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The Righteous Orators Legacy League - Needs owners!


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Last season was awesome, this one should be even tighter now that keepers will be playing into it. A couple of owners stopped playing, so we have holes to fill, and are looking for only the most serious (and non dickish) players to join the league.

Breakdown of the league:

-Sixteen teams, in four divisions.
-QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE, RB/WR/TE, RB/WR/TE, RB/WR/TE, K on offense.
-DB, DB, DB, DL, DL, DL, LB, LB, LB, DB/DL/LB, DB/DL/LB on defense.
-Seven bench spots to make a total of thirty players on each roster, 480 players in the league total.
-Each team can keep up to six of its players at the end of the season to carry over into next season.
-Last season, Rondo and his Burress' Big Bang team snatched the Schattenmann Cup from Kuse's Winchester Madmen.

Too much for you? That's cool. Sound amazing to you? Read on.

Here are the divisions, and the teams, of The Righteous Orators Legacy League:

[b]Alter Egos[/b]
Goldie (Brady's Lovechild) - VE
Sceptor (Alesmiths) - Umb
Gofastleft (Bradford's Boy) - NG

[b]Haf's Flingers[/b]
Kowalski (Jets Schmets) - Umb
Janax (Jehovas Walrus) - Argent
Rondo (Burress' Big Bang) - VE

[b]Heroes of Time[/b]
Niota (Mark's Dirty Sanchez) - Umb
TBRaiders (Mushroom Warriors) - MK
Magicninja (Magic's Ninjas) - GATO
Astriy (LACES OUT DAN!!!!!!!) - Umb

[b]Penk's Lollers[/b]
Shadow (shadow's spartans) - VE
Kuse (Winchester Madmen) - VE

As you can see, we have four open teams. I will post the highlights of each one, and when four people are chosen to receive teams, then they will be randomly assigned one of them.

Team 1:
Philip Rivers - QB
Ray Rice - RB
Wes Welker - WR
Mike Sims-Walker - WR
#1 overall pick in the draft

Team 2:
Aaron Rodgers - QB
Jonathan Stewart - RB
Brandon Jacobs - RB
Vincent Jackson - WR
Steve Smith (CAR) - WR
Hines Ward - WR
Owen Daniels - TE
#2 overall pick in the draft

Team 3:
Tom Brady - QB
Fred Jackson - RB
Michael Crabtree - WR
Rob Gronkowski - TE
Patrick Willis - LB
Lawrence Timmons - LB
#9 overall pick in the draft

Team 4:
Peyton Manning - QB
Michael Vick - QB
Percy Harvin - WR
Roy Williams - WR
#3 overall pick

League writeups and summaries happen each week, and the winner gets bragging rights and lays claim to the coveted Schattenmann Cup.

If you are interested, please pm me here with your level of experience, desire to play, and anything else you feel will make you a good addition to The Righteous Orators Legacy League.

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[quote name='Van Hoo III' timestamp='1313013407' post='2776949']
Meh. I wouldn't want to be stuck with players I didn't select. Sounds fun otherwise though ... have fun owning Janax! :D

Well you aren't really 'stuck'. This is a long term league, each of the teams has players of value and opportunities to build through the draft. You will have keepers to choose from, but past that your team is your own doing.

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I'm down if there's a space left. I'm a long time ('99) FF player and I'm as serious as I am old. Even though I'm a Yahoo man I kinda like Flea Flicker, and have had two teams on there over the last couple years. Put me any where you need me, because I'm big on trading and FA moves.

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