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Land and Navy in TE


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I bought Land to get my Area of Influence over 250 so I could buy some Navy ships.

[quote]Area of Influence: 252.156 mile diameter.
163.108 in purchases, 13.049 in modifiers, 75.999 in growth
(Peak Land Purchased 842.952)[/quote]

I was able to buy ships as usual.

I then went to launch a Naval attack on a nation I am currently at war with, but got this message....

[quote]You must have a land area of at least 250 in order to conduct naval operations.
You have launched 0 naval operation today. Your navy has 3 naval operations remaining. [/quote]

This is either a bug or the requirement to purchase Navy is based on Area of Influence (total land) and the requirement of a Naval attack is based on Purchased Land.

If it is the latter, that seems to be a flaw in the game logic. The requirement should be the same for both.

My nation is:


If you look at my nation now, you will see that I am currently below 250 total land because I sold a little. I can assure you that I was above 250 Area of Influence at the time of the purchase and attempted naval attack.

Thanks for your attention to this matter!

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[quote name='Markus Wilding' timestamp='1312914880' post='2776020']
Try purchasing some more land, the game tends to round to the nearest number. Happens a lot with tech and land.

I was at 252.156 Area of Influence. That is 2.156 above the 250 requirement. I don't know how much more rounding up would be needed. :P

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If it was Toad1 you were trying to naval attack, it's rather an error in the message "You must have a land area of at least 250 in order to conduct naval operations.".

It should read that you can't attack your opponent as they have less than 250 miles of land and have no navy vessels.

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