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BLACK 8 BR Trade Circle


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This is a [b]BLACK[/b] trade circle. I'm making this on behalf of a friend and will not participate. (mainly because I don't have any of the desired resources)

Aluminum: AphexTwin
Coal: Kingofchaos
Gems: pinkyRPG
Gold: AphexTwin
Iron: Darkslayer
Lead: pinkyRPG
Lumber: Darkslayer
Marble: Magion
Oil: Joseph II
Rubber: Joseph II
Silver: Magion

Wheat: Kingofchaos

The [b]Bonus Resouces[/b] are:

Fine Jewelry
Radiation Cleanup

The major combined effects of the BRs [b]ALONE[/b] are:

Happiness: +8
Infra. Cost: -7%
Infra. Upkeep: -5%

Plus a good number of other smaller things.

Please note that to enjoy the full benifits of this trade circle you'll need:
Tech: 15+
Literacy Rate: 90%+
If you don't have the 90% the only thing you lose is $3.00 to your Avg. Income per person.

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[quote name='Magion' timestamp='1312242276' post='2769480']
marble silver here

Will you be deleting your other trade if you are accepted into this circle??

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[quote name='DDarkslayer' timestamp='1312580272' post='2772870']
is everyone gonna change to black so before the trade? I really need to get some trades here, cuase the other TC I was GOING to join, kinda just went dead. (I think you were in it joseph, so I sent you a trade).

I definitely will

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I'll change to black and delete my current agreements. Send now please, I don't want to go in bill lock.

Aphex, i changed to black then accepted your offer yet im not getting any team bonus.

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