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So this Nebula walks into a bar...


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[i]Throughout his life, he was always new. New to experiences and new to people. All he could think about was reaching up and traveling to the nebulas. He lived his life with that dream. And that's where we find him now. He traveled HALfway across the galaxy with that dream in mind with a few sleeping crew mates and a computer, and when he reached his destination, he saw a small object. He got closer and closer and it became clearer and clearer. He continued to worry about what it was and wonder what it could be, when suddenly, he felt... different. He felt at ease, and he no longer needed to wonder what it could be, for it was obvious. It only made sense what the object read:[/i]

[size="5"][font="Comic Sans MS"]2011 A Space Odyssey[/font][/size][/center]

Article I: [i]"My God, It's full of stars!"[/i]
Both alliances shall remain sovereign bodies. They shall not infringe on the other’s sovereignty nor shall they conduct any actions that may negatively affect the other alliance. They refrain from conducting military acts of aggression or espionage against the other alliance, directly or through another alliance. The two alliances shall also refrain from enforcing or upholding economic or trade sanctions against a fellow signatory.

Article II: [i]"I am putting myself to the fullest possible use, which is all I think that any conscious entity can ever hope to do"[/i]
Each alliance recognizes that an attack on one signatory is an attack on the other. The signatories shall therefore provide any requested support in a defensive war, whether it be through military, financial, or political support. Should a signatory become attacked due to an aggressive war, the treaty becomes optional. While being optional, the signatories are still urged to support one another's endeavors. While Mutual Defense is mandatory, if it is requested by the attacked signatory, this clause may be waived for that specific incident.

Article III: [i]"I want to help you"[/i]
a) Should either signatory choose to conduct or be a part of an aggressive action against another alliance, they may request support from the other signatory, in terms of military, financial, or political support.
b) Any military action taken by or against a signatory can be considered a valid and legal casus belli for the other.

Article IV: [i]"Is there anything else special that you would like for your birthday?"[/i]

Both signatories are encouraged but in no way required to provide economic assistance or aid when requested.

Article V: [i]"Don't suppose you have any idea what the damn thing is, huh?"[/i]

a) Both signatories agree to share any and all information found by either signatory that is relevant to the safety the other signatory.
b) Both signatories shall inform the other of any intelligence which may result in a war, either of aggression or defense for either signatory.

Article VI: [i]"Daisy, Daisy"[/i]

a) Should Article I, Article II, or Article V be violated by either signatory, the other signatory may choose to immediately dissolve this pact in its entirety.
b) Should either alliance come to decide that they no longer wish to be bound by this pact, it may be cancelled at any point. However its articles will remain in effect for 48 hours after private notification of the activation of Article VI.

Signed for [b][i]Nebula-X[/i][/b]
[i]Sonic[/i], Emperor
[i]Ludacrism2[/i], Regent

[i]Streethawk[/i], Chancellor of Commerce
[i]Shogun Travis[/i], Chancellor of Defense
[i]Rheebrosinc[/i], Chancellor of Foreign Affairs
[i]Simonian Emperor[/i], Chancellor of Internal Affairs

Signed for [b][i]The New Guy[/i][/b]
[i]Confusion[/i], President
[i]Cesar Julian[/i], Vice President

[i]Waffles[/i], Marshall of Foreign Affairs
[i]Cosmo777[/i], Marshall of the Interior
[i]Ghostie[/i], Marshall of Defense [/quote]

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