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The Factions Arise

Sarah Tintagyl

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As the Republic took it's first steps forward, organizing itself both militarily and economically after the terrible defeat suffered at the hands of Haas, political mindsets that had formed in the first throes of the Revolution began to appear independently. No longer were political minds only concerned with the abdication of the monarchy, they began to form their own ideas on the direction Austria should take after the Republic had situated itself. However, while the ideologies began to form in people's minds, between nationalism, pacifism, and others, most did not organize themselves into concrete political parties. Instead, political power and guidance seemed to center itself around the Austrian Directorate and those Directors who were most charismatic began to bring followers to their sides to increase not only the power of their ideology, but their own influence over the council.

By the beginning of the election, Austria found itself divided into support four different factions upheld by four members of the Directorate.

Dreher's Faction
Faction Leader: Michael Dreher
Faction Supporters: Ralph Fiedler
Ideologies: Green and Technocratic Politics

The supporters of Dreher's Faction are advocates of restoration of the society that Austria held during the reign of Alexander the First, minus the Monarchy. During that age, Austria was perhaps the most technologically advanced nations in the world. The society that existed had nearly free energy, a population that was happy and wealthy, and an environment that was not harmed by increasing factorization of the countryside. If the supporters of Dreher's Faction emerge victorious, Austria's policies will reflect a push for technological expansion. Increased trading with technological giants such as Ceylon, and Monaco, the Athenian Federation and the United Federation of the East. A system based on strict capitalism and business expansion will be enforced with lighter taxes for bureaucrats and capitalists for the expansion of jobs especially in the technological sector. In addition, strict laws will be put in place for corporations in dealing with the environment.

"A Modern and Ecologically Austria is well within our reach, ladies and gentlemen. We have watched for many years as our beautiful nation has been turned into a wasteland. As Austrians we must band together to assure that Edelweiss blossoms over green hillsides once again."
~Michael Dreher


Nagel's Faction
Faction Leader: Maik Nagel
Faction Supporters: Bernd Vogler
Ideologies: Nationalist Catholic Conservative

Supporters of Nagel's Faction tend to be old Republican supporters of Bridgette Saenger, war veterans, and the families of Austrian Nordists. They envision an Austria bound together by the words, slogans, and ideologies that first created Austria as a country and made her a superpower. The defeat in the Haas Wars for Empire must eventually be avenged either through diplomatic or military means and a strong push by Nagel's Faction is to increase the size of the military and increase the size of the military budget by fifty percent. A mandatory military service of two years would be implemented for all Austrians between the ages of eighteen and thirty. In addition, Nagel's faction favors a return to slight xenophobia from portions of the world regarded as dangerous. The German border would be closed, as well as the border between Dalmatia for the recent annexation of Bohemia. Diplomatic reassessment would be conducted though the closer alliances between Athens, the UFE, and Pravus Inguro would be held. The citizenship laws would be changed, establishing an immigration quota and trade protection would be implemented. In addition, while religions other than Catholicism would not be banned, only the Catholic Church would receive funding.

"Austria has been through too much chaos, Comrades. The Hapsburgs' philosophies are the same as the philosophies of Vogel, Dreher, and Schiffer and will only once again lead us to ruin. We need strength to defend ourselves, to show that we can no longer be walked over. The world is dangerous and there are a plethora of unnamed and unknown enemies who can do us harm. We must be prepared or be prepared to forfeit Austria to the unseen enemy."
~Maik Nagel


Vogel's Faction
Faction Leader: Anke Vogel
Faction Supporters: Vanessa Eggers, Anne Kruger
Ideologies: Social Democracy

Supporters of Vogel's Faction tend to position themselves as the reaction to the conservative philosophies of Nagel's supporters. While not Anti-Military, supporters would rather see Austria maintain sovereignty and strength through diplomatic power, not military power. The reasoning is that while Austria was at peace during both the Hapsburg Regimes and the Communist Regimes, power and strength was achieved. However, through war, that prosperity was destroyed. The faction realizes that the Austrians are not a militaristic people and the budget subsidies would reflect this. With cuts in the military budget and a slight raise in taxes, more affordable education would be available to the population, along with affordable health care and social programs with the goal being totally free. Vogel's Faction supports the encouragement of immigration and a secularization of Austrian society from the Catholic church. Diplomacy would also be used as the main strength of the Republic, with friendships alliances sought with every country on the globe.

"In the modern world, there is the ability to be successful and not have the greatest physical strength. It is possible to be loud and heard without screaming and causing a ruckus. The policies of both Empress Maria Magdalena and Maria Therseia were successful, but interrupted by war. If we can perfect our ability for defense, curb domestic violence and instability, social welfare and prosperity of the Austrian people and all those we touch can be achieved."
~Anke Vogel


Schiffer's Faction
Faction Leader: Annett Schiffer
Faction Supporters: Wolfgang Braak
Ideologies: Individualism, Liberalism, and Self-Sovereignty

Supporters of Schiffer's Faction indicate the pressing need of the Austrian nation to break away from large and centralized government. They view the other factions as either Semi-Fascist or Royalist Reactionaries. The desire of these supporters is to lessen the Austrian government and enhance the roles of provincial and local governments, saying that the only concerns that Vienna should have is with making sure the country operates and provides prosperity to the Austrian people, but Austria should have the liberty of what to do with such wealth. If victorious, policies would be implemented to restrict the central government to foreign affairs, the levying of tax, and the upkeep of a military. With Local governments handling their own laws and judiciaries. The Republic would be styled in the form of a Confederation, the Directorate would still control the Central Government, but a third house of government would be formed as a Council of the Austrian and Slovenian states that exist in the Republic, along with the Pacific and Ehestadt.

"We are a nation made up of various ethnicities, ways of thought, ways of life. We are far flung across the world in Europe, North America, and Asia and yet we have had to swear loyalty these many years to a government who is not concerned with the individual. Only localized government truly understands the needs of their constituents and that is where the power of Austria should lay. Not solely in Vienna, but in Innsbruck, Salzburg, Seattle, and Ehestadt as well."
~Annett Schiffer

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World Freedom Network Special Report:

[center][b]Election 20XX, Great Patriotic War for Freedom[/b]


Welcome to World Freedom Network Austria's News Room, I'm your host Megyn Kelly. Tonight on the program: Austria's Elections are getting underway, and we're already hearing rumblings. Some critics say that Anke Vogel's party is practicing electioneering!

Critics have said Miss Vogel's policies are out to destroy Austria through taxing and spending while leaving it vulnerable to foreign terrorists through lax immigration policies.

Joining us tonight are Bill O'Reilly out with his new book: [u]The War on Christianity for Kids: How Reading the Bible for Yourself Will Destroy Christianity and Make You a Marxist[/u], Glenn Beck host of the new WFN sister Channel, [u]Glenn Beck TV, Television for !@#$% Crazy People[/u] and Chancellor of Glenn Beck University, also the author of: [u]Blood and Tyrants: How Liberal Use Cults of Personality to Destroy Liberty[/u]. Lastly joining us live from Korea is Ann Coulter.

Bill, What do you make of these candidates, particularly the fact that some critics say, and we won't say who those critics are, that Anke Vogel wants to use her progressive secular agenda to transform how everyday Austrians live.


Frankly Megyn I'm disgusted by these pinheads. Their idiots, pure and simple. They are idiots and they are bullies. The venom on the left against Mr. Nagel's policies have been disgusting. And you know why? Because the left hates conservatives. They hate them. And they hate the Catholic Church.

The Left doesn't like that they can't explain everything. If God doesn't say its wrong to kill babies, whose to say it is wrong. If God doesn't say its wrong to kill Grandma, whose to say it isn't. Its common sense that if a omniscient being does not say something is wrong, than it must be the right thing to do, but the left is afraid to acknowledge it. Tide goes in tide goes out, you progressive socialist pinheads can't explain that!


Megyn, the secular left in this world and their main stream media cronies have one goal. To destroy Western Civilization. Austria is one of the bastions of Western Civilization. Lets go back in history. When the Muslim Armies were charging into Europe to impose a secular progressive communist caliphate on us back in the 17th Century, where were they stopped?

Thats right Austria. And since that time, the Islamists, and China, and the Left, and the Canadians have been in a conspiracy to destroy Austria from within. We are THIS CLOSE, THIS CLOSE to having this republic getting destroyed... and I don't know... I just don't know if we can save it.



Miss Coulter? Strong and totally factual words. What do you say?

[center] [img]http://img705.imageshack.us/img705/6527/picture30st.png[/img] [/center]



And I'm afraid we've mistaken Ann Coulter for the equally !@#$%*y Sumeragizilla who my producers is saying has melted our entire camera crew with radioactive flames... oh the humanity.

We'll be back with Sean Hannity's interview with Mr. Nagel after this.

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[center][b]Liberty News Network International Edition

Austrian Legislative Crisis, Will the True Austrian Win?[/b][/center]

[center][img] http://theoriginalgreenwichdiva.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/alex-witt.jpg[/img][/center]

Welcome to the Libery News Network International edition I am your host Alex Witt. A lot to cover this episode, yesterday in the LNN Daily. “Right-wing nutjob Nagel will revive xenophobia in Austria”. Earlier this evening the so called World Freedom Network with a shameless smear campaign against Director Vogel. The future of Austria seems to be at risk with nationalists and capitalists trying to take control over the still very fragile state. Tonight political commentator Keith Olbermann known for “Countdown” on HBC and the book “Hellenic Socialism: The Road to Peace and the Death of Capitalism” will be joining us to comment on this ongoing crisis in Austria.

Thank you for joining us professor Olbermann. What is your opinion on this newest bump in the road to a prosperous Austria?

[center][img] http://www.thenewsinn.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/keith_olbermann.jpg[/img][/center]

It is a pleasure miss Witt. Quite frankly when seeing people like Nagel talk I feel ashamed for being part of the same species. The Austrian people have fought so hard for their independence and freedom from oppression. Hell, they just came out of a war against the fascist Haas. What does Nagel do? He brings fascism back to Austria. I am not sure what you think but it is clear that if people like him win there is only potential for war.

[center][img] http://theoriginalgreenwichdiva.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/alex-witt.jpg[/img][/center]

So true, but what is your take on the other directors professor?

[center][img] http://www.thenewsinn.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/keith_olbermann.jpg[/img][/center]

Well let me begin with Anke Vogel, I respect that woman so much. Look at her Austria, she is your future, she is the true Austrian. Her well balanced policies, her strong character. She is the complete opposite of beings like Nagel. The best of all? She doesn’t even need an army to achieve what she wants. You have to admire that in a politician.

Next Michael Dreher, well I’ll be honest Alex, I’m not sure what to say about him. He seems to have his heart in the right place but his policies, it is like mixing socialism with capitalism and some other abomination. It simply doesn’t work. The sooner he gets that the better.

Finally, Annett Schiffer. Most of the above really counts with the difference that this one actually has chosen a side. Unfortunately the wrong one. Much like Nagel however I don’t see much hope for her seeing the true way.

[center][img] http://theoriginalgreenwichdiva.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/alex-witt.jpg[/img][/center]

Again a great view of business professor, now finally the so called World Freedom Network has mentioned unfounded rumors that Director Vogel is changing the way Austrians live. Do you believe these rumors hold any truth?


You’re telling a joke right? Because I hear what you’re saying but I can’t believe anyone could be so stupid to claim that. Obviously she doesn’t transform the way Austrians live, there is no need to. Austrians are smart enough to know what their way of life should be. No motivation from Director Vogel is needed there.


With that we have reached the end of this episode. Thank you professor Olbermann for enlightening us with your wisdom. Austria has a long way ahead and we here at the Liberty News Network all hope the people make the right call. To our viewers, thank you for watching and until the next episode of LNN International Edition.

Next on the Liberty News Network; Are conservatives and fascists equal?

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Port Sudan Tattler:

"Horrific Sex Scandal rocks Austria as all four political candidates are discovered as being actors in a little known pornographic film titled, 'Drill baby drill'.

More at 11 or maybe later, our lead anchor just puked after watching the first 5 minutes of the film."

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[quote name='Triyun' timestamp='1312318249' post='2770303']
When the [b]Muslim [/b]Armies were charging into Europe to impose a [b]secular [/b]progressive communist [b]caliphate [/b]on us back in the 17th Century, where were they stopped?
Someone apparently needs to learn what the word secular means.

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