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Of Inconclussive Polls

Kaiser Martens

Germanian Second Ellectoral Round  

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Three months have passed since the failed ellection.
People participation in the ballots broke all previous records.
The day went by without abnormalities.

-But the ellection was considered to be an utter failure because the people were greatly divided among a great deal of options, to the point in which no group could achieve a victory decisive enough to, in fact, be ellected. So Tambarskjelve gave some time for society to organize itself, for different parties to make alliances.

The results were as follows:

The SelfDefs refused to make a coalition, but due to their own doctrines were able to absorb some Anarchist Votes, as they view anarchy as compatible with their own thoughts. However, this is not really a coalition, as the Anarchists are in fact no party proper. Their semi-official spokesman, Kurt Koben, has stated that it does not matter what label they pick as long as they get to do what they want.

The Democratic Party and the Social Democrats decided to do something that, for many is long overdue and band themselves together. In spite of differences (Some are centrists, some are moderate leftists) they firmly believe that if they win, and achieve democracy, ultimately the people will be able to build their own path, and that choosing other options would be, essentially, throwing freedom away willingly.

Something similar has happened in the Left spectrum. The Communist Party, single-handedly the most powerful force has made their ideals better known, so as to dispell the myth that causes some to believe them to be of a non-democratic nature. The Meritocratic Socialists have joined them after some concessions were made in the Central Soviet. A huge parade of DDR, Thor's Hammer and Sickle flags was seen in München, where people gathered to support their Comrades.

The biggest coalition in terms of different parties coming together is however the Fatherland Front. Monarchists, Loyal Martencists, Meritocrats, Nordlandicists, Militocrats - they have all banded together, sensing that the rising of The Left and The Democracy is the greatest threat to Germania since The One That Shall Not Be Named Himself. They have placed their differences aside and have agreed to do a mostly Martencists (And hence Meritocratic) Nationalist Platform. A letter from Kaiser Martens, currently in Austria, has stated that in the face of "the enemy" he wholly supports the Fatherland Front and that once that he is available he will join the Front himself.

The Army was now on their toes, as tension rises.
The Final Poll begins.

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The Islamio-Socialist Military-Junta of Rock n Rollah wishes the Coalition of the Left good luck, and looks forward to watching them crush the nationalist scum of the fatherland front!

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