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Out with the Old


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[b]Qingyuan, United Federation of the East
Central Committee of the Zeonic Socialist Party, Zeon Socialist Party HQ[/b]

"We have 680 Votes for Grand Vizier Wei Hai, 500 Votes for Deputy Secretary Kang Shao, 300 votes for First Minister Amuro, 90 votes for..." the Chair of the session began.

Kang leaned back in his chair shaking his head, neither of them were going to get the 751 it took to get the General Secretary spot. Worse, Wei had gained 20 votes since the last ballot, while Kang had lost 100 to the First Minister of the [i]Ryukyu Islands[/i]. "How the hell." he muttered angrily.

He had no doubt the man behind it though. He looked up, at the man sitting motionless behind the Chair, with a arrogant smirk on his face.

[i]Jia, you !@#$%^&.[/i] he said glaring at the August Imperator. He knew Jia had planned this move out, like everything. The Imperator was a well known reader of Mao Zedong, and knew just how to create political chaos and uncertainty and then wield it like a hammer against his opponents. Kang had not anticipated that Jia would open up the General Secretary position. After all the party was the one area Jia did not have an entire reign on, and Wei's ascension was still far from certainty. But this...

Kang paused in his thought as the Chair banged the gavel adjourning the chamber. This could well turn for Jia, installing his best friend as General Secretary, Wei as a new comer would have political capital to sweep out several powerful committees still controlled by the old Francoist Party guard.

"Lets go." he said to his aides.

As was custom each of the candidates was to line up to shake sitting General Secretary's hand. Jia shook Wei's hand, before his chief of staff handed the Imperator a note. Jia then departed merely giving a nod, thus denying any of the candidates but Wei any sort of television or photo coverage with the Imperator. [i]Jack ass.[/i] Kang thought to himself.

As he left the hall he saw the First Minister of Thailand wait for him. Chakri na Kuai and Kang had become allies some time back, since then both men had found they were increasingly becoming marginalized. Princess Xuehua had been installed as a figure head monarch in the South, which had been seen in many circles as a direct challenge to the legitimacy of Chakri, who himself was a descendant of the Thai Royal Family. While Xuehua was in many ways more a figurehead, deferring to Jia and Wei's experienced technocratic subordinates, her presence in the media offered a way of popularizing the Imperial Family in the lands where their legitimacy was weakest. Further Jia and Wei had seen to it that Southern economic and political Power was concentrated in Singapore and Hanoi, where firm loyalties to both men lay.

Kang motioned for Chakri to walk with him. As they left the monitored areas to Kang's specially designed limousine he spoke to Chakri. "Things aren't going our way, we are only going to be able to hold voting at bay for a week at best. I need something to happen that will make Wei seem ineffectual and unacceptable. You're going to provide it for me..." he began.

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[b]Later that Evening in South East Asia.[/b]

"This is Venom 1, I am moving over the target." Colonel Gao said as he maneuvered his F-4 over the target area. "EC at full effect." he said checking his instrument.

Gao looked on his sensor screen. "AI, monitor enemy communications... what is in the area." he asked.

"Four F-2s, two o'clock." the AI replied.

Gao smirked. "Any sign they know we're here?" he asked.

"Negative. 99.5% probability of avoiding detection. Target has entered range." he said.

Gao smirked. "Alright. Lets have some fun." he said flashing a sinister grin.

The Khymer South Nuclear Plant was one of the older nuclear power plants in the United Federation of the East. It was due to be phased out within two years. It was one of the few plants that the coolant could be sufficiently disrupted.

Gao lined up his low probability of intercept radar and microwave devices on targets around the plant as he approached to twenty meters. He utilized tailored data streams to conduct a cyber attack to rapidly bypass the cyber security mechanisms on the power plant, and begin increasing the spin of the centrifuges to increase heat. At the same time his microwave weapon burned through the hardened circuitry on the cooling and back up systems to begin the process to trigger a nuclear melt down.

Pulling out, he rapidly headed back to his base in the Thai jungle.

Landing at the hidden air base, Gao got out of his plane saluting Kang. "Regent, I can report success. It will be a melt down." he said.

"Excellent." Kang smirked.

This was the last of a three tiered plan which he had executed. Within six hours he had unleashed a sleeper bio-agri attack against the rice crops of a good chunk of South East Asia, started a nuclear power plant melt down, and had introduced a very large amount of illicit tainted heroin. By morning, the Federation would find the South embroiled in a Food, Environmental, and Health Crisis all at once. That it was a terrorist attack would be blatantly obvious, but that was the point. Wei, nor the Imperial Family would have prevented this, instead they were playing in Europe, and he would be positioned as the head of a company with significant resources to solve most of these... however, for now he would need to wait. Chakri would be initiating his part of the plan soon as well.


[b]Imperial City, Hue, Vietnam[/b]

The Imperial City was something which Xuehua never really had gotten used to. A symbolic capital more than anything, it was in many ways a tourist attraction and show of Imperial Power than anything else.

She sighed as she swatted another fly away. The humidity of the south was something she could never quite get used to.

She spotted First Minister Nguyen coming towards her. Rising she smiled at him, "First Minister Nguyen it is a pleasure to see you." she said bowing politely trying to observe proper procedure.

"Madame Princess, please it is I who should be bowing to you." he said bowing back.

Xuehua blushed, she was still getting used to the transition from peasant to princess.

"Madame Princess, I am afraid I haven't come to you to exchange pleasantries. We have several problems... ranging from severe to minor." he said.

Xuehua frowned, "Shouldn't this be a matter for my brother?"

"Madame Princess, the Grand Vizier feels that your presence would greatly calm the situations, your very popular. I assure you that the August Imperator and the Grand Vizier are both informed as well." Nguyen said.

"Very well, I apologize, what are the situations?" she asked sitting.

Nguyen began, "The first issue is one thats relatively minor, but could increase, we've recieved reports of several crops of rice being ruined, normally this isn't normal but it has happened extremely fast at several points across the country. We suspect there may be some sort of outbreak causing this. Secondly, is much more grave. We've had a major failure, possibly sabotage, at the Khymer South Nuclear Power Plant, it is possible of a melt down..." he said.

Xuehua's face sunk in horror. "but that means..?" she began, before she was interrupted.

"Forgive me, but there is one other thing. First Minister Chakri has resigned, he claims that he has uncovered irrefutable proof that Grand Vizier Wei had conspired to give Burma away to the Naboo, knowing that the Theravada Buddhists there would be more marginalized." he said.

She frowned, "And the truth to that?" she asked.

"Its a misrepresentation. Burma had undergone a very long period of instability and civil war. The native Burmese population has been severely reduced, going through about six periods of anarchy in the past year as well as the genocidal girltopia regime. We have no reports of them being discriminated against though." Nguyen said.

"I see.. then why?" she asked.

"The Thai and Burmese are the only Theravada majority countries in South East Asia. Most of China, Mongolia, Korea, and Indochina are Mahayana. He's clearly playing the ethnic card..." Nguyen said.

Xuehua sighed, "What am I to do then?" she asked.

"Thailand has not yet broken out in demonstrations but it is possible that they will. We've ordered grain reserves to be brought in from the North, but the situations in Korea and Austria have also taken its toll on these reserves. However, that situation is the most stable at the moment. We recommend you head to Cambodia, to the emergency camps. The Imperial Guard is setting up a secure point for you to visit." Nguyen said.

She shook her head, "I don't care about security, lets visit the people." Xuehua insisted.

"Madame Princess, it is the opinion of your brother that it is likely, that the UFE is at the moment under attack either by a foreign power or within. He insists you take precaution." Nguyen said slowly.

"And do you agree?" she asked.

"Yes." Nguyen replied simply but firmly. "The army is being mobilized as we speak, but we do not want to panic the public or give the false impression we're about to invade Thailand. If you will excuse me I have matters to attend to." he said.

Bowing he walked off back to his offices. Xuehua felt a knot in her stomach become tied.

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OOC: Gee thanks for emrboiling my little developing nation in internal troubles and famine. Just for that I'm going to make your job harder.

For too the ancient teachings have been extinguished or been corrupted throughout Asia. Once it stood as a beacon of enlightment, spread from India to Vietnam and Indonesia. Today, only we, the people of Shan guard these sacred truths. We grow weary of oppression by the nations of the world. The people of Naboo have done us no harm, but they do not understand our philosophies and are far too focussed on material wealth. They bring their own culture and language and beliefs and dominate our way of life. If we do not act now the ancient teachings will perish.

For the preservation of our culture and our beliefs, we hereby lay claim to the following territories to create the Divine State of Nirvana.
Headed by the holy council, we shall carve a nation that lives its life by the teachings. The official religion will be Theravada Bhuddism, but all Bhuddists are welcome.

It is not our desire to harm anyone, but we understand the likelyhood of both governments in allowing this to go ahead uncoerced. We have armed ourselves and placed more than ten bombs in each of the following locations

The Burmese Canal
The Capitals of UFE and RdlL
Chiang Mai

We have also placed bombs in many other locations throughout both countries and are capable of taking other actions, including assassinations.
If the governments of the UFE and RdlL do not Aquiesce to our demands within one week of this announcement then we shall be forced to take actions to show our resolve.

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[b]Qingyuan, United Federation of the East[/b]

Jia sat at his desk leaning back in his chair. His senior staff were in the room for the morning briefing.

Kou leaned silently against the side wall. Qi was sitting in a chair on the adjacent wall. Ding and Wei occupied the couch. Jia looked at a map prominently displayed by a projected screen as he often did when thinking about politics.

"So..." Jia's eyes shot back and forth across the room before smiling slightly. "Who wants to tell me how the $%&@, I have a cluster $%&@ on my Southern lawn."

"Imperator..." Qi began. "It appears that there has been either an extraordinary set of coincidences or more probably a concerted effort from a foreign power or non-state actor to create a split within the Southern Territories. Malaysia and Vietnam remain firmly within our grasp, however... Thailand and Cambodia are severely destabilized."

"Well $%&@... I could have told you that." Jia said. "Ding, what do we have." he asked.

"Twelve Divisions in Indochina, Four in Malaysia are on standby. Twelve additional are deployed in the zones of concern. The [i]Prince Gong Carrier Group[/i] is on patrol in the area, with two more South China Sea Carrier groups deployed further out but within fighter range all with expeditionary attachments to it. Additionally approximately 1/2 of our combat air squadrons have range to sortie in the area atm. That said, all that heavy fire power is there to defeat our larger neighbors if they ever decided to stab us in the back. What we're dealing with here isn't that, it seems to be mostly popular resentment. I would advise against conventional measures to suppress these what seem at the moment small riots. Even if they grow, we're a modern power, we shouldn't need to use force to take care of this unless they start causing large scale property damage and death.

Considering most of our soldiers are Chinese too, it may inflame the situation. We've made a lot of effort to integrate the army. Instead of keeping people in their home areas we rotate them around, but as you know there are simply way more Chinese than everyone else combined just as a percent of population. This means while the army has been a tool of national unity and building camaraderie between our member states, we expect in this particular situation it could simply serve to inflame a tense situation."

Wei nodded, "I'm inclined to agree with Ding's assessment. The basic thing here is that we don't want to make the situation any worse. Without going too much into the obvious, the Center has been the same country for thousands of years, and the North is well.... $%&@ed too much to do anything at the moment. The South though has no such history. Bringing it into being one country requires time and careful planning. How we manage this crisis could have profound implications for how the Federation is run generally. If the Federal Government cannot manage the situation, member states may see the fundamental tenant of Zeonism: a prosperity created by a shared commonwealth as undermined. I do not believe we can allow this to happen. A lack of response or a overly harsh response early would easily create such a perception.

I believe we should look to resolve the nuclear crisis first as efficiently as possible. We need a success under our belt. I also have taken measures to have the treasury buy up grain on the world market for food relief. If we can solve these steps. I believe that will help deflate the Theravada situation especially considering the areas hit by this crisis happen to be in the same areas."

Jia nodded, "Kou, Qi?" he said.

"Your sister is on her way to the refugee camps, we believe she'll provide a great propaganda tool for us there." Qi said. "I believe the steps outlined, providing competent relief. Is the best first reaction to the crisis. That said, letting these demonstrations in Thailand continue poses a great deal of political risk. But I do not believe we have an alternative so long as they remain non violent." Qi replied.

Kou scoffed, "I'm afraid I must disagree. The People of the Federation expect there to be order here. I believe we should send the military in and establish a strong presence. Lethal force isn't required, but a strong show of force and command of the People's Liberation Army is what is needed. If we are under attack by irregular warfare, we must show our opponents we are strong and remind them of our military might."

"I don't think the world needs to be reminded of our might..." Wei said dryly.

"Listen..." Kou began.

"Enough." Jia interrupted. "We don't need to get into you two having a go around. We need to solve the problem. What about this Nirvana group?"

Ding sighed, "Never heard of them truthfully. I'm taking their threat seriously, but the amount of danger it poses. I do not know. Requests for information have been sent to our Naboo allies too. As they are religious specific it makes profiling a bit easier. The People's Commissariat of Investigative Affairs has begun their own crash investigation, and I've ordered UAV flights over areas of potential threat. All that said, I don't believe we should respond at all. They gave us a week, lets take it to gather information and prepare ourselves quietly. If they're full of !@#$ we can say after the fact that we don't respond to every nut job. If they have a capability, we'll have taken the smartest solution to neutralize it."

Jia nodded, "Ok I'm in agreement. Increase recon and non-uniformed security service activity. Move the army in to intervene but do it quietly. I am very reluctant to order them into cities and villages. I want them hidden from foreign satellites too. Additionally increase maritime patrols and put a increased presence to patrol the Cochinese and Burmese border. But don't have it too many that either thinks we may attack. Tell them its to keep the rice crop plague from spreading. If this is a foreign power behind it, I do not want them to leak these pictures. Chakri's an ambitious ass hole but he's not this good. Somebody else is pulling the strings. Use uniformed police and national guard troops to distribute relief and first aid where it is needed. Lets get it done." he ordered.

"Yes Imperator." they all said at once.


[b]Cambodian Refugee Camp, South Vietnam Provincial Border[/b]

Xuehua's helicopter landed at the refugee camp. It was somewhat of a surreal site. In the distance the construction of Vietnam's booming economy could be seen, whereas here there were thousands of tents.

The Imperial Guard had secured the area around where she had landed, and was definitely felt in presence. Her handlers had given her a security briefing which had frightened her, but landing in, she felt a renewed sense that she should be here among the refugees.

Her Guard Captain Chakri Rama, looked around, "We're clear ma'am." he said.

She smiled and nodded as she walked into the camp. A group of children were quick to run up to her smiling and waving. Going over to great them, she had her aides give out candy, food, pieces of clothes, and other things brought along. After about a half an hour it was indicated that it was time to move on.

"There are so many of them." she said, "where are there parents, I did not see them around?"

"Dead ma'am." the Guard Captain replied.

She turned and looked stunned, "Dead?" she asked. "I thought the radiation this far off was safe."

"It is, but..." he said. "Someone has been targeting these camps with heroin. Our guards have confiscated a good deal of it. We're still doing a chemical analysis, but this stuff seems to be tainted. Most of these people are poor and desperate, they're looking for a bit of relief. Most of them were teenagers around the turn of the 21st Century where drug use spiked in Cambodia, they're turning back to an old habit, and heroin was really cheap. We've put out word about the dangers of the supply, but the effects of this tainted drug is fast. It only takes a few hits, and for some reason addiction rates among these refugees appears really high."

Xuehua nodded, "And why wasn't I told this before?" she asked.

"The First Minister felt you wouldn't be able to stay cheerful among the Children." Chakri said.

Xuehua looked shocked, "WHAT!" she said angrily punching him in the chest. "That bull !@#$? They're children not props."

"But we have a bigger issue, the South is a powder keg at the moment, stability is frankly more important, we need propaganda to prevent blood shed and panic. If people see you distraught it brings a sense of worry to everyone which contributes to general disorder." the Guard Captain replied calmly.

Xuehua raised her fist wanting to strike him again in anger. Her face was bright red, but slowly she lowered it slumping her shoulders.

"I guess I am niave still..." she said defeated.

"Uh... not at all ma'am." Chakri replied standing at attention.

She chuckled, "I can never get used to you guys I suppose... always so serious. Let me ask you, your from the old Thai Royal Family, the one of First Minister Chakri's right?"

"Yes ma'am, I am his younger cousin." he said.

"So what do you think of this?" Xuehua asked. "My being here. Jia's Empire, everything?"

"It is necessary ma'am. We have not had stability in South East Asia for some time. The August Imperator has kept this region safe." he replied.

"And my being here?" she asked.

"Whatever the Imperator says, I will follow ma'am. Its not my place to pass judgement on those decisions, or give my opinion to you regardless of what it is." he said.

Xuehua sighed, "Fine fine. Lets move on..." she said.


[b]Kang's Bamboo Pentagon, North Thailand[/b]

"You can't get good scotch here." Gao complained spilling the bottle of cheap crap on the floor. "Your the !@#$@#$ biggest industrialist in the world. I think I deserve at least black label." he said.

Kang sneered, "Be serious for once." he said. "I take it Venom is working as planned?" he asked.

"Yeah. Those $%&@ers won't have a clue what is causing these things." he said.

Kang nodded, "Good I want you to head out again, get me some photos of troop movements, I know they are out there, but they are too well concealed for satellites, Venom will need to do it quietly but give us proof."

Gao lit a cigar, blowing at smoke in Kang's face, "Yeah whatever." he said.

Just then First Minister Chakri walked in. Gao turned to him, "Look what the cat dragged in. I don't like to associate with his kind regent, so if you'll excuse me." he said.

"My kind?" FM Chakri asked.

"Pawns." Gao said walking off.

"What a...." FM Chakri began.

"Unholy !@#$%^&." Kang said finishing his sentence. "But one of my most capable agents. Sit."

Ruffled by the comment made by Gao, he chose to ignore it and remain standing. This brought a brief frown to Kang's face. "So be it. " he said quickly getting to the point. "Your people are going to need more ammo to keep this going."

Chakri sighed, "Then I assume you have something in mind." he said as he swatted away one of the largest mosquitos he ever saw. "Besides turning me into a martyr by Malaria."

Kang smirked, "Yes, it appears that Chinese drug smugglers are killing many a Theravada buddhist by tainted heroin." he said.

"You mean you..." FM Chakri began.

Kang shrugged, "You want to get what you want, you got to get your hands dirty and you know it."

"So you're going to artificially create an epidemic and then taint the supply." FM Chakri asked angrily.

"Its hardly artificial, heroin usage already disproportionately effects the poor, those are mainly Thais, Laotians, and Cambodians, we have methods of increasing the rate slightly, but the conditions already existed." Kang said with a disturbingly sensible analysis.

Chakri sighed, it was true, for centuries the rich merchant class of South East Asia was ethnically Chinese and had been a source of sinophobia by local populations. Ironically, the socialist/ state capitalist mix of policies by Jia was the thing that had put any sort of dent in that. Now though it seemed that they would be exploiting the very issue that Jia had sought to address against him. It felt dirty, but Chakri knew he had to use it to get his country back, along with it seemed possibly Laos and Cambodia.

"What of these others... these Nirvana extremists." FM Chakri asked.

"A welcome distraction to keep Jia's blasted agents off our trail, but not part of the plan. If they become something big... we have methods of squashing them." Kang said.

"If I find you're hiding something from me, I swear..." FM Chakri began.

"You'll what." Kang snapped. "I created you, you exist by my good graces. Do as I say, or Jia will have you hanged by the end of the week!"

FM Chakri merely nodded and headed back out of the tent. Kang growled, [i]Damn idiot. Needs to be put in his place. Oh well, your use with be over soon enough.[/i] he thought to himself.

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Bomb explosion shakes Jia

In the latest news, a large explosion shook the Jia city centre as bomb exploded outside "La Martinique" a large Hotel situated just north of the city centre. Whilst fire fighters struggle to put out the inferno engolfing the luxury hotel, there are thought to be nearly 200 guests and staff within the building at the time of the explosion. Estimates put the casualty count at over 100 wounded and at least 20 dead with hundreds still missing. Friends and family wishing to enquire about loved ones can call the national disaster hotline for information.

Although the cause of the explosion has not been confirmed, it is suspected that the explosives were delivered this morning in a routine food and goods delivery. Some are speculating that this may be the work of the seperatists bhuddist movement who has threatened similar bomb attacks to begin in a week's time.

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The TV shudders as the remote impacts upon its screen and bounces away
"$%&@! What the hell is that? It must have gone off early"

"The media is going to slaughter us, what are we going to do? We can't establish a nation on slaughter... You promised that this wouldn't happen. That this wouldn't need to happen. You promised the time was ripe and they would let us go in peace. no. No. NO. NO! This isn't how it's meant t... what are you doing? N.."

Whisps of smoke rose from the barrel of a gun, held by the suited man who had just stained orange clothe a a vivid crymson.
"No. This is not how the plan was to unfold - but we can use this. We must be proactive with the media. We must look strong if we are to be taken seriously. Now, does anyone else lack the conviction for our cause? Our journey is written in the four noble truths. We follow "Dukkha Nirodha Gamini Patipada Magga", the path to cessation of suffering, the path to Nirvana."

The around the long table of five men and 1 corpse, four sat in stunned silence.

"Now prepare the media room, we need to take control of the situation, and make use of it. We must show them that we mean business."


Theravadist Seperatists Group Behind Bombing.

This just in, a video has begun circulating the internet in which a suited man obscured in shadows and voice distortion claims responsibility for the attack. We have obtained a copy of the video for you here at LBC.

"Some refused to take us seriously, merely to bide their time and expect nothing to happen. Today we have shown these fools that we are serious. You have merely six days remaining to recognise the existence of the Divine State of Nirvana and to declare non-aggression against this new state or else we will unleash a chaos upon your nations until you do. We desire you no harm, but must defend our way of life. Our resolve is unwavering - do not test us."

This incident has left the nation stunned with the death toll now at 81 and 128 wounded. The blaze has begun to die down on the front of the building but still burns strongly at its core. Preliminary testing suggests that military grade C4 may have been used.

Once again, if you need to check on a loved one, you can call the national disaster hotline.

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Unfortunately we have never heard of this group before. We have seen no evidence of extremist Bhuddism until now and our investigations thus far have provided us with little information. We believe they may be using young men performing the customary three month, short term ordainment that is popular amongst the Shan people as unaware couriers and deliverymen.

We have seen no evidence of an organised army or large scale rebellion and instead believe this is a small force that would be incapable of achieving independence on their own. Their tactic of threatening us with terrorism if we do not grant them statehood supports this view. Additionally as we have seen no signs of extremism previously within our borders, we suspect there may be foreign actors catylising and driving these events.

Finally we believe they have access to at least one previously unknown Mogatopian weapons dump. Bomb experts have confirmed C4 is the primary explosive in today's attack and have also found remanents of old Mogatopian detonators. In response we are deploying forces to search and guard all public buildings and landmarks and strategic sites. The military is on a heightened alert to respond to bomb threats and EOD teams are prepared for rapid deployment around the nation.

Location: Provisional Royal Palace, Nouveau Naboo, Government District.

The grand exterior of this temporary palace did little to hide it's utilitarian and sometimes Spartan interior. Although in the future a much more lavish palace was to be constructed, with the current crises, this was the perfect place to run the country from.

The media room was an oddly improvised location. The lavish stage and velvet curtains that the cameras saw were merely props rapidly constructed in an otherwise ugly, but functional room.

His Royal Majesty, was still not entirely comfortable with the teleprompter they had installed, having always favoured palm cards before taking the throne. He used the delay it took to begin filming to practice his speech one more time.

"And we're on in three.. two.." the aid went silent, finishing the countdown with his fingers.

"Good Evening. It is with a grave heart that I say today is a dark day for our nation. For the first time in our short history, we have been attacked. Not by outside forces or invaders, but by insidious elements of our own people. I am sure you are all aware by now of the nature of the attack and its motivations - an extremist group trying to create disunity and chaos, to rend our nation in half and create a Buddhist theocracy.

It is the official position of la Royaume do la Lumière that we will not negotiate with terrorists. To those of you who perpetrated these acts of malice, beware, for we shall hunt you down and hold you accountable for the lives you have ruined. The DCRI is taking measures as I speak to search out and remove threats to this nation in cooperation with the armed forces. Landmarks, public institutions and strategic sites will be heavily guarded.

I have been advised by some that martial law is necessary. I do not believe the situation is dire enough to warrant such desperate measures, but I will be enacting a temporary curfew from 7pm to 6am to be enforced by the military.

Additionally we have now confirmed reports of diseased rice crops in several farms. We believe the disease to be the same one that has been afflicting crops in the UFE within the past couple of days. We have been forced to quarantine 12 infected farms and an additional 60 possible infections. We are instituting agricultural quarantines around uninfected regions - manned roadblocks are being constructed and anyone carrying vegetable matter into quarantine zones will be fined $4000 on the spot. We are temporarily closing all national borders to prevent further spread. Those wishing to cross the border may apply for an exemption and will be subject to strict regulations.

At present we do not expect this to affect more than 5% of our grain needs if it does not spread further.

It has been a harsh day for this nation. I grieve for our lost and wounded and offer my deepest sympathies to those involved.

As I am sure you are aware, we have now confirmed cases of the same crop disease that affects UFE rice crops - what you may not know is that we initially had difficulty confirming the disease because we have now found a mutated version as well. Several important crops including rice, wheat, millet and surprisingly sugar cane, have begun to die off in almost unnatural quantities. We have enacted strict quarantines to prevent further spread but we fear this mutated disease may have cross back over into the UFE due to agricultural trade on the border. Further spread would be disastrous and could see major shortages of important grains.

Due to its extreme lethality and unusually rapid spread, our scientists are wondering if this could perhaps be a biological weapon. I am told the original disease has been identified as having some similarities to a common bacteria that causes lesions in the plant and for it to rot away. However it is also vastly different than any bacterium we can think to compare it to. For these reasons we consider it may not be of natural origins.

We request your expertise in studying and treating this difficult challenge.

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[code]TO: Minister for Agriculture, Wei; Minister of Agriculture, UFE
FROM: Advisor of Agriculture Ceylon, de Zoyza
MESSAGE: Re: Rice Diseases
This disease is troubling news. However, it hasn't affected Ceylon's agricultural sector yet, our vertical farms giving their usual output.
We will organise a team of experts to help analyse the disease and dispatch them into RdlL and UFE with your permission. They will cooperate with your scientists to discover the origin and a cure for the disease.
Additionally, we offer you some of our food reserves and surplus for free to lessen the immediate impact of the disease. Unfortunately, we are currently unable to transport shipments further than Ceylon harbours, with our shipping capacities almost completely taken up by another project.

If you require any further help, we will try and provide it, though I unfortunately cannot guarantee much more.

Aruna de Zoyza
Advisor of Agriculture[/code]

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[b]Bangkok, Thailand[/b]

Chakri stood on a podium outside the capital building in Thailand. Security forces there had been a mix, some had defected to the former First Minister's side

"My friends, it is time we stood up. Stood up to Chinese arrogance and corruption. I hereby call for a general day of rage and disobedience against the oppressive Han Imperialism, perpetrated against our poorest and most vulnerable citizens. We in Thailand did not select this union with the Chinese and Vietnamese and we shall not accept it any longer until we are treated like equals.

I am not a man who opposes the idea of Asian Unity, I am a Pan-Asianist, but I did not check my pride in Thailand and Theravada culture at the door and neither should you!

For too long, the August Imperator has allowed the Chinese to run free, to do whatever they want on minorities backs. This is foolish and pig headed. I know Jia, he is a good man, but he is simply ignorant of our situation. He is caught up in his arrogance and his global ambitions. He allows his Han brethren to have free reign over our land. I say enough!

I have in my hand a vial, a vial of heroin. Why is it that Jia allowed his Vice Imperator to pursue military operations in North Africa to combat their drug problem, while at home, this tainted crop, distributed by Han merchants kills the most vulnerable? And why is the center of this epidemic Laos, Cambodia, and our home Thailand? It is because the Imperator is blind, blind to our needs!

I say we send him a message, one which cannot be ignored any further! Its time for a second Zeonist Revolution, it is time to take to the streets and stand up! Join me in a Day of Rage!"

Applause erupted from the crowd of angry demonstrators, many with their bodies painted with the colors of the Thai Flag. Chakri felt himself revel in the crowd. It was finally his time, he was finally fulfilling his destiny.

OOC: Will edit this in more tomorrow

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[b]Qingyuan, United Federation of the East[/b]

"We have now seen full scale riots in Western Indochina and Bangkok, except for the muslim majority areas in the South." Qi said.

Jia sighed, "Well thats a change." he said sarcastically. "Be careful what you wish for, right?"

Qi chuckled with a sigh. "Indeed."

"Wei has sent word from Europe, Austria seems to be moving back towards some serious problems. His report suggested when he brought up the issues we've had, it seemed that the Revolutionary Council jumped on it to go towards factionalism. Our forces can't be completely withdrawn from Europe yet is the general consensus." Qi said.

Jia nodded, "God damnit. Ok, I want Ryu to stay there and keep an eye on things." he said with a sigh. "I told Wei to keep things calm, the last thing we need is more instability there."

"I've read the transcript, Wei was walking into something ahead of time. His opinion was Ms. Vogel was quite apologetic. I believe that our initial analysis was correct, she's well meaning and sincere but very head strong. Its not uncommon among those new to the world of diplomacy."

"Indeed its not." Jia said leaning back.

Jia walked over to an ice bucket placing two cubes into a glass before pouring scotch about half way up the glass. Taking a sip he leaned back and sighed. "Alright, I trust Ryu for now, instruct Ding to ensure he has the resources to monitor that situation. Tell Wei to get back here, I am going to guess that Kang is going to have his finger prints on some of these incidents, he needs to be in position to counter him when Kang starts pushing. Is Xuehua still in the refugee camps?"

"Yeah, she's insisted on staying. Its helped keep the riots from spreading to far east, but her body guards are getting worried. Especially with the bombings in Burma. Protecting the area is extremely difficult, especially because of the nuclear fall out and the terrain. Its hard to monitor the comings and going of the entire area, this is especially true with us enforcing the quarantines on the bio attack which has left much of our aerial monitoring equipment concentrated on the borders." Qi explained.

"Right..." Jia said. "Keep things on alert. We proceed with the plan as outlined. I assume the repairs at the reactor are going alright?"

Qi nodded, "That would appear to be the case."

"Good." Jia said. "How is the bio weapon research coming along?"

"Our scientists are making slow progress, whomever made it had a significant knowledge of how to do such a thing. Its resistant to the capabilities of both the UFE and Sri Lanka, to have such sophisticated engineering suggests that whomever made it had to have a capability of one of the technological super powers, nations in this category are ourselves, Athens, Sri Lanka, Cochin, and Rebel Army. All of whom have warm relations with, but my guess amongst them is that it'd be Cochin, Sri Lanka, or equally likely an inside job. I've accounted for Ming's whereabouts, his focus on the Zilla Project has suggested to us that he' s likely not the culprit. That leaves."

Jia nodded, "Heh, we need more evidence but my suspicions were as such."

[b]Air Space over Indo-China[/b]

The Venom was once again in the air. Gao's aircraft was running slow and quiet, emitting a high pitched hum during the approach, something which sounded an awful lot like the ungodly large amount of bugs in the forests below. Opening its weapons bays, Gao began taking aerial pictures, pin pointing locations of troop movements with his ground search radar.

Within an hour the fighter would land and upload its images into a website, showing that the PLA was on the move South, and that it seemed to be only a matter of time before it was used against civilians, at least that was the charges made by the opposition.

[b]Refugee Camp, Cambodian-Thai Border[/b]

Xuehua wiped the sweat from her forehead. It had been a long day, she had been helping teach kids in the morning and working in the nurses tent in the afternoon. Neither were well ventilated and the temperature seemed to be rising daily. It seemed like it was only a matter of time before some communicable disease outbreak turned matters from bad to worse.

Guard Captain Chakri Saili leaned against the door with his personal assault weapon lying on his lap. He swated another bug as it landed on him. The man's eyes darted back and forth ever vigilant.

He went up to her, "We need to move now."

Xuehua held up her finger, "Just a minute I'm almost done..." she said.

"No now." he said grabbing her wrist.

Xuehua instinctively swung around to strike him. Chakri caught her wrist. "This isn't something we discuss." he said. "Down!" he suddenly ordered.

Slamming her to the ground, he leaped on top of her cover her body.

"OFF OF ME!" she yelled this time landing a blow on his face.

"The danger's passed, sorry." he said.

"Sorry... I swear, you guys, your just insane." she said shaking her head. "If we're a super power with your guys jumpiness and paranoia everyone else's training must be !@#$..."

Xuehua continued to berate him with many, nearly unintelligible curses. Kai Shoufu smirked as he listened to it through his monitoring device. "Heh. She's a firebrand." he said to himself as he moved behind a bush, as a Imperial Guard patrol passed by. "God damn, that guy's good... all units we're a no go." he said. "Call off the grab, we'll try again as the situation presents itself."

Around the camp, various agents clicked once in acknowledgement. [i]It seems that she lacks a high regard for her security, its inevitable she'll try to ditch them at some point, then we'll strike.[/i] Kai thought to himself.

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The headlines hit South East Asia like a bomb going off. The PLA was on the move, and it seemed that it would indeed be cracking down on the demonstrations. That was the spin at least.

The Photographs had inflamed the situation in Laos and Cambodia. Now Thailand was in near open revolt. Federal Offices were surrounded as rioters attempted to break into them. The scene had spread out from Bangkok to other cities in Thailand.

PLA units in Thailand were ordered to concentrate on holding key facilities such as armories, air ports, ports, and other vital points of infrastructure, but they were not yet ordered to enter into cities.

Police forces and local paramilitary were a mixed bag. Many units remained loyal to the Federal Government, this was especially true of the elite SWAT units which had strong links to the UFE special forces, as they were a prime pool from which to recruit from. However, many of the rank and file patrols and local forces were quickly swept up in what had become seen as Chakri no Kuai's revolution.

As such local government and law enforcement which remained dedicated to governing simply lacked the tools to deal with such a mass amount of people. Further compounding matters was the question of how many in the crowds were armed and which side was more prepared for a drawn out fight. The Federal Government would win of course, but a jungle war was not something that would be appetizing.

[b]Refugee Camp, Thai-Cambodian Border[/b]

It was about 2 in the morning, and Xuehua couldn't sleep, this humid hot air was nothing like the cool dry air of Mongolia she was used to. She felt herself toss and turn about in her bed, before finally getting up.

[i]"Roger."[/i] she heard the voice of her guard captain faintly outside the tent. [i]"What do you mean you missed the last report from HQ.... Yeah be right over."[/i] another crackle from the radio came up.

[i]Perfect.[/i] she thought to herself getting up, and slipping underneath the tent she moved as quietly as she could away from the tent towards the rest of the camp, now would be a chance for her to see things for real.

Outside the tent she found herself in the tall grass. She thought back to the warnings she had received about the cobras in the grass, and felt a small chill run down her spine. Eyeing a thicket ahead of her she crawled slowly towards, figuring she could get up off the ground without being seen by her guards once she reached it.

"!@#$ she's out of the tent." she heard Guard Captain Chakri say, "Comb the perimeter, move move." he ordered. "Flood lights on!" he said.

Suddenly multiple high pitched sounds screamed through the air. "Man down man down!" Chakri said. "Get me some god damn light, we're under attack, air assets, move in now, get me eyes." he said.

As he gave the command though a sonic boom erupted, as a missile flew into an overhead F-1 fighter illuminating it in a flashy blaze.

Xuehua jumped to her feet.

"Guard Captain." she said in a panic unclear what was going on.

As Chakri Saili turned to face her, the F-4 Venom flew overhead firing its cannon into the mass of guards. "WHAT THE $%&@!" Chakri Saili cursed as he dover for cover seeing the fighter seeming 'decloak' like in a Star Trek movie.

Raising his personnel defense weapon he was about to make an attempt at a shot when he saw Xuehua and two men coming up behind her. One grabbed her, she quickly spun around kicking him in the crotch, feeling a sharp pain as her foot impacted on his steel cup. The Guard Captain raised his weapon firing a three shot burst at him. The man stumbled backward but quickly got up. As this happened a second man grabbed her pulling her back.

Men in Xenias Combat Armor appeared on several flanks opening fire at the Imperial Guard unit.

[i]$%&@ how did I get such flat footed.[/i] Chakri said to himself as he dove for cover, crawling over to the guard tent to obtain a higher caliber weapon. "All units, they have the princess, move in, cut off their escape. Be advised enemy has advanced air support, out air support is down, repeat our air support is down, request emergency aid from Cam Ranh Bay Air Base!" he said.

Waiting for a second, he realized it, the enemy had deployed an advanced jamming frequency... $%&@, who were these guys, their tech was able to stop an imperial guard channel. Reaching an assault rifle, he quickly selected a double drum cartridge for maximum fire power. It was only after the initial adrenaline of loading the weapon that he realized the truth, nobody around him was alive.

[i]$%&@.[/i] he thought. Putting on his HUD he switched it on to scan outside the tent. Seeing three readings of xenias armor, he raised his rifle unleashing the shots at long range, two went down, their life signs ending quickly, a third seemed to be hit in the leg, severely injured but not dead. He scanned forward, he was surrounded. Outside this tent he'd be chewed to pieces. If he went after Xuehua here, he'd be chewed up in five seconds. Making matters worse matters he couldn't call for reinforcements. [i]Damnit.[/i] he thought to himself, he was stuck in inaction, hoping he could find a way out of this stand off or that somehow the jamming would end...

After about ten minutes he saw the enemy positions had let up and were withdrawing. Of course he knew what that meant.... Xuehua was gone... long gone. Worse he had no clue who attacked. He slammed his fist into the ground.

"Imperial Guard Unit 4... do you read... Imperial Guard Unit 4 do you read." a voice said over a radio.

Chakri Saili looked down at the radio. "Guard Captain here, I read."

"What the $%&@ is going on?" a very loud and angry voice said on the other end. He recognized it, it was Executor Ding.

"We got hit, hit hard by unknown enemy, they have the Princess, enemy has assets I've never seen before. A fighter capable of cloaking... advanced versions of the xenias camouflage armor... most of the unit is wiped out. We had our signals jammed and I was pinned down, have been unable to make a casualty count." the Guard Captain said with his voice full of annoyance.

"The Eigth Ranger Regiment elements are en-route in t-minus 2 minutes." Ding said. "Did you capture any enemies?" he asked.

"Nega... wait." Chakri Saili said. "I might have something." he said, scanning again... by some stroke of luck the enemy had left their one wounded man there. "Yes sir."

"Well, at least thats something." Ding said sighing on the other end of the radio.

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[b]A Compound in the Thai Jungle[/b]

Xuehua sat in her cell in the damp concrete building. She they had finally released her restraints but she still felt the pain of the rope burns from her struggling. The whole several hours had been a blur. As they left the camp they gave her some drug, which was meant to knock her out, but her resistance was unexpectedly high. She had woken up during the helicopter ride, and given at least two of the men broken noses, before almost blindly jumping out into the night sky below. It had been fortunate for her one of the men managed to use a stun gun on her.

After that she had been tied up until they brought her here. Though she could not really tell where here was. “What the hell.” She said angrily. “Let me out of here!”

Her scream echoed through the building before a door finally swung open. Gao stood looking over her cage, he smirked.

“So this is the peasant princess.” He said flashing a sinister grin. “They said you were cute… maybe you and I can have a little fun.”

“You call me a peasant when you act like a pi…” she started but he reached through the cage grabbing her head pulling it forward.

“That’s enough!” a voice growled. Kang stepped from the shadow, a lit cigar in his hand. “We’re the rightful heirs to the Middle Kingdom, not some hoodlum of gang bangers.” He said.

Gao scoffed, “We’re going to kill her anyway, what difference does it make. Plus I bet she’s a…”

“I said no!” Kang barked. “Get the $%&@ out of here.”

Gao walked off blowing a kiss back to Xuehua. The princess felt a chill go down her spine as he walked off. He was possibly the creepiest guy she had ever seen.

“So whats the difference…. You are going to kill me anyways.” She said to Kang looking up at him.

Kang laughed, “Truthfully, it is simply a matter of I want to frame someone for your death. If his semen is found in you… its much harder to get what I want.”

“Gee… thanks.” Xuehua said curling up. “Wait I know you…” she said.

“Heh.” Kang said irritated by the length of time it took for her to figure it out.

“He should almost be here.” Kang said. “Want a final drink?” he said offering her his flask.

“… No.” Xuehua replied. For some reason, though scared, she could not bring herself to cry. She had to remain strong.

[b]Skies over Thailand[/b]:

The news of Xuehua’s capture had hit Thailand within hours of it happening. Of course former First Minister Chakri was the prime suspect; a nephew in the Imperial Guards and a political resistance movement who was predicated on throwing out the Chinese overlords. But he was not so stupid. He knew that the people liked the princess even if they disapproved of the Federal Government. It was a cardinal rule of politics; you don’t attack national symbols that don’t have political power. You’d always lose.

Chakri looked out the window of his helicopter as it flew low above the tree line. The past several hours were a blur. The PLA had come into Bangkok with speed, but rather than oppose them, the people were now with it. Many had simply shifted to assume Chakri was a terrorist. It made no sense to him.

Could they not see it was a setup? Now what did Wang want, this all seemed wrong, it was too convenient that he was ready to get Chakri out of Bangkok so fast. Chakri shifted his weight in the helicopter, he’d find out what was going on. He sighed as he placed he hand on the weight of a concealed pistol. He was through being double crossed.

[b]Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam[/b]:

It had been two hours since he had been let out of interrogation, and it had taken the personal vouch of first First Minister Nguyen, and then the Grand Vizier Wei Hai for it to happen. Being the only surviving guard of a kidnapped princess when your uncle was leading a revolt against her was not the best position to be in. Despite capturing a prisoner, the generals on the ground, mostly from China had assumed the Thai guard captain to be the real guilty one and eagerly engaged in harsh interrogation methods to beat a confession out of him.

Old prejudices died hard and were on both sides. Guard Captain Chakri thought. Coming out of sick bay, he was immediately greeted by the sight of not just the First Minister and those who had beaten him up, but of the holographic presence of Executor Ding, the supreme commander of the entire Federation Military.

“You look like !@#$ guard captain.” Ding said.

“Would that I could say it was from fighting bad guys mostly sir.” Chakri replied dryly almost without thinking. He saw a vein pop on one of the general’s foreheads.

Before the man could say anything Ding chuckled, “Yes well, it’s a good thing we know guards can take a couple punches. Our interrogation of the prisoner is going about as can be expected. He’s very well trained to interrogation, but we’ve gotten him to give us several locations where she could be. I’m sending in teams to take out all of them. I wanted to let you know…” he said.

“Sir I’m going in too. Its my duty to protect her.” GC Chakri said.

Ding shook his head. “I am not so sure of that. Frankly, although those who know you have faith in your abilities, you are A. fairly injured and B. we can’t risk such a thing in military operations of these nature. You know the odds of success on hostage rescue.”

“I’m also the only man whose fought these guys and lived, and expert in Thailand’s geography, an expert on both the mission objective and the prime suspect, and most of the guys in Southern Asia who are as experienced as me were shot dead tonight. I’m a professional sir, I can do this.” The guard captain responded.

Ding sighed, he seemed to look at someone who was not in the holographic shot. “Alright… Remember Guard Captain, failure here for you though cannot be an option. I’ll say this, you will be very $%&@ed if this goes wrong.”

“So will she.” Chakri responded.

“Get to your chopper then.” Ding said.

[b]The Compound[/b]

Chakri no Kuai’s helicopter touched down on an open dirt field. He was quickly moved along with his body-guards into the jungle before the helicopter flew off. He felt a distinct unease as he looked around the compound. From the looks of it, it probably was originally a opium smugglers location or left over from the American War in Indochina just over a half century ago now. The compound had not worn well with age. Yet its low-techness also made it hard to find. Fewer electronics and its plainness would keep it from the watchful eyes of the air forces drones.

Entering into a night stick lit room, he saw Kang, and the man from earlier: Gao. The two seemed to be waiting for him, saying nothing. “Whats this about?” Chakri asked.

“Heh.” Gao said. “You irritated?” he asked mockingly.

Chakri felt the urge to pull the pistol from his jacket right then and there, but ultimately resisted the urge. He was not about to let himself get sucked into something by this man.

Kang rose. “Mr. Chakri. I must say, that I find it rather… disgusting that you kidnapped a poor Princess. “ he said.

“I did not!” Chakri objected. “What the hell is this about… you don’t care about Jia, why are you caring about his sister?”

“Wow… you’re a slow one there.” Gao exclaimed.

“Wait you kidnapped her… and now are trying to frame me? Why?!” he said. “We can’t get Thailand… you never were going to give Thailand its freedom were you?!” he said angrily at Kang.

Kang smirked.

“You’re…” Chakri said drawing his gun. In an instant a shot rang out. Chakri dropped to the floor as he felt a pain in his stomach.

“It’ll be a slow death.” Gao said, holding the smoking pistol in his hand.

Kang smirked, “Goodbye.” He said walking over and picking up the gun that had Chakri’s fingerprint on it with his glove. “Lets take care of the girl now.”

Gao walked over and place his boot on Chakri’s wound.

“Gao now!” Kang barked.

Gao flashed a psychopathic smile as he turned around and walked away leaving Chakri to bleed out.

Suddenly flash bangs went off across the compound as sounds of gunshots were heard.

Outside, Guard Captain Chakri and his team had landed in the compound. Taking fire from all directions, the young guard captain cycled through targets as he fired into them using his metal storm hydra assault rifle, smashing through armor. Opening up the barrel from the back he inserted two more sleeves.

“Go!” he ordered to his men, as he took aim at a firing position from behind a concrete barricade. Pressing in the secondary trigger he unleashed a 40 mm grenade shell at the target destroying it.

“Perimeter secure, lets see if the Princess is here!” he ordered.

As the team moved in, Kang growled, “$%&@, you were careless!” he yelled.

Gao smirked. “Don’t worry.” He said, loading up his gun. “My men and I can kill them!”

Kang felt like ripping the throat out of the blood thirsty psychopath, but now wasn’t the time… He had to escape. “You handle this!” he ordered as he headed off.

“Yeah yeah! Keep the bosses ass in tact.” Gao replied dismissively.

As Kang headed to make his escape, Gao got out his gun as if ready to guard the passage.

As soon as Kang was gone though, he lowered his weapon. “$%&@ this I’m going to go have some fun with the princess.” He said licking his lips.

Outside, Guard Captain Chakri kicked open the door to the room which Gao and Kang had left his uncle for dead. He found the man struggling to breath.

“Kuai!” the Guard Captain said angrily to his uncle, “You !@#$@#$ jealous dick, where is she!” he demanded.

Chakri no Kuai looked up at his nephew, “Well look at you the white knight…” he said chuckling, “having fun sucking on the Chinese tit?”

Saili looked at his uncle angrily, “I’ve had enough of this.” He said stomping on his uncle’s left finger, a loud crack was heard.

“I just have been shot in the stomach… you think that’s going to really hurt, I’m already in shock. Hahaha, always thinking down to low, when you should be using your head for your people!” Kuai said.

“I don’t have time for this, you and I both know that she’s got little to do with the Chinese, other than by an accident of blood!” the guard captain yelled. “Your going to get our people set back 20 years for this stupidity!”

“Its not me you should be worried about, I was played a fool, just like our people have been… its…. Its Ka…” he then fell silent. His body went limp.

“Damnit!” Chakri cried. He looked around for a trail.

“HELP!” he heard a cry from far off. [i]Xuehua![/i] he thought to himself.

Rushing forward he kicked open a door and then another. He then entered into the prison room. To his horror, Gao was holding the princess up by her hair, and began to take off his left chest pad of combat armor. “Keep struggling princess, it’ll make this more fun.”

“!@#$%!” Chakri said raising his rifle. Unloading eight bullets rapidly they slammed into Gao. Instantly dropped the Gao sending him flipping backwards several times from the kinetic impact.

“Your highness!” Chakri said.

Xuehua had tears in her eyes, and she could not make out who it was, but the sound was that of a familiar voice, “Guard captain?” she asked.

Then a sound rang out, and Chakri dropped to the ground. Gao got up, with his pistol aimed at Chakri. Looking over Chakri saw his armor had absorbed the first shot, but judging by the size of the weapon, how many more he could take he couldn’t guess.

Raising his hydra rifle in one hand he aimed at Gao, who shot it out of Chakri’s hand. “Guard Captain huh?” he asked. Tossing his pistol to the side Gao got out his knife. “Well a bit of blood always help put me in the mood.” He said.

Gao then charged forward at Chakri who leaped back . Bringing his leg around in a sweep he kicked Gao’s knife hand aside and then shifted his him forward planting a punch squarely in Gao’s ribs. Much to Chakri’s surprise though the man did not move at all.

“Hah!” Gao said. “Your Xenias suit is an out dated piece of !@#$!” Gao said. He then brought his other hand around, striking Chakri and slamming him up against the wall.

Chakri felt a jolt as his suit’s circuitry had been completely smashed through. “You backed the wrong horse in this!” Gao said.

“I still got a few surprises left.” Chakri said, lunging to one side as Gao kicked in the wall smashing through the concrete. Chakri’s swung his arm behind his back bringing out a diamond serrated combat blade, swinging it at Gao. Gao lunged back before it tour through a small part of Gao’s armor.

“That’s the spirit boy!” Gao said laughing as he drew a second blade. “Lets make the walls red!”

Xuehua watched through the darkness as the two men clashed, the sound of metal on metal and the sparks it produced could be seen through the shadows, as the two moved with both speed and skill, but still… it was clear who was winning.

Gao smirked, “You can’t win, you’re tiring, this suit gives me four times your endurance.” He said. “But I like your spirit, maybe I’ll $%&@ you after her!” he said.

Chakri this time smirked, tossing his blade seemingly at Gao’s head. Gao deflected it sending it above him.

“On second thought, maybe you aren’t worth the challenge.” Gao said slashing at Chakri.

Chakri rolled underneath him. “Your forgot the first rule of combat, learn to mind your surroundings!” Chakri said, jumping upwards and pulling down a high voltage live wire he had angled his blade to cut as he threw it. He then placed it in the opening where he had torn through Gao’s armor.

“What the….” Gao began as he felt his body get zapped with electricity. He writhed on the floor before his suit’s power supply exploded, sending him free of the shock and against a wall, unconscious.

Chakri fell on the ground in exhaustion.

Xuehua ran over to him. “Guard Captain!” she said.

“Princess… you’re safe…” he said.

Before she could say anything, PLA commandos burst into the room, surrounding it.

“Primary objective secure.” Chakri said. “We’ve captured a prisoner…” he began before passing out.

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