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Purging of the Alaskan Protectorate


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OOC: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2pDRIJC31tU


[center][b][u]Dispatch from the United Federation of the East[/u][/b][/center]

It was some shock, but hardly surprising that the government which briefly ruled Alaska collapsed. It has taken us some time to compose a report on the incident. What is clear is that the collapse was caused by extreme neo-fascist policies pushed by a far right wing group of christian ideologues. These policies included a strict adherence to discredited supply side economics by a refusal to raise taxes, bloated military spending, the destruction of the separation of Church and State and its replacement with ultra-conservative Catholicism and Evangelical Christianity, and finally and most destructively the deregulation of markets and the destruction of organized labor put in place under previous Federation rule.

The culmination of these policies was a deliberate sabotage of the Government and a steady but constant destruction of wealth and rising inequality within Alaska. Infrastructure was degraded for tax cuts for the wealthy which never trickled down. Defense expenditures became bloated with a lack of government oversight and unlimited consolidation. The education and worker productivity collapsed due to the stupidity of relying on conservative christian institutions which did not prepare their students for a 21st Century economy. When financial problems did arise, gutting of essential government functions blinded leaders and they were unable to take corrective measures until debts became too large to ignore. But rather than take proper fiscal and monetary measures, they instead further gutted the government crashing aggregate demand, and privatized infrastructure which in absence of regulation only lead to price gouging which made the problem worse. What government dollars there were went to servicing a self destructive debt caused by misguided dogmatic austerity and spending on defense systems that were hopelessly over budget.

Clearly these neo-fascists cannot be allowed to escape to the various fascist propaganda networks like World Freedom Network, or to other extreme right wing christian fascist states. Therefore the logical and proper action is being taken by the United Federation of the East. We are disposing of the entire government, their top leadership will be executed for crimes against the people and their second tier leadership will be sent to Mongolia to work with the peasant and working classes through reform by labor. In its place workers parties and unions will form new governments, and development will follow Village Enterprise models with substantial government investment in infrastructure and education to establish a working meritocracy and support bottom up socialist development.

Lastly all fire arms and private property are hereby banned, Christianity which does not adhere to strict separation of church and state is hereby banned. Most of all Glenn Beck and the rest of World Freedom Network are hereby banned.

Let this be a future warning to neo-fascists.

-August Imperator Yuan Jia

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