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It's the Kingdom's birthday!

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A year ago today our humble little Kingdom of Hyrule was born to 9 friends with a dream.... but I'm too lazy to write a cool story. We DoE'd on August 8th, 2010 even though we were still very much in the planning stages of our alliance. War had been declared on the New Sith Order and fear of a Global War starting lead to the early birth of our Kingdom. We quickly secured a protectorate with TSCE (now TSA) and finished our charter and then the dream was born. We quickly grew to 20 members and 300,000 NS and through various trials and periods of prosperity, we've become who we are today.

I would like to give a special thanks to the following people and alliances:

- The Shadow Accord - For being there for us, giving us protection at the start, and helping us begin our journey
- E. Grievous and Outsiders of TSA - For being great friends of mine and offering us your counsel while we were a teeny little alliance.
- NpO - For being amazing protectors and taking us on when our future was really uncertain. Not to mention all of the advice, aid, and help otherwise that you've given us.
- Mergerberger - For just being awesome :awesome:
- CCC - For being willing to help us in our instability and the membership exchange
- Wes, Shergzus, and LPS of CCC - For the loads of advice and for your willingness to help us
- Misfit Nations & Celestial Being - For being great adversaries in the last war and forcing us to stay on our toes.

and finally....


So, come hang out with us in:

#hyrule on coldfront
or on our forums at:

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Congratulations KoH!!! :awesome:

On to another year! :D

o/ KoH


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[quote name='mompson' timestamp='1312825347' post='2775014']
Especially BD who went nuke rouge on Hullean :wub:

He should have just let me roll that guy, interventionists get nuked, may that be the lesson learned from that :P

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