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Incite Government Propaganda

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The spy operation [i]Incite Government Propaganda [/i]is way too devastating for the cost of the operation.

I am currently in Nuclear Anarchy and will remain there for another 3 days. I have not collected taxes for 6 days. I was planning on collecting after the Nuclear Anarchy expired.

A successful Incite Government Propaganda operation was carried out against my nation today. The cost of the operation was approximately $35,000. Now my collection will be about $20 million less due to the operation.

I am not calling for removing that operation. But there is no doubt that the original intent never meant for that operation to be able to do more damage than 5+ nukes at the cost of a couple of aircraft.

Maybe it should be changed to prevent the operation from being undertaken if the nation is already in Anarchy or even in Nuclear Anarchy. Or the cost should be significantly more if the nation is in Anarchy or Nuclear Anarchy.

I assume that the original intent of that operation was to switch from the desired Government to one less desired. The resulting damage would be more in line with the cost of the operation. I doubt that it was ever intended to be the most devastating weapon in the game.

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[quote name='Merovingian' timestamp='1313271668' post='2779945']
Incite Gov Propaganda doesn't force collection in [i]nuclear[/i] anarchy, just normal anarchy. You can wait for nuke anarchy to simply end and then collect. While that still does force a collection in anarchy, the amount lost should be nowhere near $20mil.
What i was going to say. And yea. 20 mil seems like quite a big figure

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Actually it is not that high. I was going to buy back my lost infra and with about 36,000 citizens and my Improvements/Wonders and a 9 day back collect, $20 mil is likely underestimated.

Even if it were $10 or $15 million, the cost vs. damage is still WAY out of balance.

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Sorry, just to clarify, the op forces you to stay in anarchy pre-collection.

You can view the full effects of the op here:

All in all, even if you were a very large nation at 100 days of inactivity, because admin forgot to delete the inactives for a few months, you probably still wouldn't lose your precious 20 mil in collections.

Edit: this is where a lot of experience in war comes to play

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It was not 20 million but what cowboy is trying to say is the damage far out weighs the costs of the operation. I like the spy op myself but think it should be more expensive anf harder to accomplish.

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