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More Holdout Armies?


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August 5th, real-time
Procinctia press release

Today a Procinctian-registered surveying vessel was sunk off the southern coast of Carlisle Island, apparently destroyed by anti-tank fire.

In response to this aggression Procinctia contracted an independent squad of internationally diverse mercenaries of narrative-sufficient character to confront the unknown threat, a squad that is presumed dead after a cinematic gunfight that was followed by a dramatic last stand –caught on film from multiple angles- involving being completely outnumbering and eventually overwhelmed.

The failed attack was not, however, a complete waste, as it has been determined an independent armed force claiming to be affiliated with the long-defunct Republic of War’s military was responsible for this unwarranted hostility.

Slavorussia, Atlantis, Louisiana, Remerged Procinctia, North Pacific Commonwealth, Alaska, Union of Revolutionary Socialist Republics, and a reformed Procinctia all somehow overlooked an obvious military presence on Carlisle. . .

This Republic of War’s armed remnant believes the long-finished war with Procinctia to be ongoing, does not acknowledge Texas’ current government, and discounts all broadcasts following the war as Procinctian propaganda.

Survivor(s) of the destroyed Procinctian vessel have been deemed spies and are being held hostage.

Republic of War’s armed remnant have one demand for the hostage(s)
Immediate communication with Karl, aka Highbuzz, Kaiser of the Republic of War and President of Texas.

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