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Announcement from Deinos

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Greetings rulers and rulerettes! 72 hours ago, Deinos notified DRAGON of our intent to cancel the 'Not As Extinct As You Thought' accords. The folks at DRAGON are a great group of people and were awesome allies during the recent PB-NpO conflict. However, due to a lack of communication and diverging political paths, we believe that this is the best course of action. I know I can speak on behalf of Deinos (oh hey, I am!) in wishing DRAGON the best of luck in their future endeavors.

[i]Melancholy Culkin, Raptor Lord of Diplomacy[/i]

[center]As per usual, the only reason anyone actually likes us:

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o/ Deinos and your ever entertaining announcements. I made you a cake:


Still waiting to hear about my Honorary Pachycephalosaurus title. Otherwise, I am willing to entertain being your Minister of Seismosaurus Activity, or Surveyor of Panoplosauri Defense.

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[quote name='The Corrupt Teacher' timestamp='1312338343' post='2770634']
All you need is the Wet Fuse Accords, we're undefeated and thats all that matters. :awesome:


What sort of undermining is this, Corrupt? You were supposed to work FOR US. Sheesh :rolleyes:

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