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All nations who are not in any alliance, come and join the Mobian Alliance, we offer foreign aid, safety and security.

Today, the Mobian Alliance is small with 3 nations, each has never lost a single war since the founding of the Mobian Alliance due to our foreign aid pact, where we supply an ally with currency and military personnel, we are very diplomatic, we will not join in any conflict if any nation in our alliance started a war, we only enter a war if our allies are attacked first.

Come and join now by contacting me (Generalhammer) of the Bushudu Empire.

PS: contact me to find out more.

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[quote name='2burnt2eat' timestamp='1312609595' post='2773349']
How many wars have you fought, and what is your criteria for "winning"?

I personally have fought a total of 3 wars, 2 during my time in the alliance, I have won all three, my 3rd war which began 3 days ago, I went to war because my ally was being attacked, this nation was stronger than me but I never gave up and emerged victorious.

My idea of "winning" is to put the enemy nation into anarchy and force them to surrender through words, if words don't work, then their nation gets bombarded till they do surrender.

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[quote name='King Xander the Only' timestamp='1312585530' post='2772915']
If I join, can I be your boss?

One day ;) but at this time, me and my allies are in charge, there is no one leader, so technically yes you can become a boss but not overall.

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