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The Reestablishment

Kaiser Martens

Germanian Universal Plebiscite  

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And so, as promised, a nationwide Plebiscite is now taking place in Germania ten days after the peace agreement, with Haas' death still fresh in the memories of all. General Tambarskjelve, who served as the interim ruler, did not wish to run for the ellections, and will continue to rule for another six months until all is brought back to normal condition.

A very large amount of parties and groups, unheard of in Germanian History, have made themselves available for the choosing. Here is an overview:

1: Meritocracy

This group, led by Dierik Martens is due to previous performance expected to be the most popular choice. They wish to reestablish the system used successfully before Haas had taken over. He wishes to go back to the old policies of helping Europe remain stable, and wishes to bring back all of the Althing right away as to continue from where he left off.

2: The Communists

The communists consolidated after the merging of the Rational Communist remanent with the Nordic Communist Party, using a Thor's Hammer plus a Sickle as their symbol of choice. They propose following the pre-stalinist Soviet Model, changing virtually every aspect of Germanian life and even National Identity.

3: Meritocratic Socialism

It arose from the poor which, in spite of favoring the Meritocratic System, did not receive sufficient government aid and investments in order to wholly leave their unfavorable condition. They also would like to be a middle point between radical socialist policies and the current ideas.

4: Nationalism

This brand of Nationalism rose as a reaction to this war, claiming that Germania's issues have to do with messing in other nations' business - claiming that it needs to firmly protect itself through the use of extreme isolationism, so as to safeguard the Germanian Citizens and their freedom.

5: Democracy

This group is not comfortable with the current meritocratic system and deems its plebiscites insufficient, they wish to pursue a Western Model in order to bring prosperity and moderacy to Germania. Their goal is to reform the nation as a Republic.

6: Social Democracy

This group supports democracy, but are skeptical about pursuing an all-out Western Capitalist model, and instead have a great concern for the social needs of individuals within the nation. They say that a democracy needs to be of a Social Nature in order not to end up oppressing their own people.

7: Aesir Theocracy

This group advocates the moving of the capital city to Asgaard, and using the Council of the Aesir to rule the land, as it had been in the times of Nordheim's Independence. They advocate making Germanic Religion the guide and path for the State to follow - the best path to stability with traditional values.

8: Limited Anarchy

This group believes that anarchy is the ideal means for letting the nation and its people develop themselves in freedom. The only remanent of anything at all resembling a state, would be in this case, a Professional Army in order to prevent foreign countries from taking advantage of the Germanian Situation. All other shapes, means and forms of a state would be abolished, and so Mr Koben would quit his position as his last governing act.

9: Monarchism

Lady von Glücksburg, of German-Danonorweigan Royal Blood believes that a return to monarchy throughout the country is the only way of reliable tackling unstability issues, while making sure that with the lack of political bickering, something can then be built to restore the country's lost glory. She had served in the Althing before, so she has experience.

10: Loyal Martencism

Although the current Meritocracy is Martencist, the Loyal Martencists reject it and instead advocate a return to the Martencist Dictatorship of the first years of Kaier Martens' government. The party chief has stated that when Kaiser Martens returns to Austria, he will hand all power to him. However, Martens himself does not have any relation whatsoever with the party that he is supported by, making for an odd scenario.

11: A number of people are expected not to vote.

Most people do not seem to believe on democracy, and outright refuse to vote, or, in some cases, simply do not at all care, and assume that things will simply "fall into place" when left alone, as they had before.

12: Nordlandic Party

Saskia, the leader of the Nordlandic Party favors merging with Dalmatia in order to bring about the next, and supposedly ultimate, Nordland. They glorify Kaiserin Magnhild to the point in which she might be considered to be a deity, and they have their center at Korsholm, Osterbotten - the bastion of Nordlandic Thought, Magnhild's final resting place.

13: Militocracy

A group of people believe that in fact Haas was merely a dictator which subverted the military order which used to prevail, that the military should take on all and every responsability in society excepting the police - due to surrender terms, not due to conviction - and that in this way the "Ordnung" can be once again found.

14: Fascism

These citizens wish to create a Fascist State following Mussolini's ideas. They have, however, been very careful and try their best not to be confused for Nazis, which they oppose. They think that Meritocracy, while a good idea, is too democratic and that because of this people like Haas were able to destroy the unstable structure before.

15: SelfDef

The SelfDefs wish to undo Germanic Union to create several countries - if the locals of each area support it. They would like to see Germany, Prussia, Bavaria, Lithuania, the Benelux States, and several Scandinavian states once more on the maps, but they do not discard, if the locals would prefer it, to band these states together tightly for defense.


So what will the future be?

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Herr Kaiser, we in Schloss Eggenberg know the glories of the Martens regime, and remember well that it is your benevolence which has [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=18729"]granted us the autonomy[/url] which for so long has allowed the privilege of staying out of such affairs. Know that the mountain hall shall support you always.

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Even as UFE troops withdrew, certain measures would be taken to subtely leaving books and pamphlets in German at brew houses and cafes (because PLA soldiers read German) for the meritocratic socialist party. Additionally computers and internet equipment and small individual but cumulatively large financial contributions to the meritocratic socialist party. All this was done carefully to avoid it seeming like the UFE was deliberately strengthening its ideological comrades in arms, but instead was mostly the result of politically enthusiastic PLA soldiers doing what they could for those of common mind.

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[quote name='Kaiser Martens' timestamp='1312608741' post='2773326']
OOC: Well you posting around here certainly is quite the surprise!

IC: The votation is ongoing throughout the whole territory without irregularities, and each candidate is ready to answer any questions.
Though the ebb and flow of time has kept me away, the shadow man's memory is long. Auf Ihre Gesundheit, Herr Kaiser! Festung Berlin steht immer in das Gedächtnis.

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"And it will never fall...regardless of how grim the current ellection results seem to be..."

A brief public speech is given by Comrade Järnsverd.


"On this day the Proletariat of Germania has begun their path to freedom after the second worst Germanian Government in history. I urge the rest of the people to rise to fight for our rights, not through arms, but through the Ballot. [i]You[/i] will be victorious."

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