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Green 3BR Trade Circle


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Hey guys, just setting up a trade circle for one of my alliance's members. It's the standard 3br circle, except with silver instead of fish at request of winged wolf, with uranium as an added plus. Considered one of the best trade circles in the game, we need the following resources.

Resources Needed:
Uranium -
Aluminum - Winged Wolf
Iron - Winged Wolf
Lumber -
Wheat -
Water -
Pigs -
Spices -
Sugar -
Cattle -
Marble -
Silver -

If you wish to join the trade circle, please fill out the following form, and post it in this thread. [b]Note, if you want to be in this circle, you must either be on the green team, or willing to switch to the team when the circle is completed. First come, first served.[/b]

Ruler Name:
Nation Name:
Resource 1:
Resource 2:
Nations Link:

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