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Abord the G.S.S Gebiv


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Two females stroll along the promenade looking out at the great Atlantic Ocean. The moonlight glistens over the calm surface of the water, enticing our heroines. Perhaps by the magic of the salty sweet air and the airy romance of the dim moonlight, the two find themselves drawn to the front of the bow, and then into conversation.

"Grandmother, why are we always at sea?"

"Because it's the sea that gives us life, dear. For it was out this sea we came, and into these great waters we shall eventually return. I didn't get to the great age of 110 by living on land all my years. My father was a sailor, as was his father before him. It's in our blood, and blood is something you can never escape."

"Grandmother, why do you always speak of men when you speak of the past?"

"The past was the age of men. When I was crowned Empress G[color=#FF00FF]e[/color]biv I, I was the first fully autonomous female ruler this planet ever saw. Others followed, yes, but I was the first. You may have the warrior blood of the old Nordland in your veins, but you will always be the heir to the G[color=#FF00FF]e[/color]bivian Matriarchy. It's true, there's no G[color=#FF00FF]e[/color]biv to speak of anymore, or any G[color=#FF00FF]e[/color]biv City, to dock in, but that's not important. We left our great islands behind to a new age, an age of prosperity. We also left behind a legacy. A legacy of being strong in the face of adversity and of having the courage to stand for what is right, even if that means we must stand alone. Now, isn't it past your bedtime."

"I'm not tired, Grandmother."

"Heh. Just like your mother. Go to bed, child. You'll be tired in the morning if you don't get some."

"I'm not a child, Grandmother. I'll be turning 16 in just a month."

"I know. I told you we can celebrate it in Tel Aviv when the time comes. Now get some sleep."

"Yes, Grandmother."

With that, the young Princess G[color=#FF00FF]e[/color]biv IV goes to her chamber, and aging Empress G[color=#FF00FF]e[/color]biv I to hers. Our younger heroine falls fast asleep, while our ancient empress remains wide awake, kept up by the sleeping mental turmoil that had been plaguing her for the past. As she attempts to sleep, she finds herself staring at the picture of daughter, the late Empress G[color=#FF00FF]e[/color]biv II, resting comfortably on her nightstand. Her daughter's eyes catch her own; while she may be looking at merely a photograph, she feels as if she's gazing into her living daughter's eyes, at least for a transient moment. Tears run down the Empress' face. It would be another sleepless night.

[i]OOC: Wait, did G[color=#FF00FF]e[/color]biv just post something?!?!?!?!?!?

OOC2: PS: That IS an intentional mispelling of "aboard." Brownie points to anyone who catches the pun.[/i]

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