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Kingdom of Golan


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[i]Flag of the Kingdom of Golan[/i]

[b][u]Factbook of the Kingdom of Golan[/u][/b][/center]

[b]Basic Information[/b]

Founded - [i]3100BC(historical)[/i], [i]July 29, 20XX(modern)[/i]

Official name - [i]Kingdom of the Golan[/i]

Unofficial names - [i]Kingdom of Golan, Golan[/i]

Official language - [i]English and Hebrew[/i]

Official religion - [i]Judaism[/i]

Government Type - [i]Constitutional Monarchy[/i]

Monarchs - [i]King Solomon IV and King Ammon X[/i]

Legislative Body - [i]Parliament of Golan (100 seats)[/i]

Population - [i]Census still being conducted[/i]

Capital - [i]Admantis(region 1)[/i]

Largest City - [i]Vetreme(village, region 3)[/i]

[i]Kingdom of Golan's four administrative mainland regions.[/i]


[i]Red - Hamad Party(37 seats) Blue - Golan Labor Party(47 seats). Yellow - Jamud Party(16 seats)[/i]

[b]Important Links[/b]

[url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=104025"]A new beginning[/url]
[url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=104178"]Golan Governmental News Agency[/url]

[b][u]Any questions involving the Kingdom should be directed to Golan's Foreign Affairs Department, PO Box 898, Admantis, Golan.[/u][/b]

[b]OOC: Please don't post on this thread. PM me for questions or anything else.[/b]

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[center][b]Golan Armed Forces Organization[/b][/center]

[b][u]Golan Armed Forces Command Sectors(GAFCS)[/u][/b]

[list][*]GOLAFRCOM - Golan African Command[*]GOLNORTHCOM - Golan North American Command[*]GOLSOUTHCOM - Golan South American Command[*]GOLEUCOM - Golan European and Middle East Command[*]GOLPACOM - Golan Pacific and Southeast Asian Command[*]GOLANTCOM - Golan Antarctican Command[*]GOLSOC - Golan Special Operations Command[/list]

[b][u]Golan Maritime Forces[/u][/b]

[u]Chief of Naval Operations:[/u] Admiral Alex Solokoi
[u]Vice Chief of Naval Operations:[/u] Vacant

[b]Active Forces[/b]

[list][*]First Fleet - GOLAFRCOM[/list]

[b]Sixth Fleet Breakdown[/b]
[list][*]Humanitarian Eleventh Fleet[*]GMF Tismud Forces (GOLSOC)[*]Disaster Response Fleet[/list]

[b]GMF Reserve Fleets[/b]

[list][*]Second Fleet - GOLAFRCOM[*]Third Fleet - GOLNORTHCOM[*]Fourth Fleet - GOLSOUTHCOM[*]Fifth Fleet - GOLEUCOM[*]Sixth Fleet - GOLPACCOM and GOLSOC[*]Seventh Fleet - GOLANTCOM[*]Eighth Fleet[*]Ninth Fleet[*]Tenth Fleet[/list]

[b][u]Golan Royal Army[/u][/b]

[u]Army Chief of Staff:[/u] General Robert Shapi
[u]Army Vice Chief of Staff:[/u] Vacant

[b]Active Forces[/b]
[list][*]First Army - GOLAFRCOM[*]Second Army - GOLAFRCOM[/list]
[b]Mechanized Cavalry Regiments[/b]
[list][*]Eighth Cavalry Unit - GOLAFRCOM[/list]

[b]Reserve/Inactive Forces[/b]

[list][*]Ninth Army (Reserve)[*]Tenth Army (inactive)[*]Tenth Cavalry Unit - GOLNORTHCOM and GOLSOUTHCOM (inactive)[*]Twelfth Cavalry Unit - GOLPACCOM and GOLANTCOM (inactive)[*]Sixteenth Cavalry Unit - GOLEUCOM (inactive)[*]Twenty-fourth Air Unit - Worldwide (inactive)[*]Fourth Army - GOLNORTHCOM[*]Fifth Army - GOLSOUTHCOM and GOLPACCOM[*]Sixth Army - GOLEUCOM[*]Seventh Army - GOLANTCOM[/list]

[b][u]Golan Air Forces[/u][/b]

[u]Air Force Chief of Staff:[/u] General Jacob Kozyar
[u]Air Force Vice Chief of Staff:[/u] Vacant

[b]Active Forces[/b]


[b]Inactive Forces[/b]

[list][*]10th Wing[*]14th Wing[*]20th Wing[/list]

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[center][b]Golan Armed Forces Detailed Breakdown[/b][/center]

[b]Golan Maritime Forces[/b]

[i]Fleet:[/i] Any combination of naval ships up to 40 ships.
[i]Task Force:[/i] 3-5 ships
[i]Squadron:[/i] 2 ships

[b]Golan Royal Army[/b]

[i]Army:[/i] 2-5 Corps
[i]Corps:[/i] 2-7 Brigades
[i]Brigades:[/i] 3+ Battalions
[i]Battalions:[/i] 500-1000 soldiers

[u]Active Armies[/u]

[b]First Army[/b]

[b]First Corps (8000 Troops)[/b]

8th Brigade: 4 Battalions. (assigned 128 APCs capable of transporting 1280 troops)
9th Brigade: 2 Battalions (assigned 118 Humvees)
10th Brigade: 2 Battalions (assigned 115 Humvees)

[b]Second Corps (7000 Troops)[/b]

7th Brigade: 4 Battalions (assigned 128 APCs capable of transporting 1280 troops)
12th Brigade: 3 Battalions (assigned 230 Humvees)

[b]Golan Air Forces[/b]

[i]Wings:[/i] 2 or more Groups
[i]Groups:[/i] 2 or more Squadrons
[i]Squadrons:[/i] 6 planes

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[center][b]Golan Armed Forces Vehicle Array[/b][/center]

[quote][b]T-90 Battle Tank[/b]

Cochin built, Main Golan Battle Tank. 125mm main gun, 50cal machine gun turret.[/quote]

[quote][b]Armored Personnel Carrier(BPM)[/b]

Cochin built, Golan troop transport. 25mm turret. Holds 10 troops[/quote]

[quote][b]AXE Mobility Vehicle(Humvee)[/b]

Cochin built, Golan light troop transport. All terrain vehicle.

[quote][b]155mm Self Propelled Artillery [/b]
Cochin build, Golan Artillery pieces. Max range 43mi.

[quote][b]Multiple Launch Rocket System[/b]
Cochin built, Golan Rocket Launching System. Max range 400 miles.[/quote]

[quote][color=#1C2837][b]Radar/heat Seeking ADA Vehicles[/b][/color]

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