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Actions of the Revolutionary Council

Sarah Tintagyl

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[b]The Directorate[/b]

Director of Societal Welfare - Vanessa Eggers
Director of Labor - Annett Schiffer
Director of the Treasury - Phillipp Fleischer
Director of Environmental Policy - Michael Dreher
Director of Energy - Ralph Fiedler
Director of Justice - Bernd Vogler
Director of Defense - Maik Nagel
Director of Foreign Affairs - Anke Vogel
Director of Infrastructure - Wolfgang Braak
Director of Health - Anne Kruger

[b]**Statement from the Bureau of Defense**[/b]

As per the Haas Wars of Empire are still occurring and are presumed to continue for some time. It is imperative that all citizens of the Republic remain under constant vigilance for the chance of German guerrilla fighters, still within our country, to attack. While unfortunate, a mandatory curfew of eight o'clock will be placed in all cities of the Republic and this will be enforced by local police and guard units stationed throughout the nation. In addition, even at this time of grievance, Austria cannot remain undefended. With our military brought back from Italy, it is still imperative to keep a moderately sized force to prevent further foreign insurrection as well as domestic strife. The Bureau asks for all able-bodied men and women, from the ages of eighteen to thirty, to volunteer for service in local Urban Guards. Munitions will be provided upon enlistment, along with training and necessary provisions. You brave young men and women are the soldiers of a new and great Republic who's ideas must be defended from her birth, so that she may never die.

We ask for volunteers to prevent the need to instate mandatory service and I can assure all who join will be placed up for advancement within the military once normalcy in the country is achieved.

-Director Maik Nagel


[b]**Statement from the Bureau of Societal Welfare**[/b]

With the acceptance of aid from the United Federation of the East and the United States of the Island, all monetary assets will be placed into rebuilding and reconstruction funds across the Republic. At this time, it is necessary to provide health care of at least some nature to those still recovering from war-wariness and wounds suffered during the war. At this time a limit on food, as well as luxury goods, will be enforced and the Bureau asks that all Austrian citizens ration meals and their energy with the mindset that there are those neighboring you who do not have such luxury. To prevent domestic violence, the Bureau asks for the people's patience in these stressful times and to cooperate with local enforcement agencies as well as your countrymen to successfully weather this storm.

In addition, the elections of the Lower House, the Austrian Diet will continue on as planned. Set for the end of this week. Parties must register first with the Bureau of Societal Welfare and voter registration will be handled by Bureau Agents at local city halls.

-Director Vanessa Eggers

[b]**Classified to BSW Agents**[/b]

Fascist and Communist Parties are not viable parties to be registered. Those persons suspected of Communist or Fascist ideology should be turned over to the Bureau of Justice for investigation.

-Director Eggers

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The Ninth People's Liberation Army Mechanized Corps, would be deployed to Austria to assist their military in the development of their country, and secure the border while the Directorate of Defenses get their affairs in Order. The standing force of 50, 000 would be a relatively modest deployment overall, but still quite substantial for a smaller nation.

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[b]**Statement from the Bureau of Foreign Affairs**[/b]

I am pleased to announce that the United States of the Island has joined the larger Austrian Diplomatic family with the passing of the Non-Aggression/Free Trade Pact in the Directorate today. While our nation has little connection with the British Isles and indeed feels rather betrayed by the cowardly actions of the Irish during the Haas Wars of Empire, we are not people willing to turn down a helping hand in the face of such destruction and chaos. In time, this treaty may be expanded to a mutual defense pact, but not until our friendship with the USI is a permanent one and we understand the origins and philosophies behind their decision making. They are a conservative country and one deeply rooted in religious background. By the end of the Diet Election it will be clear where we stand on both friendship with the USI and friendship within the greater world community.

-Director Anke Vogel

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[b]**Address from Anke Vogel on the steps of the Rathaus**[/b]
Citizens of the Republic,

Today marks the conclusion of the first step of a marvelous experiment. With the ballot boxes closed, Austria has conducted her first successful democratic election in nearly a century. I do not believe that there are any here, listening now, who have tasted democracy and freedom in their lifetime, but we have all lived through autocracy and strife. The Greater German Empire, The Nordic Reich, Hapsburgian Rule for decades, along with Communists, Nordists, and other extremist societies have turned Austria and her people on their heads and only now have we finally recovered. We have recovered after feeling the flames of war and the grief of seeing so many of our loved ones die, but we have recovered and prevailed in spite of this, and we will persevere for years to come.

I speak to you now because through your belief in me and the belief in a society focused on improving the welfare of our brothers and sisters, we, the Social Democrats hold power in the Diet. As leader of the Social Democrats I take responsibility for the actions of my faction and of the Diet's action as a whole. To secure a stronger majority, a Coalition has been formed between I and Herr Dreher of the Conservationists and we have outlined the path that Austria will taken in these coming months and years.

Firstly, we realize that the most important issue facing Austria in the present is her reconstruction. However with the amount of aid coming in from China, from the USI, and Athens, this will be filtered into the economy slowly as not to created an unnecessary boom that may lead to later recessions. To do this without causing economic problems, the government will expand and incorporate itself into the Austrian private sector, in matters such as infrastructure, health care, and military production. But finance and other corporate ventures, while regulated will be relaxed from government control. As your first servants, it is our duty as Directors to see Austria flourish and she shall. As promised, the introduction of technological powerhouses to our trading sphere will only help in our struggle to modernize and become the global power we were always meant to be.

Perhaps not through military strength, but Vienna, once rebuild will regain her title, not as the Cultural Capital of Europe, but as a city that represents the positives of humanity around the world.[/i]


[b]**Statement from the Bureau of Foreign Affairs**[/b]

We are pleased to announce that the Directorate has approved of a recent Economic and Trade treaty proposal by the Republic of Noveria. With the signing of this friendship, another border can be thought of as secure in the conflicting atmosphere of North America, where Austria has not always been welcomed. Having met with Ambassador Villinor of Noveria myself, I can safely say that the sins of Ursalia's pasts will be put behind us and a new friendship forged. However, Austria will remain vigilant and any sign of betrayal to this Republic will be met with animosity, hatred, and possible arms if our sovereignty and reputation is threatened across the global stage.

-Director Anke Vogel


[b]**Statement from the Bureau of Defense**[/b]

With the signing of the Austro-Noverian Trade Treaty, it has come to our attention that North America has once again become a center piece of the Republic's holdings across the world. While the Revolutionary Army is still rebuilding in the Motherland, untapped volunteers crowd in abundance within the territories of Cascadia and Ehestadt. The bonuses offered to Austria Proper will now be instated for those wishing to join the Revolutionary Army in our outlying territories. Together, we can make our Republic secure from future encroachment and invasion and be better prepared when our help is needed across the world.

-Director Maik Nagel

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[center][b]Dispatch to the Bureau of Energy[/b][/center]

The UFE inquires about the situation regarding the nuclear fusion plants that were under construction in Austria prior to the war, our understanding is these got damaged. We'd like to offer to repair them for the new government.

-Grand Vizier Wei Hai

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[b]To: Wei Hei, Grand Vizer of the United Federation of the East
From: Ralph Fiedler, Director of Energy of the Revolutionary Council
Subject: Re: Fusion[/b]


Austria's nuclear program prior to the war was relatively non-existent and relied fully on Federation funding, construction, and maintenance. It pains me to say that the Republic for this energy is entirely in China's debt, but it is a fact that we must come to terms with and if your nation is willing to restart this operation, the Republic will provide whatever help to get moving again. In addition, the Directorate and Diet have both approved a longer contract extension to build fusion plants across the Republic, including Cascadia and Ehestadt, if they haven't already been built there.

We await your answer with haste.


Ralph Fiedler[/i]

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[quote][b]To:[/b] Ralph Fiedler, Director of Energy of the Revolutionary Council
[b]From:[/b] Wei Hai, Grand Vizier of the United Federation of the East
[b]Subject:[/b] Nuclear Fusion


Ehestadt has fusion power provided by our administration there. Do not worry about there. In regards to the Pacific Northwest we are constructing a thorium reactor for the Legion forces stationed there and it will have excess power for Seattle. Once we have sufficient parts we can begin building fusion plants for the area as well.

With regards to a domestic capability. Fusion power is an incredibly complex system, which would be hard to transfer tech. If Austria is interested in developing its own fission power systems either based on uranium or thorium, we can assist in this, unfortunately fission accidents are significantly more dangerous (though there are designs which greatly reduce the risk) and produced radioactive waste. Further either thorium or uranium fuel would need to be acquired from abroad. For much of the early and medium history, the UFE was not an energy independent state and we made it a key foreign policy objective to become self sufficient. If you wish any assistance or advise in this regard, we are happy to help Austria achieve a similar capability.

Lastly, I would like the opportunity to meet with you and your Revolutionary Council at some time in the future to discuss several issues pertaining to UFE-Austrian relations and friendship.[/quote]

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**Transcripts of the Council meeting with Vizer Wei Hei**

[3:18pm] Wei_Hai: Councillors thank you for seeing me on short notice.
[3:19pm] The_Revolutionary_Council: (Director Vogel): Herr Wei, it is a pleasure to have you here. A visit from our allies in the East is always something to look forward to, but what is it that we can do for you today?"
[3:21pm] Wei_Hai: Unfortunately yes. I wish I could come here to exchange pleasantries but at the moment I do not feel I can do that. The moves of Austria as of late have drawn attention of the United Federation of the East in a negative way. I would not say that they have put our relationship in jeopardy but it is moving that way. I've been sent over by the Imperator to prevent such a thing from happening.
[3:22pm] The_Revolutionary_Council: (Director Nagel): Is that so Your Excellency? This is indeed troubling and a failure I believe of our Foreign Affairs department. What exactly have you had qualms with?
[3:24pm] Wei_Hai: There have been several incidents which have drawn our attention, and we feel have reflected a bit of a disconnect between the Republic and the UFE. The first were the peace negotiations with the Germans. At those negotiations, we felt that Austria's reaction to the Athenians was surprising. Candidly I do not care that much about the internal politics of Europe, but it was our understanding that everyone was aware of the Athenian terms. When Austria changed its position at the negotiating table to put Athens in a worse light, especially considering the sacrifices Athens made during the war and the real threats Germany has posed to nations beyond just Austria, we felt that this was improper. Objections should between allies should be settled before people go into the negotiating room.
[3:24pm] Wei_Hai: (that all get in)
[3:25pm] The_Revolutionary_Council: (yeah)
[3:26pm] Wei_Hai: Secondly in regards to the speech made by Councillor Vogel, it seemed that she was grouping all autocracies in together, especially those governing Austria. It was our understanding that during her visit to the UFE, she regarded Imperatrix's Theresia's rule in a general postive light, yet she grouped it in with extremist regimes such as Nordland.
[3:26pm] The_Revolutionary_Council: (Director Vogel): Our stance, Excellency, was simply one to keep Germany from becoming a problem in the future. Athens' ban of German Nationalism would only cause problems in a nation traditionally ground in nationalist practices. It was an error on my part not to discuss with with the Athenians prior.
[3:26pm] Wei_Hai: Lastly
[3:26pm] The_Revolutionary_Council: (Director Schiffer): This is becoming a problem Anke, a very large problem.
[3:30pm] Wei_Hai: I feel there has been a general lack of communication on a number of fronts. First was the war against Bohemia. The Dalmatians invaded to prevent a German offensive against our mutual ally. We did not see any German or Bohemian denials of this in their initial statements, and in fact Bohemia and Germany were becoming closer. They only denied this after the UFE seeing a lack of denials and the evidence of complicity declared its support as part of a broader war. Yet Austria condemned its own allies and instead chose to believe the words of those who attacked it. Secondly, in regards to the USI, the USI has refused to believe its own allies (and yours) evidence in Mogatopia in favor of assertions of faith. They've also consistently painted the left in broad brushes for example leveling outrageous accusations of marxist leninism against the UFE. Yet Austria does not contact us at all about you getting closer to them. While I do not presume to control Austria's foreign affairs, I do feel Austria needs to show the UFE the same respect through communication that we have tried to show it. At the moment I have not felt that.
[3:31pm] Wei_Hai: And if I may
[3:32pm] Wei_Hai: Regarding Germany, we've fought Germany several times. Germany's longest period of peaceful existence and unification was after Adenauer did just that, Athens was not without reason or historical precedent. We don't need to argue the specifics here, but we do need to have discussions.
[3:33pm] Wei_Hai: (end of Wei's schpiel)
[3:34pm] The_Revolutionary_Council: (Director Nagel): Perhaps I've found myself in the wrong party. Here I sit and say that Austria needs to look out for herself and that's being aggressive and nationalistic. But our Social Democrats are making deals with conservatives and devils like Germany and the USI. You know the Mogartopians are under charges of slavery, Anke. Did you know that? Or is...
[3:34pm] The_Revolutionary_Council: that another thing you decided to forget to further your goals against this Republic.
[3:36pm] The_Revolutionary_Council: (Director Eggers): There is no reason to pull ourselves apart, between Social Democrats and Nationalists. I can say though, that we appreciate your visit Herr Wei and that Austria and her Ruling Council means no ill-will to your nation or to the Imperatrix.
[3:36pm] The_Revolutionary_Council: (Director Nagel): And I can assure you that these kinds of statements will not go unpunished.
[3:38pm] The_Revolutionary_Council: (Director Vogel): I meant no such thing! I apologize Herr Wei, if any of those statements came off as cross and I apologize if you believed our negotiations were too soft on the Germans. We have been dealing with a great amount of chaos in our own country and the negotiations were rushed.
[3:38pm] The_Revolutionary_Council: (Director Nagel): Simply excuses, Anke. Herr Wei, in your mind, what must be done to improve our relations with the UFE and of course our other allies as I'm sure they see it the same way.
[3:41pm] Wei_Hai: I would say that significantly more communication needs to occur. Under Hapsburg rule there was a personal connection that didn't exist today, and maybe that is part of the problem. Our nations were close, but our leaders were closest, and thus we didn't have to worry about this. I think that what we need now is to establish clear channels of communication and outline a joint set of priorities of what we want from each other, as well as what are our broad likes and dislikes.
[3:42pm] The_Revolutionary_Council: (Director Nagel): Perhaps moving back to a more Royalist Style of diplomacy and foreign affairs would help?
[3:42pm] The_Revolutionary_Council: (Director Vogel): Maik! What are you saying?
[3:43pm] Wei_Hai: How do you mean?
[3:43pm] The_Revolutionary_Council: (Director Nagel): By placing say the former Empress Magdalena as Director of Foreign Affairs?
[3:43pm] • The_Revolutionary_Council begins to grumble loudly
[3:44pm] The_Revolutionary_Council: (Director Nagel): Perhaps even the Imperatrix herself.
[3:44pm] The_Revolutionary_Council: (Director Dreher): You're a Royalist now, Maik?
[3:45pm] The_Revolutionary_Council: (Director Nagel): I do what's best for Austria, Michael, you and Anke's coalition is apparently not what this country needs. We need firm allies, not idealistic promises that cannot be met.
[3:46pm] Wei_Hai: Its not my place to comment on Austrian internal affairs and appointments. I will say both Magdalena and especially Theresia are respected figures within the Federation, but this should be your decision.
[3:46pm] The_Revolutionary_Council: (Director Vogel): You would have me replaced?
[3:47pm] The_Revolutionary_Council: (Director Nagel): I would call the vote now if I could Anke. Herr Wei, do you think that such an appointment would make the Republic trusted in the eyes of the Athenians and Dalmatians?
[3:48pm] The_Revolutionary_Council: (Director Eggers): Maik, that is unprecedented, you can't just replace a Director because of one simple mistake.
[3:48pm] Wei_Hai: I cannot say Councillor. Certainly there must be a course change, how Austria does that is up to Austria. But I will say it appears that because Councillor Vogel has not consulted us, it is the opinion of some of our political analysts that her opinions are knee jerk reactions of her own beliefs and prejudices. If such is the case I feel that while not completely jeopardizing the alliance, would place the Austrian Republic and the UFE at a more distant position
[3:50pm] The_Revolutionary_Council: (Director Nagel): Blast your loyalty to her, there are those nations who can help us and those that cannot. Noveria is not an ally, they are a cutthroat nation. The USI is weak and here is an ambassador destroying a relationship hard fought for, for her own personal gain. Get with reality Anke, you live in the clouds and you will not bury Austria again.
[3:50pm] The_Revolutionary_Council: (Director Vogel): But that's not what I intended at all...I...
[3:51pm] • Wei_Hai awkwardly clears his throat
[3:51pm] The_Revolutionary_Council: (Director Nagel): You are a disgrace to this country, nothing more and who will send our alliances into the dirt. This Social Experiment is over and the moment Herr Wei has decided to stop honoring us with his presence. I will be calling for a vote of no-confidence in the Director.
[3:52pm] The_Revolutionary_Council: (Director Fielder): Herr Wei, please, continue.
[3:55pm] Wei_Hai: It is not my intention to bring instability to Austria further, lord knows you've had enough of it. I've brought this message here to say how the situation looks. Imperatrix Theresia has still made strong cases for Austria even after her abdication, but there are others who speak to the Imperator who do not have such a view. The one thing the Imperator has instructed me to say is that the UFE wants Austria itself to remain on the path of rebuilding and reconstruction. If I am creating a serious problem here we can work on this in a timely manner.
[3:55pm] The_Revolutionary_Council: (Director Nagel): Not at all Herr Wei, you have only shown us a problem that needs to be corrected.
[3:56pm] The_Revolutionary_Council: (Director Vogel): Corrected because my Social Democrats filled the Diet.
[3:56pm] The_Revolutionary_Council: (Director Nagel): Corrected because this Council no longer trusts you.
[3:58pm] The_Revolutionary_Council: (Director Eggers): Herr Wei, before you leave however, if there is anything else you would like to discuss. Please, we would like to hear it.
[3:58pm] Wei_Hai: Well I believe I've said what I've needed to say on the matter, and you evidently have much to say amongst yourselves. I will take my leave, once this is resolved we can discuss other matter such as rebuilding aid, defense assistance, and nuclear energy.
[3:59pm] The_Revolutionary_Council: (Director Nagel): Very good, Excellency, and I can assure you that this problem will never happen again.
[3:59pm] The_Revolutionary_Council: Give the Imperator our regards and that this problem...will be solved.
[3:59pm] Wei_Hai: Understood it is not our intention to dictate to Austria, lets keep in touch and keep a mutual dialogue going.
[4:00pm] Wei_Hai: Good day.
[4:00pm] The_Revolutionary_Council: (Director Vogel): I...I don't know what to say...other than...you have my deepest apologies. Please tell the Empress, it didn't mean to happen like this.
[4:00pm] Wei_Hai: I shall

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[b]**Statement from the Bureau of Justice**[/b]

As per this announcement, all border roads exiting the Republic are hereby severely restricted on the account of the escape of Anke Vogel, from the Austrian Intelligence Agency in Vienna. It is imperative that she and her accomplices be caught, preferably alive, and brought to Vienna alive to stand trial for their wrongdoings. Miss Vogel is currently wanted for the murder of Director Michael Dreher, her Coalition Ally, and four government agents who were killed by the Former Director when an attempted capture was made. She is presumed to be armed and fairly dangerous, however the offender has no past of military or firearm training, if the chance to capture her is presented, the government implores citizens to take that chance. In turn a hefty reward of one million thalers will be given to the agent or citizen who assists in bringing her to the Bureau of Justice.

If a citizen has good reason to cross the border they will be allowed, but only after intense searching for the assumption that Miss Vogel will try to flee the nation. The Directorate apologizes for this inconvenience, but when a single person threatens the sanctity of our Republic, she must be brought to Justice. Murder and cases of Election Fraud will not go unpunished in this new democracy.

Look for a blonde woman at about five-foot-four, with relatively pale skin. She has recently cut a stigmata scar, the wounds that Christ received on the cross into her hands. She is a religious fanatic and a danger to the Republic. Vogel must be caught at all costs.

-Director Bernd Vogler.


[b]**Statement from Annett Schiffler, Diet Leader**[/b]

With the unfortunate death of Director Dreher and the cowardly fleeing of Director Vogel, the Directorate has had no choice but to promote two members from the Diet who are qualified in Environmental Politics and Foreign Affairs. Thus, I would like to proudly announce the promotion of Anders Oster, to Director of Environmental Director and Jessika Adler to Director of Foreign Affairs. Our congratulations to them both and hopefully this change will bring greater success to our birthing Republic.

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Ryu saw the notice come across his tablet PCs new feed as his plane landed in the UFE base on Crete. Picking up the phone he saw Jia was on the other hand.

"Yeah I just saw it." he said.

"Thoughts?" Jia asked.

Ryu sighed, "I would commend we take her in ourselves and find out. Her body language and behavior is not that of a fanatic or one hiding something."

"Good, because this is your new assignment. Monitor the situation, don't forcefully bring her unless you feel its necessary. For now find her and make your analysis." Jia said.

Ryu nodded, "Understood. Do we have leads?" he asked.

"Theresia has heard about some car chase, its suspected to be her, that ended with her falling into the River Danube. Follow it down stream. Your insertion will be within 3 hours." he said. "We've set up safe houses and accounts for you."

Ryu nodded, "Understood."

"Good luck." Jia said hanging up.

Ryu sighed leaning back. "Well I guess I have time before one drink before I move out." he joked. "Longer vacation than normal."

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Legion Forces Command Austria

"Sir, have you seen the day's take for intelligence summaries?" Lt. General Charles Beckwith asks Dellion.

"Yes, quite grim from the looks of it. Vogel on the run and in hiding, and the government appears to be in the midst of some sort of dramatic transition," Dellion replies.

"Have you consulted with the Legion Council?" asks Beckwith.

"I have, they are quite concerned, more so the agreement to extend a position within the Austrian Government to a Legionnaire hasn't been honored. This concerns the Council," Dellion replies. Dellion then quietly leans over the table and looks Beckwith directly in the eye and says, "If it were me I'd be quietly talking to Rol over at the 3rd SOG and suggesting they put out a few Legionnaire teams who are doing some sort of survey work. Those lads could spend their time keeping their eyes peeled for Vogel. If it where me I'd have a natter with some of our good friends over at Port of Sudan Imports and Exports and ask them to have a plane on standby for a quiet trip out of the country for Vogel should she want to leave."

"Of course you can't order such a thing, I understand this sir," Beckwith nods as he excuses himself from the room to go hunt down Rol Mbembe and the 3rd SOG Team.

The Legion Heavy Divsion in Austria is quietly shifted to a higher state of readiness. Many of the men are still busy shaking down with their new units and acquiring new skills as part of the Legion's cross training effort. None the less, orders are orders and the men are pulled out of the classrooms and back into the fields to go on standby. The pilots of the 333rd Air Strike Group are put on warning for immediate Combat Air Patrol operations over Legion positions. A last order is put out for Legion cargo ships to begin massing on the Southern Austrian coast for evacuation efforts.

Austrian Legionnaires that have enlisted as part of the Legion's effort to organize an all-Austrian Division to satisfy Legion commitments to Austria's defense are marched into the fields and placed on a 3 week long field exercises well away from Legion sensitive areas. They are given replica weapons as their level of training and the security risk they pose to the rest of the Legion dictates real weapons can wait until this entire situation resolves itself one way or another.

Dellion reads his orders one more time:

"Prepare to evacuate Austria should conditions in Austria further deteriorate. Upon the given order all Austrian Nationals in Legion ranks will be expunged from our rolls and given a free bus ticket home. All Legion heavy equipment that can not be evacuated will be destroyed in place. All Legion buildings will be razed. Priority at this time is shifted away from Austrian rebuilding efforts to the recovery of Legion KIAs in the recent fighting. We do not want to leave any of our own behind.

Hand Delivered, burn after reading.

Legion Council."

Having read the orders he places them in a metal bowl and sets them on fire. He watches them burn with a taste of bitterness in his mouth. He remembers something Denard tells him, "Remember mate, to them we are nothing more than glorified pack animals. Hell man, we smashed the way clear to Vienna and threw the Germans out and these sorry Austrians didn't even hold a victory parade in our honor. We reorganized their army for them, we armed them with our equipment that we bought from the UFE. Ditching this alliance will be a blessing from Allah and a curse at the same time. We stand to lose Fort Bogart and all that we have done there if we aren't careful. Still, this new government isn't the Empress and she is the one we swore our oath."

"Bah, Legionnaires are only good for dying in this nice little bit of Austria," Dellion mutters angrily as he orders his staff car to pick him up. With that last angry statement Dellion spends the rest of the afternoon touring the various battlefields of Austria. He starts with the nuclear site that several years ago obliterated nearly all of the 4th Regiment and killed Major General Charles White. At the nuclear site there is a small memorial to the men who fell and on it is a plaque dedicated to the fallen Major General. "Ahh, Charlie, you were the future of Legion, you were our chosen one, why did you have to up and die on us?" Dellion asks no one in particular as his six guards shuffle around nervously.


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[b]Palácio de Mateus, Vila Real, Portugal, Western Athenian Federation[/b]

The last year had been terrible for the CSS, wars throughout the world, revolutions, rise and fall of fascist movements, etc, it seemed to finally settle down however that thought had been a terrible mistake.

Antonio Gimello approached the gate of the Palácio de Mateus in Portugal, he had been called there earlier for an emergency meeting with the director. It wasn't often that a regional director would be called for a private meeting so he knew it was something serious, even for CSS definitions. Around half a meter in front of the gate he stopped his car and showed his credentials to the guard at the window. After confirming his identity and having checked the car the gate was opened.

"Grazie" Antonio said as he drove the car onto the palace grounds. Once there he stepped outside, the building was surrounded by guards armed with ARX-160s. It had always been well protected but never as much as now. One of the guards would escort him to the office of Director Mengsk, once inside he saw more than just the director. The Director of the Federal Intelligence Agency, a Submagistrate of Foreign Affairs and a High Guard General.

"Director Gimello, thank you for coming on such short notice. I apologize we had to pull you from the office in Venice but the matter we are discussing is very sensitive and needs your expertise in the field."

"Of course, it was no problem at all"

Antonio sat down next to the General as a Holo Display began showing reports.

"We are faced with a difficult issue, as you know our Austrian allies have had a weird change in government over very questionable matters. In addition our sources in the Vatican and Italy in general have informed us of weird talks about questionable rituals which could confirm the Austrian statement. What is your take on these matters?"

Antonio went silent for a minute as he thought the matters over. "Well as you know our intelligence on Austrian internal affairs is lacking, in the war and the initial anarchy that followed too much happened to have an accurate picture. My men in Vienna have been trying to fix that but haven't had enough time yet. The way I look at it however the crimes Director Vogel is charged with are unlike her. She also does not look like a religious fanatic. As such she either has had a serious change of heart, which would indicate a psychological problem of which we also have no reports, or the Austrians are hiding something. I am inclined to go with the latter."

The others would start to talk amongst themselves. "What would you propose is the ideal way to proceed?" The Submagistrate asked.

"A joint op between the CSS, High Guard and FIA. The FIA will be in charge of gathering intelligence through the overt methods like approaching politicians and watching media. The CSS would do the bulk of intelligence gathering through our field office at the embassy, the CSS would also with the aid of High Guard Razors do the more questionable activities our charters allow. Finally I suggest cooperation with Legion and UFE intelligence agencies and the army should match the deployments along the Austrian border of the Austrians to prevent them from harassing any of our citizens when they try to cross."

While some had doubts eventually they all agreed and the meeting was over. With a sigh of relief Antonio walked back to his car heading back to the military airbase where his jet was waiting to take him back to Venice. Liaisons in Austria and the UFE would approach Legion and UFE contacts to set up a potential joint op to find out what was really happening.

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Legion Council:

"We must tread carefully, tensions are high within the ranks."

"Still, those tensions are justified in the minds of the troops."

"I'm not saying they aren't. The men ought to feel angry. Everyone in the Legion lost a brother, sister, or friend in the recent fighting. Give it time and careful handling and that anger will die."

"What of the fanaticism being displayed, I mean really... the stigmata on a Minister of government?"

"I gather no one here in the council is buying that the actions displayed by Vogel were an act of god, nor that they were voluntary on her part.."

"No sir."

"Remember, we chose to accept the oath of the Empress. What is Legion without our honor?"

"Honor is always up to the individual, but I do dare to ask, should the Austrian Government be over-run with fanatics, should we consider zero-kill?"

"Possibly, it worked on the Muslim fanatics in Somalia."

"It will have to be a highly deniable operation. What sort of measures can we take to ensure that it doesn't it doesn't lead back to us?"

"3rd Party Operators of course, deniable accounts, tainted lilly proceedures."

"Good, if we are going to consider framing various members of government with crimes they never committed to undercut the fanaticism of their movement, we must tread carefully."

"That is if evidence turns up that there is something not right with the people we are going to taint."

"Of course, shall I start moving pieces on the board?"

"Yes, but opening moves only, just look into it carefully."

"Yes sir."

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[b]To: The Legionnaire Council
From: Jessika Adler, Director of Foreign Affairs
Subject: Councilor Exchange
[i]To Whom It May Concern,

I would like to apologize for the time that it has taken the Council to act on this matter of arranging for an exchange of ministers between Legionnaire and Austrian governments. Thus, not wanting to wait anymore time, the Council has approved of the addition of a seat to our board, one that will directly represent the Austrian Legion's forces and installations around the world. In addition, Sara Faerber, a senior diplomatic official has been chosen to represent Austria on your Council in Sudan. I would assume that you will receive her with the same grace and kindness that the Legion has shown to us all these years of service. If there are any other questions, please ask and I will be happy to respond.

Expect Miss Faerber within the week and we will be waiting anxiously for the addition to the Revolutionary Council.


Jessika Adler[/i]

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To: Adler
From: Dellion

Before we send a minister we'd like to know the exact parameters of this new position. If we are truly going to bind our nations closely and become a single entity do you not think it important to have something more than just a Minister in charge of Legion affairs?

An invitation to the Legion Council is an invitation into one of our most secretive bodies. All of the most sensitive discussions about Legion affairs of all sorts are made. Your member of this Council will have direct access and influence on the most important aspects of Legion society.

Do you fully understand what we are offering Austria? This stems beyond just the lives of our men. This is the trust of an entire nation being extended to you. The trust that you will not abuse our inner most secrets and decision making processes.


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