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International Notification of an Intent to Launch

Maelstrom Vortex

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In recognition that nuclear testing on our planet is unwise. Furthermore, that the Angevin nation has no place to safely conduct such testing that is beyond the reaches of civilized society. We hereby serve our International Partners and Companions this notice that in the coming year as weather and conditions permit, the Angevin Space Agency will be conducting a very high altitude nuclear test. In order to avoid effect upon communications satellites and other sovereign craft belonging to you, our peers, we are conducting this test at significant altitude of no less than 150,000 KM, or approximately one half of the distance between the earth to the Moon. The yield range is expected to exceed 1 megaton if the test is successful. The exact time of the launch will be issued to the public the week of the launch although the exact origin will be kept secret for the sake of operational security. If you're wondering why so far out.. it's also serving as a payload test for possible lunar ambitions.

Any questions or concerns should be addressed back to the Angevin National Space Agency.

Clarissa De'Brittany
Operations Supervisor, ANSA


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