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Joint Legacy - House Baratheon Announcement

Teh Chad

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[size="5"][center]Joint Legacy - House Baratheon Announcement[/center][/size]

With great power, comes great responsibi- nevermind. That's a !@#$%* line. MOVING ON...

[quote][size="5"][center]Legacy - House Baratheon Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression Pact[/center][/size]

Preamble: This document serves to show the relations that Legacy and House Baratheon embrace, are held in high regard. Each member of each alliance vows to show general good will, and appreciation for the other. Through similar ideals and fruitful relations, both alliances strive for justice together.

Article I - Peace: Legacy and House Baratheon mutually assure that neither signatory will attack the other whether it is: Military attack, Spy, or Aid to a known enemy. Reparations shall be paid in 150% in the event of a mistake.

Article II - Intelligence: Legacy and House Baratheon agree that upon possession of useful information to the other signatory, said alliance will give the information to the other. This will be done in a timely fashion.

Article III - Aid: Legacy and House Baratheon know that in times of need aid may be called upon from the other signatory. While it is not mandatory to aid, it is encouraged and can only prove to further relations between the two alliances. Aid can be given as Military aid or Monetary support.

Article IV - Defense: If either signatory comes into defensive conflict with another alliance, the other party is to come to the aid of said signatory. This clause can be optionally chained

Article V - Optional Aggression: If either signatory sets to engage in an aggressive conflict with another alliance, the other party has the option to ride to war with them, it is not mandatory.

Conclusion and Cancellation: This treaty serves to show each signatory shares similar values and strives together to uphold them. This treaty is subject to cancellation if either signatory is not happy with Article II, or if relations over time have fallen apart. Termination of this pact requires 72 hours notice. This notice is required to be given firstly via private channels. Any intentional or planned violations of the articles within this treaty result in the treaty being considered immediately void, unless otherwise agreed upon by the leadership of both signatories.

[b]Signed for Legacy,[/b]

Sarmatian, Lord
Teh Chad, Regent

[b]Signed for House Baratheon,[/b]

Roland Deschain, The "Drunken" King
AlmightyHero, Hand of the King
Mila Amo, Master of Whispers[/quote]

Also.. mandatory "its Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday" etc etc :awesome:

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