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International Brigades Deployments


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The remainnig forces of the International Brigades, 15,000 men and women, have moved into old CAS military barracks and temporary accommodation in Colorado Springs, Noverian Protectorate Zone, as they assumed controll of the Cheyenne Mountain facility. All vehicles loand to the brigade from the Legion were left in Austria with Legion forces, as were the Legion volunteers. Extra barracks areas and a large motor pool are currently under construction. Orders have been placed with North Star Military Industries for GVI "Jalbern" Protected Mobility Vehicles, CA-2 "Blarney" Infantry Fighting Vehicles, Mk. 1 Mellis Assault Rifles, Mk. 1 Chainswords and 12 C-130 Hercules Transport Aircraft, to be stationed at Peterson Air Force Base (Noverian).

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