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Mob Times

KaiserMelech Mikhail

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Being a Russian nation, the mob was an inevitability for Marscurian Siberia. However, the nation was cursed with two rival factions. The largest was the Marscurian Siberian Mafia, and the smaller was the Pyotrgrad Bratva. When the two weren't finding ways of killing each other, they were running their own crime empires throughout the nation. Slowly, the police have started pursuing the crime syndicates as their actions have begun to spill over into public life.

Marscurian Siberian Mafia
Main Boss: "Benny" Goldmann
HQ: Obluchye
Influence: Amurpet, Telmana, Pyotrgrad (attempted)
Main Activities: Money Laundering, Drug Smuggling, General Smuggling, Racketeering

Pyotrgrad Bratva
Main Boss: Oleg Glebovich
HQ: Pyotrgrad
Influence: None
Main Activities: Drug Smuggling, Racketeering, Blackmail, Assassinations, Anti-Marscurian Violence

OOC: Basically, this is my version of a war thread. You guys get to choose which mafia you want to be a part of, and what position you get to take (including the boss). I'm going to RP the police and possibly the military if things get bad enough. You guys get to kill each other as much as you want, and I'll get involved when innocents are caught in the cross-fire. Remember to keep this just like the mafia (you get assault rifles, maybe some RPGs and light machine guns), and to give yourselves convincing names. :awesome:

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[quote name='Zoot Zoot' timestamp='1313106735' post='2778018']

On the phone so can't post ICly to make it worth it, but I would like to play as the pyotrgrad bratva as the boss. An ICLy post will follow tomorrow or saterday depending on what time I finish work if there's no objections?
OOC: No objections.

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