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Fade to Red

Kaiser Martens

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Friedrich Järnsverd, the leader of the Germanian Communist Party, slept peacefully in the Red Enclosure. He had been to the ballots as soon as the sun had risen, and then withdrew to the stronghold and main Headquarters of the Communists, also the place where their Central Soviet held its sessions. The man then thought that he heard a somewhat familiar voice calling - startled, he wakes up. These were the instincts leftover from the times in which wild beasts may have threatened to devour us in our sleep...but the room was completely dark, completely peaceful. A clock began to beep, and soon someone was knocking softly but audibly on his wooden door. Still fully clothed, having even slept with his shoes on, he stands up and lits a cigarette...rather groggy from his sleep, he opens the door...

"Yes...how did it go?" There was some Skaanian accent to his voice which filtered through his Nordlandic easily.

Järnsverd's Comrade replies coldly, "Not by big enough of a margin, but we have won."

Friedrich glances to the side, spotting a mirror, he begins to fix his troubled beard and rubs his eyes while answering, "Well that will have to do. Our approval will rise as our actions are seen to fit our promises."

-"The Nation is awaiting you to accept the victory. They are awaiting your speech."

"I will be there...in some minutes." Then, Järnsverd retreats into a tiny bathroom to ready himself, so as not to look as if he's just sprung out of bed - so as to hide that fact, actually. While combing his hair and brushing his teeth, he practices a few poses meant to make his oratory more intense, and ten minutes later, after a coffee, he is done...

He arrives upon a great stage, with great Mjollnir and Sickle flags, and a large crowd expecting them, most of them carrying some sort of red distinctive, some carrying Southern Germany/DDR Flags as well. His own image is projected on a large screen right behind him, causing for the power of his impossibly-penetrating blue, almost supernatural eyes to be amplified for all to see, all in the country in fact, as there were many cameras from different national and international channels.


-He could not continue with his speech. The people were simply too excited, and were making too much noise. He lets them go on for some time but then raises his palms towards them to get them to stop.

[i]...A new chapter in world history opens today. In Germania, the Revolution of the Workers, has, at last, freed. No longer will we continue to be oppressed and hurled into ridiculous wars over the insistence of petty dictators and hidden fascists. My first act as leader of this nation will be to recreate the country as the [i]Germanian Soviet Socialist Republic![/i]

-The people rose their banners and cried out in support for their Comrade Leader. The speech would go on for a while, and people all over the world were watching Martens' dream fading to red, the rising of a great red wave. It had all been such a surprise. He continued to announce further policies - Collective Farms, Extensive Social Systems, the creation of the Red Army, policies against religion and policies to strongly favor medicine and education...

[i]"The New Germania will have a Place for us All. No longer will the poor be excluded. Our goal will be to reintegrate them in our society, we will create new industry, we will take away the wealth of Bankers and Millionaires, and with this, we will get bricks, we will get books, and we will no longer have to fear our own rulers!"[/i]

As happy as some people seemed, some others were seen simply crying on the streets, watching their old flag, and simply crying while militias with Red Flags marched by. Bank safes were blown open, any deposits exceeding half a million Nordmarks was deemed to belong to an enemy of the people, and seized right away. To every workplace, Komisars started to be sent in order to ensure that the workers would no longer be oppressed.

It was the folk's will. It was Haas' legacy. It is now Our Future.

"The red is rising over the horizon. Workers of Germania, Unite!"[/i]


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"I propose a beer summit between the Coalition and the New German leaders."

-August Imperator Jia

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"The Duchy of Kurland is opposed to the unlawful seizures of the people's wealth. Rather than forcing entry and stealing the life's savings of successful citizens, the new regime could have imposed a tax on the wealthy. We are wary of a regime whose first action is to seize its peoples' assets."
-Duke Alaric I

"The Democratic People's Party offers its congratulations to the Coalition of the Left for its victory over the Right wing."
-Willamar Foth, DPP Chairman

"Not all of us do."
-Konstantin Tolkien, moderate DPP socialist

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Järnsverd and several other prominent members of the Communist Party finally arrive to the Reichstag. They were going to have Government Power transferred to them - it was all finally being made official. They looked towards Tambarskjelve and the Military Men with a mixture of disgust, pedantic superiority and revolutionary might.

Even one of the soldiers seemed to have tears on his eyes, as a silver pen was handled to Järnsverd, he would then sign a document to make him the official ruler of Germanic Union - which would be soon using a new name. However then, many people in Germanic Union, most media and most rulers from other nations of the planet received a very disturbing e-mail from the Anarchist Candidate, Mr Koben.

The mail explained and provided proof of how the Communists had commited fraud in the ellections, how they had rigged the ellections, utilizing a very creative virus to infect the Germanian Poll system. Not only the virus was there, but a ripped copy of the Poll System in itself, which could be ran on most computers, was there to show what had happened. If people who knew what they were doing were to examine this, they would realize that the evidence is absolutely sound, as the virus in itself can be studied.

Järnsverd was sitting on his "throne" at the Reichstag with several pleased Red soon-to-be Politburo members. Then they noticed Martens arriving, walking towards the new leader, rather slowly. It was needless to say that they were all utterly surprised when he smiled and went to shake the hand of Comrade Järnsverd. He did not know how to react, not in the face of his enemy being almost humble for no apparent reason. How had he gotten through security anyway?

"Herr Järnsverd I would like to congratulate you for your victory!" Martens' warm smile, his firm hands, it all seemed so human, yet somehow uncanny. Järnsverd just stared with his deep eyes. He opened his mouth to speak when Martens interrupted, "However, I am afraid that we have uncovered your plot." He pats his hand a few times, seeming genuinely sad. "I am afraid that you will not be able to seize power after all." Järnsverd's jaw nearly dropped. Martens hugged him, patted his back and kissed his forehead. It was the kiss of death. He shook his head, as if it all were a tragedy. Martens steps back, folding his hands behind his back and bowing respectfully. Only in the last second does he grin, disturbingly, walking away. "You can hear the boots. They are Communism's Death Knell. I think you better kill yourself." His face is then serious, and he has a matter-of-fact air to him. He is then gone.

Järnsverd smashed his fist upon his desk. "Martens! It is not over yet!"


Removing the Communists from power would not be that easy. They had, for one, a certain - now repaired and functional - giant Communist Robot on their side, protecting the Reichstag, originally made in Southern Germany. When the Germanian Loyalists came to surround Red Berlin, even though that they vastly outnumbered the communists - proving once more that what Koben exposed was wholly right - they saw the towering machine. Martens rubbed his chin. [i]"Well, it would appear that I have made an error."[/i] - as if he were talking about something meaningless, seeming rather calm and quite casual.

They all began to attack the Loyalist Divisions. The Southern Remanents were rising.

OOC: Bio actually admitted to have manipulated the polls, so I decided to RP it.
You all thought that I was really going to be a commie? Hah! My face is BLUE now!

Edited by Kaiser Martens
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"Kurland hereby declares full support for the Loyalists, and will offer whatever assistance we can, should the Loyalists request such."

-Duke Alaric


Ten F-111s and fifteen F-15Es stationed across Kurland would be dispatched to Danzig. From there, they would offer air support as necessary to the Loyalist divisions. The Second Division of the army and the First Marines were redeployed near the Germanic border on standby in the event that infantry support was requested.

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Prime Minister Putin called Friedrich Järnsverd, personally to congratulate him on his party's victory.

Statement from the Communist Party of the Slavorussian Empire
The CPSE congratulates you on your democratic victory. Your accomplishment restores our faith that we too might win a similar victory in Russia.

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The Republic of Finland, holding close relations with former Germanic Union, is alarmed to see the beginnings of a disorderly transition of power. President Korhonen strongly urges the restraint of both the Communists and the Loyalists from military force.
In addition, Finnish defense forces along the borders of the former Germanic Union have been raised to alert level 4. Refugees from conflict are not out of the question, and orderly processing of these refugees must be contemplated.
No word is given on the diplomatic recognition status of the "GSSR".

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"Even while the evidence is convincing it is not as many would like to believe sound. The Athenian Federation will back the democratically elected communist government. We pulled back out of Germany but do not think for one second we wont provide support to the people again"

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What anybody would say did not matter at that point. The Loyalists had to withdraw when the Red Giant started to attack them with clearly superior firepower. Although they tried to fire back, it was discovered that the armor was quite resistant, presumably, it had been upgraded.

The Red Supporters stayed in Berlin, and by then many people started to flee from the city - simple citizens which did not wish to be downtrodden in the combat. Berlin was under siege, the Communist Machine could not make it into the open, and then, several aircraft attempted to attack it. Although they landed a number of bombs onto it successfully, it seemed to be unphased.

Järnsverd now felt confident of a victory. He started to contact the Athenian Government for assistance, although before he was able to relay his own message, his communications were cut off. Something appeared over the horizon, something arriving from the East. It was [i]another[/i] giant robot. Could it be? The sun was rising, and this machine looked to be much more crude, but more robust, more resilient. It would be as if comparing a bulky, battle-hardened boxer to an extremely agile far-eastern, thinner but formidable martial arts practitionist. This robot had a typical German Helmet, had with him a shield with a huge Iron Cross and a sword on his other hand.

[i]"The Iron Chancellor. The Iron Chancellor is here!"[/i] - spoke Martens, delighted and excited. His mood quickly changes, adopting a more vengeful tone, [i]"He will show them!"[/i]

The robots started to approach each other, the Iron Chancellor at a slow, robocop-like pace, its foe while very robotic seemed to be able to walk faster and with less effort. Its supporters simply called their massive red-painted upgraded machine "Liberty Prime - a name which echoed in the memories of those who could spot the reference.

Liberty Prime began by using its long ranged weaponry against the Chancellor - the shield was able to absorb the damage however, and over the shoulder what seemed to be a rocket launcher rose to fire back. By the sword, a cannon emerged from one of the arms and fired back with what seemed to be a Railgun or Coilgun - the onlookers were not sure, but it seemed that the projectile was shot through magnetic means either way. For the next minute, the fire exchange continues, almost immediately both machines started to show signs of damage, the Iron Chancellor actually had a chunk of its shield blown off, and then the rocket launcher as well. Liberty Prime on the other hand had its long range cannons disabled, and both machines were having some trouble continuing to move as hydraulics seemed to be affected. They fought in the open, and soon when they could no longer use conventional weapons started to simply fight melee, the Chancellor tried to bring its sword onto Prime, and a hit would have surely been devastating, but the other machine seemed to always only [i]almost[/i] get hit, and then it would get its own chance to give back a jab to the foe's head. After a while, metal pieces now scattered all over Berlin's outskirts, The Iron Chancellor managed to shoot one of its rounds point blank into the head of Liberty Prime, causing for the onlookers, and for most of the country, to cheer.

For a while.

Liberty Prime ended up exploding, and the shockwave disabled the Chancellor, which although for the most part in one piece ended up falling to the floor unable to get up, until it was finally shut down. There was now some smoke coming out from it, later repairs would show that it had overheated due to cooling damage.

It was not over yet. When the Liberators entered Berlin, they found no resistance. All which they did find were a series of communist symbols painted onto the floors and walls using blood, and much later they were shocked to find a small pool of blood in the Reichstag, which was literally crammed with corpses - almost every single Communist Supporter as far as being a supporter of a cause implied actually fighting and rebelling in its favor - was dead. And there was no clear explanation. Mass suicide?

Martens and others looked around, but Järnsverd's corpse could not be found. This event would go down in history as the Red Reichstag. Would Germania be able to now, at last, rest and heal its wounds?

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The United Federation of the East calls for an immediate cease fire and a new election where all parties are allowed to participate. Any attempt by foreign powers not part of the Coalition to intervene in Germany will be taken as a hostile act on the United Federation of the East.

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[i]A week later[/i]

Things were starting to go back to normal. A Second Althing was being created. The new system had been agreed upon by a coalition of all parties which enjoyed some type of support - most of them were there. Dierik Martens had helped as well, now that he had been made available.

The High Althing would work as it had before, purely from a meritocratic basis, and it contained the one leading specialist from just about every subject in any way relevant to the Government.

The Folk's Thing was both Meritocratic as well as Democratic, and was tasked with Lawmaking. Because of this, many representatives which became known only recently in the ellections now had a means to express their views - including some communists, which although were less than expected due to the fraud that had taken place, in fact, [i]did[/i] exist.

The Althing "Proper" continued to be a triumvirate, as had been before. One was chosen by the High Althing, one was chosen by the Folk's Thing, the third would be of Military Origin. Arild Lange was chosen by the Folk's Thing, Günter Foch-Glassermann by the High Althing, Saskia van den Meer, both a politician and a Major General in the Reichswehr, was chosen by Glassermann and Lange to represent the Military.

At the same time, the Communist Remanents attempted to distance themselves from Järnsverd and chose a charismatic but until-then unknown man, Valtýr Behring, which now occupied one of the seats of the Folk's Thing.

Police continued to exist separately from the Military, although as interim for two more months, the Military was still on the streets. The Police was "attached" to the Judicial branch of Germania, which was deemed to make sense.

The greatest surprise is that in a sense, Monarchy had been restored. "The" Kaiser Martens was offered to regain the throne as soon as he did return, [i]however[/i], he would serve as another Althing Proper member if he so wished, as the Althing can only be three, one of the current leaders would need to step down, or he could try to get a seat through some other means after four years - in the next ellections. Other than that he was supposed to be rather like a figurehead, he could participate of all althing sessions, but he was not going to be a dictator. There was a new constitution, after all, to make all of these changes permanent.

He was happy to be a fatherlike figure and a protector, he would not want anyway to actually tell people what to do, unless he had no choice that is.

It was somewhat like a mixture of a democracy, a meritocracy, and a constitutional monarchy. Everybody had their representation and their share of power, and the people would periodically be able to express themselves.

Could it be a happy ending?

But both Martens still needed to find Järnsverd.

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In the south many in the Athenian government would distrust this new government and could only consider it the German state reverting to its old self. As such orders were issued to close the border to all persons entering or leaving. Forward operating bases along the border were activated again and all warning systems moved to maximum operating efficiency. Finally the Germans would be excluded from Good Neighbor aid and other defenses would be considered.

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-"Looks like they still want a piece of us."

-"Well, that should come as no surprise."

-"What if they attack?"

-"They probably will, I imagine, if not now in the future. They hate us and have their heads up their own selves. They won't be happy until we're Commies, Demos, or simply dead."

-"Nobody in France voted their new Athenian Dictators in anyway. It's just the usual Roman expansionism. I pity our western neighbors."

-"I pity both the Athenians [i]and[/i] Ourselves."

Glasses are raised. "Prost. To our freedom and rights. !@#$, I would wish that Herzog Herrmann would come back. These guys are just itching to make wood out of the fallen tree."

-"True that. But well. You know how it is. Just gotta bite the bullet and sharpen our daggers. They will [i]all[/i] continue to hate us. We should be damn used to it by now. Hmpf."

Just one of many chats in bars and beer gardens in Germania.

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The Kurlandic aircraft would be withdrawn from Danzig without making a single sortie and returned to their previous posts.

[quote]Classified Message to Germania

To Herr Martens,

I'd like to start by congratulating you on your rightful restoration to power. The people's will has been realized, and I am sure you and your fellow governors will give their all to the reconstruction of the German state. When you have a moment, I'd like to meet with you in Stockholm to formally establish Kurlandic-Germanic relations and discuss the transition of Sweden from our control to yours. In the meantime, I have given the order to increase border security; should Järnsverd attempt to flee into Kurland, he will be arrested and extradited to Germania immediately. If there is anything else at all we can do to assist you, please, let me know.

Alaric I, Duke of Kurland[/quote]

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[i]You have already done much for Germania, and, in fact seem to be the only country which has some sort of faith in our future. I suppose that it should come as no surprise. The Althing is about to discuss our FA, Kurland will be the first land to be discussed, we will send a top-notch representative in a day or two to Stockholm in order to ensure Northern Stability in the hotbed of chaos that Svealand has been.

Dierik Martens[/i]

Edited by Kaiser Martens
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