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For some time now, since before the fall of Sweden, there had been a secessionist movement growing in Norway. They longed for their own nation as they once had. Now that dream was coming true. They had chosen who would lead their nation. Haakon Magnusson, decendant of the ancient House of Yngling, and of the Fairhair Dynasty. In the coming days, he would be crowned Haakon VIII Magnusson, King of Norway.

A message was sent to all government across the world.

[i]Today, Norway is announcing their Independance of the Germanic Union and the Swedish Protectorate. We thank the governments of Germany and Kurland, for safeguarding our lands while our government was estalished. Soon, Haakon Magnusson, of the ancient House of Yngling, and of the Fairhair Dynasty, will be crownd King of Norway. A constituion will soon be drafted and elections will be held.[/i]

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[i]Another state with its government replaced? When Livonia became Kurland and Sweden collapsed, we thought that was enough! The balance of power is being rewritten...[/i]
The Republic of Finland congratulates Norway on achieving independence.

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