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Apology to NG


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I'll keep this short and to the point. I apologize for the actions of "treason" I took against Non Grata. I ZI'd myself for you. :P


You're taking this a little too far for a !@#$@#$ game guys. I now have been harassed/trolled on IRC, ingame and on here using OOC attacks. I understand the frustration and anger you feel for my IC actions but you all need to learn the "line" between IC and OOC. You're remarks about being "beat" is not something to joke around about. Since you wont be seeing me much longer I don't guess it matters to let it out that actually I was raised in an very abusive home. So your remarks are very offensive. I even tried contacting a member of your high government who obviously completely ignored my request to keep this all IC and have fun with it. You want me gone. You're gonna get it, I had been planning to delete anyway. So long guys. I refuse to be personally attacked. You may not like the way I play, the "character" I played, the things I did, but all you did was lose another active member of the community.


TimLee/Letub/Lizzy: I love you guys :D

Zoom/KX/arexes: NG was fun. This was fun. Keep it real. (tell King Soloman to not spy away tech when he could raid it)

Hiott: Don't need that brown trade circle anymore ;) gon' miss ya XD

bros/Malone/Stormsend/hawk11/Smashing/Midas: I'll still be around IRC for our lil project

Randalla: :wub::wub::wub:

FeaR-/khmerkid/Trigar: Grow up. Seriously.

Anyone else I forget... sorry :P

edit: inb4lolragequit

EDIT2: OMGHOWCOULDI4GETNETTLES!!!!!! /me slaps Lord_Nettles around a bit with a large trout. Cya lata BOI

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[quote name='King Xander the Only' timestamp='1312266883' post='2769894']
Don't make me come looking for you when you reroll.

No rerolls planned for me, but if I do.. I'll make damn sure you know where I am :P

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