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Setting the Way


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[b]In Nadrink...[/b]

The Republic of Noveria was approaching its first anniversary of its existance, the elections had concluded and a new session of the National Assembly planned to be convened, and Noveria had asserted a sort of influence over part of the North American continent through the establishment of a protectorate over the unstable Confederation of American States along with its treaty partner, the Republic of Texas. It had taken some initiative to facitiliate relations with other nations, succeeding in signing several economic treaties.

As he scanned over the telegram that he had received from his Foreign Director, Salvador Nava, President J Thomas Christopher recalled in his mind the conflict and turmoil, both actual and threatened, that had erupted in North America from time to time ever since the collapse of Viniland and Tahoe. He remembered the decision of the former Imperator to challenge Austria's claims to a protectorate over the former Cascadia, partly due to imperialistic ambitions, one decision that would have led to war in North America were it not for the intervention of the Empire of Pravus Ingruo.

Although his new government had made some progress toward a reapproachment with Austria through the Nava Doctrine, the president knew it wouldn't be enough if he wanted to establish a lasting peace in the Pacific Northwest, to strengthen Noveria's standings in the world, and to avoid a repeat of that fateful incident.

Once he finished reading out the telegram, which put forth a course of action that could be done to mend, or at least improve relations, with Austria, especially with the newly-established Republic there, Christopher nodded. He would do something about that, and to settle certain matters as well. He thus composed a reply to Nava, instructing him to send the Noverian Ambassador currently stationed in Vienna to meet with the Austrian Director of Foreign Affairs, Anke Vogel.

The Austrian government - particularly Miss Vogel - would receive a telegram, through secure channels, from Nava himself. It went as follows, and would be brief, concise, and to the point:

[quote][b]TO:[/b] Anke Vogel, Director of Foreign Affairs
[b]FROM:[/b] Salvador Nava, Director of Foreign Affairs
[b]SUBJECT:[/b] Improvement in relations


Considering the current state of relations between the Republic of Noveria and Austria, and in the interests of improving and furthering diplomatic relations between our nations, I would like to send Ambassador Andres Villinor to meet with you in your capital, Vienna, to explore the aforementioned issues at hand, as well certain matters pertaining to our national interests in North America. Let me know as soon as possible, if interested.

With regards,
Salvador Nava,
Director of Foreign Affairs[/quote]

As soon as an aide entered the President's office and informed him that the Foreign Directorate had sent the message to Austria, President Christopher leaned back in his chair and nodded.

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[b]To: Salvador Nava, Director of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Noveria
From: Anke Vogel, Director of Foreign Affairs of the Revolutionary Council of Austria
Re: Improving Relations[/b]


I have no problem on granting an audience to the Ambassador the moment he arrives in Austria. Your nation's previous incarnations have not look favorably upon Austria's existence in North America and because of that relations with most North American nations, aside from Pravus Inguro and the Cajun Federation have been nearly non-existent. I am curious though in your proposals for creating a friendship from a troubled past and hope this meeting will perhaps change the perceptions of our peoples, allowing for Austria to view North America as a continent of friends rather than one that she must isolate herself from, in fear of attack.

I await Herr Villinor with haste.


Anke Vogel[/i]


Anke had only just returned from her time in Germany, dealing with the peace talks. They were still going on of course, but the various representatives had demanded a short recess that allowed the Austrian delegation to return to Vienna for a few days of rest. Not that Anke had any such luck, the moment she had returned, the Republic of Noveria had requested a meeting about North America and the ambassador had been granted audience. She could only imagine what the talk was going to be, improved relations by leaving North America? Or some other option where Austria gave and the world got to take. It was the chorus that had been pounding in her head for days and she wanted it to stop.

Popping two aspirin, Anke waited for the Austrian guards to escort Villinor into her office. She had the white curtains put down and the room was dim, except for the brightness of the lamps on her desk and on the tables throughout her office. As the doors opened, she stood and straightened out her black suit and adjusted her ponytail as it felt daintily behind her shoulders. Her gray eyes flashed for a moment as he walked the ambassador walk into the cozy office and then extended her hand after he was close enough to reach.

"Ambassador Villinor, it's a pleasure, please, take a seat." She said pointing to the leather chairs in front of her desk. Then sitting down she pulled out a small note book and a pen and looked up at him with a smile. "If there's anything I can get for you, just ask, that said, what pleasure do I have in meeting you today?"

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Ambassador Andres Villinor smiled slightly as he entered Anke Vogel's office, which he noticed was a bit dim, given that the white curtains were taken down. He saw a lady dressed up in a black suit, and strode over to her with a confident stride, where he took the Foreign Director's extended hand and shook it firmly.

"Likewise." Villinor smiled as he took a seat on one of the leather chair in front of Vogel's desk. As he opened his mouth to speak, he dimly mused that the leather chair felt nice, cool, and comfortable. He also noticed that Vogel looked somewhat...tired, stressed? As he looked at the woman's face, he wondered at the back of his mind if his superiors at the Foreign Directorate had chosen the wrong time to send him over there or something. But he dismissed the thought.

"You dont have to get me anything, but thank you. Now, as for why I'm here, I have come to discuss the improvement of relations between Austria and Noveria -- well, more like to resolve any lingering tensions that exist between our countries due to the actions of our predecessor, the Holy Ursalian Empire." Villinor paused for a moment to let the words sink in before continuing. "And in that regards, as you are well-aware of, we would like to work with you in normalizing relations with the Republic of Austria and to bury the hatchet, so to say."

He then smiled.

"And as you have stated in your telegram to Director Nava, Austria has had nearly-non existent relations with North America, apart from Pravus Ingruo and the Cajun Federation, and this does not provide for a basis for continuing peace in North America. This need not continue, and we in Noveria would not be opposed to becoming friends with Austria once again in the true sense of the word, to begin the process of reconciliating with your nation and people."

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Anke crossed her arms and tapped her pen against the table. "Lingering tensions, eh? The tension, Herr Villinor mainly comes from the fact that Ursalia and Austria were allied with each other in terms of the Pacific Unity Agreement. Ursalia's move, along with Texas to take control of an area administered by the Austrian Commonwealth and Austrian Allies for well over a decade destroyed a great deal of the trust we have with North American countries. It was that feeling of being unwanted that kept the Imperial Regime for branching further out. After all, why deal with cutthroats when there are other, more honest nations, to be sought after. However, given the change in your regime and the change in Austria's own, I think it would be easier for a friendship to blossom."

She sighed, "That said, Herr Villinor, I would like to see this friendship grow slowly and arise over time, not just simply declarations of alliance. Anyone can say they are a friend, but not everyone can prove and uphold such friendship. But since you have proposed this move of reconciliation, I would ask, what do you propose as a move to begin smoothing tensions over?"

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Villinor nodded. "I'm aware of that, and we intend to mitigate the unfortunate results of Ursalia's actions."

"I have this thought that the first steps would be that the Republic of Noveria could formally recognize Austria's soverignty over its protectorate in North America, and that increased economic and trade relations would be a top priority in dealing with your government." Villinor paused for a moment. "Noveria would utilize diplomacy to try to resolve any potential threats to the Austrian position in North America."

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"Perfectly understandable, Austria could use another friendly voice in North America. Though it would appear that the volume of complaints about our territory is slimming down. With Ursalia replaced by a reasonable power, only Texas still has the same regime that threatened Austrian governance for a time in the Northwest. Which of course brings me to another concern I have, Ursalia and Texas were both very close and if Noveria is just as close, the Texan threat on Austria could put you in a position where loyalty might be questioned. I'd be curious to hear your thoughts on the internal structure of North America. Austria has her own ideas, but it would be interesting to hear from your perspective, Ambassador."

Anke smiled, "That all aside, increased economic and trade relations would be a perfect way to start our friendship. So I believe the Directorate would accept such a proposal."

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"Well, Ursalia - and Noveria as of currently - and Texas were (and are) certainly close, yes, but not to an extent that they were military allies. Trading partners yes, but defensive partners, no. So, if Texas poses a threat to Austria's position in North America, Noveria is not obligated to defend it if war does break out - although it will use diplomacy to try to smooth things over. But I have this feeling that Texas would not attempt anything against the Austrian Commonwealth protectorate at this time.

As for North America...well, it has changed considerably from what it used to be a few decades ago. It seems to have opened up more to relations with foreign powers in Europe and Asia -- and even deeper than that in some ways -- something which would have been difficult when the nations like the Tahoe Republic was around. The Continent has several players who exert varying influences (and stabilizing presences) over its affairs, such as the Empire of Pravus Ingruo and the Cajun Federation in the east, the Confederation of Arctic Nations in the north and east, the UFE and Austria in the Pacific Northwest, and Noveria and Texas in parts of the American Southwest. And such influences include the establishment of protectorates."

Villinor paused to take a drink of water.

"North America is a mostly peaceful continent, but it has this tendency to erupt into conflicts from time to time -- as illustrated by the former Ursalia's decision to challenge Austria's protectorate, the war between the Cajun Federation and the Holy American Empire, and so on. We in Noveria hope to maintain (or at least try to) the peace in North America through diplomatic means for as long as possible."

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"I appreciate hearing your perspective, Ambassador and as to the Economic and Trade agreement, I will take the subject up with the Directorate at the next meeting and let your government know the results. But I cannot see anyone passing up the chance to see yet another Austrian border secured. That said, I don't want to hold you up and I'm sure you are a busy man without having to deal with my rambling. If there's anything else that you need to discuss with me, I am all ears otherwise we can call this audience adjourned and I can talk to the Council now about the proposed alliance." She said nodding.

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Villinor nodded. "Very well. I think this will be all, for now. I am sure we can have more meetings in the future, but firstly we see where this will lead our countries to." He stood up with a smile, offering a hand to Vogel to shake. "I will inform my superiors at the Foreign Directorate of this. And thank you."

With that, he bade farewell and left the room, boarding a jetliner back home to Noveria.

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