b]Anthony: [/b]This is gonna be fun.

[b]Jesse: [/b]The area is very open and flat so there will not be much cover for us and that will make it even more challenging.

[b]Nathan: [/b]Try dam near impossible.

[b]Jesse: [/b] Trust me this is better than the other exercise that I had planned. In the other one we would have to defend a building up in the mountains against an overwhelming force but in this one Anthony gets to use his C4 and we get to use our grenades more often. I will tell you guys more when we get there.

[b]Brian: [/b]Lets do this

[b](OOC: I hope these rules for the exercise are acceptable.)[/b]

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[b]The humvee stops in front of a fenced field. At the other end of the field there is a small two story white building. Beyond the building they can make out a much larger building.

Jesse: [/b]The small white building is our first objective. We are gonna have to capture it first before we move on to the enemy base.

[b]Nathan: [/b]There are a few guards on the roof, I can take them out from about halfway but the field is very exposed. I don't know how close we can get without being exposed.

[b]Jesse: [/b]One problem at a time. There are many large boulders in the field to provide cover for us.

[b]Brian: [/b]I wonder what it took to put them there.

[b]Jesse: [/b]They are fakes but they still provide cover from the TTR bullets. Lets stick to the mission. Move out.

[b]They move close to the building moveing from cover to cover. The guys on the roof have already spotted them.

Roof Guard 1 [radio]: [/b]We spotted them sir. Should we open fire?

[b]General [radio]: [/b]You are not gonna hit anything while they are that far out. Wait for them to get closer and once they are at the rocks next to the base open hell on them.

[b]RG 1: [/b]Yes sir. [b][he looks at the sniper next to him] [/b]How close do they have to be to take a shot.

[b]Sniper: [/b]In about 30 feet they will be at my max range, but they have to be much closer for me to have a better chance at hitting one of them. Splatter off the cover does not count as damage to them. If we are gonna take them out all our shots have to be direct hits.

[b]RG 1: [/b]Well when you do start shooting, make every shot count. I'm gonna go downstairs and tell the other 3 to get ready.

[b]Sniper: [/b]Yes sir.

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[b]Once they got close enough the Sniper on the roof opened fire. His shots were missing but they were very close to hitting them as well.

Jesse: [/b]Damn, that sniper has us pinned. Nathan provide covering fire while the rest of us try to get closer. Anthony and I shall take the right door. Brian and Ben the take the left.

[b]They made there ways to the doors on either end of the building. Once beside each door they each took out a TTR nade and threw then through the doors. When the nades exploded anything near them was covered in what looked like red paint. Even the guy that was unfortunate enough to be near one of them when it blew. The teams then opened fire on the other 3 through the windows getting one of them while the other 2 retreated upstairs. Jesse looks down at the guy on the ground covered in the TTR red paint.

Jesse: [/b]The TTR stuff simulates death by shutting down the suit and putting them in an unmovable state until the exercise is over. Luckily the paint itself is biodegradable and shall dissipate in an hour.

[b]Brian: [/b]Lets go up and take out the other 3.

[b]Meanwhile Nathan was busy taking them out himself. Once the 2 guards made it upstairs Nathan took one of them out from long range.

Anthony: [/b]Lets do this my way.

[b]He takes out a nade and throws it onto the roof through the door at the top of the stairs and it takes out the other 2.

Jesse: [/b]Building is secure. Now we need to take out their General in the main base.

[b]Brian: [/b]This felt almost too easy.

[b]Jesse [looking through his binoculars at the main base]: [/b]The next one won't be as easy. It has many manned MG emplacements and there are probably over 20 guys inside the base itself.

[b]Brian: [/b]So how are we gonna do it?

[b]Jesse: [/b]Ben and Anthony are gonna attack one side of the building and draw off their forces and then the rest of us are gonna punch down the middle. [looks at Ben and Anthony] I don't expect you guys to take them all out, just survive and keep them interested long enough for us to punch through and take out the General.

[b]Anthony: [/b]Lets go.

[b]Jesse, Brian, and Nathan take cover behind some rocks near the main base while Anthony and Ben go around the right side. Anthony goes and plants his TTR C4 and once he is out of the way it explodes in a large fountain of red paint.

Guard 1: [/b]Sir there was a TTR explosion on the right side of the building.

[b]General: [/b]Jesse and his team are attacking from the side. GO GET THEM!

[b]G1: [/b]Lets go.

[b]The men guarding the front move to the right side of the building. Soon shots can be heard between Ben, Anthony, and the guards trying to take them out.

Jesse: [/b]Lets move in.

[b]There were a couple of guards inside the entrance room but they were taken out easily. They then move into the back of the building where the General is located. They bust down the door but find that the room is empty except for the General sitting at his desk in the middle.

Brian: [/b]OK. This is way too easy.

[b]Jesse: [/b]Your reign of Tyranny ends here.

[b]General: [/b]Well done Jesse but you forgot one of the most important rules of war. [b]"Always expect a trap."[/b]

[b]Jesse shoots twice at his torso and hits thereby killing him ingame but as he goes down he hits a button on his desk and the room explodes in TTR.

To be continued in next post...[/b]

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(OOC: This next part ties in a little with what is happening [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=104527"]here[/url] .

[b]Later... Jesse and the rest of the squad are by their Humvee in front of the large building busy cleaning themselves of the TTR on their suits.

Anthony: [/b]So what happened. Me and Ben were busy fighting the guys on the side of the building then we hear a big boom coming from inside. Did we win or lose?

[b]Jesse: [/b]Both. The room was covered in TTR explosives and when we took him out he pressed a button on his desk on his way down and BOOM! He was technically dead but so were we. Lets hope it doesn't end like that during our next mission.

[b]Jess's cell phone begins to ring.

Jesse: [/b]Good thing it was not broken during that explosion. [b][he looks at the caller id: Paul Rousseau][/b] OH CRAP! It is uncle Paul.

[b]Brian: [/b]Don't just stand there looking at it, ANSWER IT!

[b]Jesse answers it.

Jesse: [/b]What do you want PAUL!

[b]Paul Rousseau: [/b]Hello Jesse. Is that any way to greet to greet your uncle. The soon to be Duke of Andorra. I bet you guys didn't think I would get this far up the food chain.

[b]Jesse: [/b]We all had our doubts. I'm surprised you still called. Last time we met things didn't end well.

[b]Brian: [/b]How so?

[b]Jesse: [/b]Punches were thrown.

[b]Paul: [/b]Yes I agree that didn't end well but that was a long time ago.

[b]Jesse: [/b]It was last month. You came here to visit me and my family just after Damion left and I ended up punching you in the face before you left. You know you had that coming after what you said.

[b]Paul: [/b]I agree that sometimes I need to think about what to say before I say it. Now Especially.

[b]Jesse: [/b]Good. I'm glad we came to an understanding.

[b]Paul: [/b]So what have you been doing lately?

[b]Jesse: [/b]You know most of that is classified.

[b]Paul: [/b]You know nothing is usually as classified as they say it is. Most of the world leaders know what you do. You take down the bad guys that most others can't. Terrorists or Tyrannic leaders, they are all targets for you. Your next targets should be the ones responsible for the nuclear attack on Vancouver and many other places. Since Vancouver is part of Noveria you should be authorized to search for them.

[b]Jesse: [/b]It is not as easy as that. I still have to wait for orders from Noveria Command before I do anything like that.

[b]Paul: [/b]You should be able to do that anyways. In a family of leaders and warriors it is our job's to do what we feel is right. Your ancestors were leaders in both France and England. Yet their descendants came together in the Americas to have a simpler life. You have royal blood in you Jesse, don't ever doubt that. I bet you could be a better leader than the current Noverian leader could ever be.

[b]Jesse: [/b]Don't push it. People tend to get hurt when I am angry.

[b]Brian: [/b]People get hurt when you are not angry anyways.

[b]Paul: [/b]I am only going over the facts Jesse. If you were to control the Noverian Peacekeeping forces you could just send them after the bad guys instead of risking your own neck yourself.

[b]Jesse: [/b]If I do good enough in the eyes of my superiors than maybe someday I will become the General of the Noverian Peacekeepers but if you keep this up you are only going to get punched again. Harder this time.

[b]Paul: [/b]I hear you have a lot of free time lately. You and the rest of them should come to the ceremony if it happens. I will pay for everything myself, but think about what I said Jesse. You can do great things as long as you let yourself do them by going over the limit.

[b]Paul then hangs up and so does Jesse. Jesse looks over at Brian and the rest of the squad.

Jesse: [/b]Not one word.

[b]Brian: [/b]Our mouths are shut. But what are you gonna do about the ceremony. I wouldn't mind going as long as you don't punch him again.

[b]Jesse: [/b]I cant guarantee that is not going to happen depending on what he does when we meet.

[b]Brian: [/b]Things have been slow anyways. I'm sure the brass wouldn't mind us taking next week off to go to the ceremony with our families. I haven't taken my wife Kiva to something like this in a long time and I'm sure you haven't done anything with Alexis either.

[b]Jesse: [/b]Maybe you are right. Things didn't end well with me and Paul last time but this is a chance for us to become friendly again.

[b]Brian: [/b]What did he say to get the punch anyways?

[b]Jesse: [/b] Lets just say he threw the insults and then I threw the punch. He is a good leader but sometimes his thoughts and plans can get ahead of him. It is a good thing King Geoffrey and the others will be able to keep him in check otherwise who knows what would happen. Come on guys lets get back to Edmonton.

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(OOC: The latest post [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=104535"]here[/url] just changed things a little bit.)

[b]Paul calls Jesse again when they get back to the base.

Paul: [/b]Unless you leave with your family in the next few hours you are not gonna make it in time for the ceremony but I was gonna invite the Delian League leaders to a formal party at the Andorran Palace in Andorra la Vella and you and your squadmate's families can still come to that.

[b]Jesse: [/b]As long as you don't do anything stupid during the ceremony you will be fine. We shall leave tonight if the brass gives us the OK.

[b]Paul: [/b]See you soon.

[b]They both hang up but then Jesse starts dialing someone else.

Brian: [/b]Jesse what are you doing?

[b]Jesse: [/b]Patch me in to Julius Thrawn please. There is something I need to ask him.

[b]Brian: [/b]I thought our military orders come directly from the Director of Defense?

[b]Jesse: [/b]They do but everything else comes from the Military Executor which is Julius Thrawn. All I need to do is ask him if we can go to this thing.

[b]Brian: [/b]Lets hope he says yes because otherwise we are still gonna be bored out of our minds.

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[quote]To: Military Executor, Julius Thrawn
From: Sergeant Jesse of Delta Squad

Me and my squadmates were wondering if we can have a week off to go to a ceremony in France with our families. Things have been slow lately and it has been a long time since we ever went on a vacation with our wives. My uncle Paul Rosseau is going to be cornated as the new leader of Andorra and he would like us to attend. If you say no I understand but the last time I met with him things didn't end well and this is my chance to make it up.

Kind Regards,
Sergeant Jesse[/quote]

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[font="Courier New"][quote][b]DIRECTORATE OF DEFENSE,
Office of the Military Executor,
Nadrink, August 16, 20XX[/b]

To Jesse, Sergeant and Squad Leader of Delta Squad,

Request granted. As per your request, you and Delta Squad have exactly a week. Report to NDFB [Noverian Defense Forces Base] Edmonton when you and Delta Squad return from France. The Tenth Platoon will cover for Delta Squad in the duration of its vacation, and Delta Squad will make up time for the week of its absence.

[i]Julius Thrawn,
Military Executor[/i][/quote][/font]

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[b]After receiving the message Jesse calls Paul.

Jesse: [/b]We are able to come Paul. They expect us to be back in a week so this better not be longer than that. If we get in trouble for coming back late because of something you did, lets just say no one will have to guess at who my next target is.

[b]Paul: [/b]Got it. Your airfare and everything else has already been payed for. Your fight leaves Edmonton Airport early tommorow morning and you shall be here in Angers hopefully by noon. I shall meet you once you get here and we shall go to the ceremony together.

[b]Jesse: [/b]Sounds like a plan. See you when we get there. Jesse out.

[b]Jesse hangs up and gets into Hummer. Jesse and Brian in the front, Nathan and Ben in the back 2 seats, and Anthony in the very back.

Brian: [/b]Remind me why you like the very back Anthony?

[b]Anthony: [/b]It may not have any seat belts but it is roomy and I am used to un comfortable places.

[b]Jesse Drives the Hummer the very large house (almost mansion) where Jesse, his squadmates, and their families live. Nathan, Ben, and Anthony don't have wives and even though both Jesse and Brian do they don't have any kids. At least not yet.

Alexis and Kiva greet them when they go through the door.

Jesse: [/b]Pack your bags because we are going on a week vacation to France.

[b]Alexis: [/b]I'm guessing it is for the coronation of your uncle as he becomes the leader of Andorra. It was all over the international news and especially the local news mainly because you are also related to him.

[b]Jesse: [/b]How do those damn reporters find out that stuff. Never mind, our flight leaves early in the morning so we need to pack and be prepared to sleep on the plane.

[b]A while later they get their luggage into the back of Jesse's Hummer. Jesse, Brian, and their wives were in the first Hummer while Nathan, Ben, and Anthony got into the second one that was in the garage.

They went to the airport and got onto their plane. About 8 hours later they would arrive in Angers.[/b]

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[b]Angers International Airport. Just after the plane lands. Paul was waiting for them in the terminal.

Paul: [/b]Come on guys we don't want to be late.

[b]Jesse: [/b]Don't worry were coming.

[b]They get outside and there is a limo waiting in the pull through of the airport entrance. Behind it was a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee WK2[/b] [img]http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/a/a6/2011_Jeep_Grand_Cherokee_Overland.jpg/250px-2011_Jeep_Grand_Cherokee_Overland.jpg[/img]

[b]Jesse: [/b]I have to admit one thing. You sure got class.

[b]Paul: [/b]You and your wife will be in the limo with me while the rest can take the jeep.

[b]Anthony: [/b]Don't worry about us Jesse. I'll just sit in the very back again since I am already used to it.

[b]They get into their respective cars and start heading to the Chateau d'Angers where the coronation will take place.

Paul: [/b]So Jesse how has the military life been treating you.

[b]Jesse: [/b]Terrorist threats, enemy armies, training exercises, that sort of stuff.

[b]Paul: [/b]Just so you know Jesse you are a lot more famous and infamous than you think. Just about all the world leaders at least know about you. You take down terrorists and evil dictators when you are not busy defending Noveria from the same threats. As far as I know the people in the Delian League like you but I'm sure that there are lots in the Communist regimes that want you and your squad dead.

[b]Jesse: [/b]In the past couple years there have been assasins that have tried to take me out but they all met the same fate. I dont now know where they keep coming from though. That is still being investigated by the Noverian CIA.

[b]Alexis: [/b]I used to work for the Confederate States Central Intelligence Agency until its dissolution recently. I have recently applied to the Noverian CIA and I am sure I will be accepted soon. That is all I can say.

[b]Paul: [/b]All countries and empires have there own intelligence agencies and I am sure that you will be accepted into yours. I hear you are also one of the best martial artists in Noveria as well?

[b]Alexis: [/b]Correct. I could kill a person with my bare hands if I wanted to. Not that I do right now of course.

[b]Paul: [/b]I understand. We should be about there.

[b]They could see the Chateau d'Angers coming up. From where they were it looked like a very large castle next to the La Maine river.

Paul: [/b]There she is.

[b]Alexis: [/b]One of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.

[b]Paul: [/b]The main entrance is up ahead. My driver will drop us off and then go and park it somewhere.

[b]Jesse [to Delta squad on his phone]: [/b]OK guys we are here. Just get out of the Jeep at the main entrance and a valet will park it for you guys.

[b]Brian: [/b]Got it.

[b]Jesse: [/b]Is there anything you guys can tell me about the people that will be here. I don't want to go in unprepared.

[b]Brian: [/b]Most of the people here besides us are high ranking government officials and other world leaders. There are no assasins there Jesse so stop worrying.

[b]Jesse: [/b]With how many that came after us last year and earlier this year you can never be too sure.

[b]Paul: [/b]Lets do this thing.

[b]To be continued[/b] [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=104535"]here[/url].

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[b](OOC: Continued from the Creation of Andorra thread)[/b]

[b]Once in the secure private room.


[b]Paul: [/b]Look Jesse. I know you and Damion had your fights and arguments in the past but that is behind us now. What he is really here for is to ask a favor of you. One that we both want.

[b]Damion: [/b]I need you to go after the guys that were responsible for those nuclear attacks. You say you go after bad guys well these are the worst of them all. They are threats to everyone on the planet and need to be dealt with as such.

[b]Jesse: [/b]Well I am sorry to tell you this but that is not going to happen.

[b]Damion: [/b]Oh I am sure you will. [b][he then pulls out a small pistol and points it at Jesse][/b]

[b]Jesse: [/b]What? Or you are gonna shoot me! Heck you wouldn't make it out of this building alive. Then who will go after them for ya.

[b]Paul: [/b]I'm sure you will do it if given the right support.

[b]Jesse: [/b]Damn Damion I really thought you were not stupid enough to do something like this. AND YOU [b][points at Paul][/b] I really didn't think you were stupid enough to go along with it. Besides even if I did want to really go after them I would still need authorization from Noveria high command. Shooting me would only make things worse for you.

[b]Paul: [/b]Damion put your pistol away, Jesse is right. If we are gonna take these guys down we have to support each other. NOT threaten each other.

[b]Damion puts his pistol back into his pocket.[/b]

[b]Jesse: [/b]Even if I was authorized to go after them I wouldn't know where to begin. Heck the only thing I know about them is that they were a rogue terrorist group that used a nuclear submarine to launch nukes at unsuspecting cities. I don't even know what their organization's name is?

[b]Paul: [/b]Well then somehow we are gonna have to get you more info. We'll talk more about this later. Lets get back out there and get ready for my coronation.

[b]Jesse: [/b]Lets hope you didn't already screw that up.

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[b]Andorra Capital City. A day after the coronation of Paul.

At an outdoor cafe on Main Street a guy is sitting down at a table waiting for someone, and then Jesse goes over and sits down at the seat across the table from him.

Jesse: [/b]I’m guessing you are Adrian?

[b]Adrian: [/b]I’m guessing Paul sent you. You’re the one that wants to know about the nuclear submarine terrorists?

[b]Jesse: [/b]Yes. If I was looking for their leader where would I find him?

[b]Brian: [/b]We are trying to track them down so it will be in everyones best interests if we can capture them, but if we cant then we will just kill them anyways.

[b]Adrian: [/b]If you think it was just one submarine than you are wrong. There were 3 of them, the Momin, the Freedom, and the Labrador. They were sent to attack Parvus Ingruo. They launched their 3 nukes at the 3 largest cities and after the attack was complete they want AWOL and starting nuking random cities and nations. The first two missiles of the opening attack were shot down but one made it through and destroyed DC. After that one went and attacked Hudsonia. I have no more info on what happened to them after that, they just seemed to disappear.

[b]Jesse: [/b]This still didn’t happen that long ago. They had to have gone somewhere?

[b]Adrian: [/b]Rumors are that they were working for an ancient empire called the Labrador Empire. If I had to guess where to start looking I would say the old territory of the Labrador empire on the northeast coast of North America. Mainly in Republique Du Quebec and that area under PI control.

[b]Jesse: [/b]Thanks for the info. Come on guys. It looks like we may be heading back home to North America a little early.

[b]Alexis: [/b]I'm coming with you Jesse.

[b]Jesse: [/b]You know why I don't want you to come. This might get a little intense once we find them and if those foreign governments discover that you are working for the NIA than you could get into serious trouble.

[b]Alexis: [/b]I'm the best close combat specialist here and if you are going to be lokking for them in caves and buildings I am the best in those situations.

[b]Brian: [/b]Jesse you know she is right.

[b]Jesse: [/b]Fine you can come. But like the rest you still have to follow every order.

[b]Alexis: [/b]Yes sir.

[b]Jesse: [/b]Come on Delta lets move out.

[b]Delta Squad quote of the day:[i] It is always the !@#$ closest to home that hits you the hardest.[/i][/b]

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[b]On a commercial passenger plane heading towards the Capital City of the Republic of Newfoundland.

Brian: [/b]Remind me why we are landing here again?

[b]Jesse: [/b] Because it is the closest airport to where we are trying to go. The Republic of Newfoundland is just off the coast from where the old Labradorean empire once was, plus there might be someone in the city who knows where they are.

[b]Brian: [/b]So we are just gonna land there. Hope they're not suspicious of us doing something bad and then we start asking people where the terrorists we are looking for can be located. Sure, no one will think we are bad if we are TRYING TO LOCATE SOME TERRORISTS!

[b]Jesse: [/b]Keep your fricken voice down. We are not the only ones on this plane and for all we know someone else could be an enemy spy. Or even worse, a spy for the commies(Communists), and besides if we can't locate someone who looks like they might know where they are we are just gonna hire someone to ferry us to the Labrador territory currently under PI control. That area is heavily forested and is the perfect place for a terrorist base to be located.

[b]Brian: [/b]What would the Communists want with these terrorists anyways? They already agreed a long time ago that these terrorists are evil and need to be brought down.

[b]Jesse: [/b]Commies always have hidden agendas. For all we know one of them might want to hire them to attack another country. You can never be too careful when it comes to dealing with Commies. As for the corporate big shots trying to take over Noveria I would rather move my family to Andorra and work for my uncle than have anything to do with them.

[b]Announcement: [/b]The plane will be landing in the [b]Republic of Newfoundland Capital St. John[/b] shortly.

[b]Brian: [/b]I guess we will have to wait and see.

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[b]A hotel in the Newfoundland Capital of St. John.

Jesse was watching the international news channel. Everything seemed boring to him until another news story appeared.

Announcer: [/b]The motion to amend the new nation name of Noveria has been approved. It is no longer the Republic of Noveria but will now be called the Corporate Republic of Noveria.

[b]Jesse: [/b]WHAT!!!

[b]Brian comes in: [/b]What the heck is going on? Why did you scream?

[b]Jesse: [/b]THAT IS IT! THEY HAVE CROSSED THE LINE!! Taking over the economy is one thing but when they go so far as to change the nation name… Now I’m pissed! CORPORATE REPUBLIC OF NOVERIA!! That is what they are calling it now.

[b]Brian: [/b]OK. They change the name but it’s not the end of Noveria.

[b]Jesse: [/b]Not yet. I've seen this before. It will get a lot worse before it gets better. The first step in a corporate takeover of a country is to take control of the people and the economy. They have already done that, they are the main source of money and almost everyone works for them now. Next step is to take control of the government itself. They have already started by changing the nation name, next they are going to overthrow the leaders themselves in a coup d'état, they probably have their own privately funded militia groups getting ready for it so we don’t have much time.

[b]Brian: [/b]What about after that. [b]What if they were to succeed?[/b]

[b]Jesse: [/b][b]No more Noveria.[/b] Everyone will be slaves to the big corporate big shots; the last step in their takeover will be to eliminate anyone who resists them. It is going to get bloody before this is over and unless we do something about it the free Noveria we know will be gone by the end of the year. I will make those corporate big shots kiss my ass before they even try to take me down. Pack your bags we are heading back to Andorra to let them know what is going on.

[b]Brian: And if the corporate guys send their goons to stop us?

Jesse: We will kill anyone who gets in our way. [/b]Tell everyone else to pack up and get ready. This may get bloody before the end.

[b]Brian: [/b]Yes sir.

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[b]At the airport in St John's.

Brian: [/b]Jesse, I know where you are going with this but this may not be the best idea. If we don't show up back at our base soon we will be considered AWOL.

[b]Jesse: [/b]Declared renegade for saving our own country. Fortunately I have thought up a solution so that it may not come to that just yet. We are gonna go back to our base and say that those terrorists eluded us and continue doing our jobs even though in secret we are against the corporations. The second they get their hands into our business is the time we act and go back to Andorra. Our wives will remain there with Paul for now since it will be a lot safer there than it will here. I'm still hoping that I am wrong about all this and that they won't go that far as to start killing anyone that resists their rule but so far it looks like it might happen, and it will be our job to protect those people from the forces of tyranny.

[b]Delta Squad then boards the private plane Paul had waiting for them and soon it is heading back to Edmonton.[/b]

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[b]Back at the Edmonton Base. Jesse and Delta Squad are in their room watching the news and looking up stuff on the PC.

Brian: [/b]On the bright side no one has died in the protests. Yet.

[b]Jesse: [/b]If this continues and the government does not listen though it could get bloody and start a civil war. Wilfur is a family friend. I just hope this doesn't get him killed.

[b]Brian: [/b]He is the head of the Martensist Party. I'm sure he can handle this.

[b]Jesse: [/b]The corporations have just taken over the protectorate territories. If they take the mainland it will probably start a war between the corporations with their militias vs everyone supporting the Martensist Party. I bet you know who we will be with if that happens.

[b]Brian: [/b][b]Our superiors might force us to fight with the corporations.[/b]

[b]Jesse: [/b]I don't care if they are listening right now. [b]THAT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!![/b]

[b]Ben: [/b]That is not the only bad news. It seems the UFE have been making a lot of arms shipments lately. I think they might be gearing up for something. Something BIG.

[b]Jesse:[/b] I'm betting it has something to do with that Austrian Princess coming back. Even since she has shown herself the world has been on edge, it is only a matter of time before someone makes a BIG fuss about it. The Athenians trust her so she isn't bad, but her coming back might bring out the bad in a lot of other leaders. My uncle trusts the Athenians so he is with her but there are many others who are probably against her. They just have not shown it yet.

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[b]Just after the Noverian news broadcast about the Internet being down.

Jesse: [/b]The internet is down. That is what Wilfur came up with to be angry about? Brian, turn on the computer and go to my homepage. Lets hope he is just lying.

[b]Brian: [/b]Just getting onto the homepage. ERROR.

[b]Jesse: [/b]OK. Try a site like wikipedia or youtube. Don't care which.

[b]Brian: [/b]Both of them. ERROR.

[b]Jesse: [/b]OK now I am getting angry. Cybernations?

[b]Brian: [/b]You play that?

[b]Jesse: [/b]Sometimes. Most of my free time when I am bored.

[b]Brian: [/b]ERROR!

[b]Jesse: [/b]OK. Now I am pissed. Try the NovCorp News website.

[b]Brian: [/b]That site is OK. But every non-Novcorp site gets ERROR.

[b]Jesse: [/b]Of course they do. If its not back on by the end of the day than I am gonna be extremely pissed!

[b]Brian: [/b]Uh oh. [b][looks at Ben] That is when he starts hurting people! [/b]

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[b]Jesse [on phone to Paul]: [/b]Yes Paul I do know about what is going on in Europe and Afirca. No I don't think you should have anything to worry about while Angevin and Athens are still with you. No I don't care about the fact you are worried about them. There is no traitor amongst anyone's ranks that is plotting with the Germanic Union or anyone else against Athens or Angevin and even if there was I can't do anything about it. I hate rules as well but we still have to follow them and until the day that any of those corporate executives start doing very evil things I am still with Noveria and you can't tell me what to do. Screw you too!

[b]Jesse hangs up. The rest of Delta Squad is staring at him.[/b]

[b]Jesse: [/b]Don't just stare at me! Go back to whatever you guys were doing.

[b]Brian: [/b]Jesse, after looking at the news he does have a good reason to be afraid. Africa is in the !@#$ hole and it might not be long before Europe is in the same situation. Even things here in North America have been going downhill a lot as well. Nowhere is safe anymore. Sonner or later we will have to make a stand against the forces of evil.

[b]The phone begins to ring again.

Jesse: [/b]Funny. Unknown Number

[b]Brian: [/b]Answer it.

[b][evil voice]: [/b]Hello Jesse.

[b]Jesse: [/b]OH CRAP! [b][Jesse nearly drops the phone. silently to Brian][/b] Its Dracul.

[b]Brian: [/b]The kid from high school? I thought he died a while ago.

[b]Jesse: [/b]There are not much easy ways to kill vampires.

[b]Brian: [/b]I know it has only been a few years since you grandfather told us about the existance of real magic and magical creatures but I really don't think he is a vampire. Creepy evil !@#$%^& that should be dead, Yes. Vampire, No.

[b]Jesse: [/b]Have you heard about those new anti-vampire laws that have recently went into effect in the UFE?

[b]Brian: [/b]Yes?

[b]Jesse: [/b]Lets just say that he is the reason those came up.

[b]Brian: [/b]How the heck do you know?

[b]Jesse: [/b]I still have my private magical sources. You can never be too careful when it comes to dealing with the evil creatures such as vampires and even Dragons that have turned evil.

[b]Brian: [/b]I thought your Grandfather was keeping an eye on them and would warn us about possible movements.

[b]Jesse: [/b]We all forgot about Dracul. We all thought he was dead. [back to the phone] Hey Dracul. Long time no see. It has been many years since we last met.

[b]Dracul: [/b]Apparently too long if you thought I was dead after you tried to kill me.

[b]Jesse: [/b]Technically you tried to kill us first. Your lucky you made it out before that bomb went off. You should have died in it's inferno.

[b]Brian: [/b]Wait a sec... What bomb?!

[b]Jesse: [/b]Luckily it was in a non populated area and didn't even make the local news. Lets just say you don't need to worry about it.

[b]Dracul: [/b]I'm coming to Noveria now. I want to talk with you personally.

[b]Jesse: [/b]If you come within 500 miles of hear I will blow you sky high. Or in this case into hell.

[b]Dracul: [/b]I have changed my ways Jesse. I'm not the evil one you think I am.

[b]Jesse: [/b]I heard you started the vampire scourge in UFE recently.

[b]Dracul: [/b]That was not... No comment on that. We will meet on peaceful terms Jesse. I don't want this magical bloodshed to continue. We can make peace between our races.

[b]Jesse: [/b]I may be a part of a magical family but I am no diplomat. If you want to speak with a diplomat go to Andorra and speak to Paul or Damion. I'm sure they will listen to what you have to say then blow you to hell as well.

[b]Dracul: [/b]I don't know them but I know you Jesse. Meet me at this chinese resturant in Downtown Edmonton tomorrow night [b][sends Jesse a text with the address[/b]] and come alone.

[b]Jesse: [/b]See you there. BYE!

[b]Brian: [/b]This week keeps on getting more and more interesting. Now you are gonna be a diplomat between the human and vampire races. This should be fun.

[b]Jesse: [/b]I wouldn't say exactly "human" and vampire races.

[b]Brian: [/b]Oh yea. Because your not exactly... Never mind. The rest of us will be in a van nearby and keep an eye on you guys. The Edmonton SWAT will be on standby with us as well in case he tries anything.

[b]Jesse: [/b]You forget that the only way to kill a vampire is to blow him to pieces. Otherwise he is immortal.

[b]Brian: [/b]We can at least injure and capture him if he tries to hurt you. Don't worry Jesse, everything will be fine.

[b]Jesse: [/b]Thanks but it is not me I am worried about. Paul is right on one case. If this doesn't go smoothly than a war could come. One that will be far worse than any before it, and if it happens... May God help us all.

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