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International Press Release

Domingo the Honored

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[b][center]From the Desk of the Grand Chancellor of the State[/center][/b]

The Chancellery of Cyrantia has been seeking diplomatic relations with her neighbors for quite a while now. To our disappointment, a diplomatic summit called by us resulted in nothing beneficial, but we did not lament. The invitations from other nations to discuss ties did not go unanswered, and after much deliberation and negotiation, we are pleased to announce the results.

Firstly, the Chancellery of Cyrantia announces a declaration pertaining to our nation. Under the Zhukov Doctrine, should our government collapse, be destroyed, or be rendered unable to govern the country, the territory shall revert to the control of the Serene Republic of Vaule. Should the Doctrine come into effect, the Vaulian government may also immediately deploy Vaulian peacekeeping troops to the territory.

Secondly, the Chancellery of Cyrantia has signed a treaty with the United Socialist Republic of Siberia. It is an optional defense pact, with another military clause and an economic agreement.

[quote][b]Article 1: Non-Aggression[/b]

The United Socialist Republic of Siberia and The Chancellery of Cyrantia shall not undertake any act of aggression against each other, be it direct or covert.

[b]Article 2: Optional Defense[/b]

Should either party be attacked by another nation, the other may, but is not required to, provide military and/or financial assistance to the nation under attack.

[b]Article 3: Intelligence/RADAR Sharing[/b]

The undersigned both agree to share intelligence and RADAR data pertaining to issues which could threaten National Security.

[b]Article 4: Trade[/b]

a. The undersigned nations agree to increase trade in goods and services between their nations under the auspices of this agreement.

b. In the interest of increasing trade, the undersigned nations agree to reduce tariffs on all goods imported from the other signatory.

c. The undersigned nations shall promote an increase in financial investment in such a way that does not violate any law or ordinance in either signatory.

[b]Article 5: Cancellation[/b]

If either party wishes to cancel this treaty, 72 hours notice must be given beforehand.

Signed for the United Socialist Republic of Siberia

President Malenkov Sergeievich Alexandrei

Signed for the Chancellery of Cyrantia

Maksim Bazhenov
High Chancellor of Internal Affairs[/quote]

Finally, the Chancellery of Cyrantia has signed a treaty with the Khaganate of Marscurian Siberia. It is a purely economic agreement with a recognition of sovereignty and friendship among our nations.

[quote][center][size="6"]Marscurian Siberian-Cyrantian Friendship Treaty[/size][/center]

Article One: Recognition
Both the Khaganate of Marscurian Siberia and the Chancellery of Cyrantia recognize each other as independent and sovereign nations. Each party will refrain from interfering in the other party's political, cultural, and economic independence.

Article Two: Amur-Glubokiye Vodishtot Agreement
Being a landlocked nation, the Amur River is a vital link in maritime trade in Marscurian Siberia. As such, Cyrantia will respect the ability of Marscurian Siberian ships to traverse the Amur River from its borders to the Amur Estuary and the Straits of Tartary. Cyrantia will also respect the traverse of vessels from the Marscurian Siberian First Fleeet and the Amur River Police to traverse the entirety of the Amur River to the Amur Estuary and the Straits of Tartary, provided that prior warning of the vessel's passage be provided.

Being a landlocked nation, the port city of Glubokiye Vodishtot is vital in the possession of ocean going ships for the Marscurian Siberian navy. Built by Marscurian Siberia, the city will continue to be completely administered by the Marscurian Siberian government. The land of Glubokiye Vodishtot remains Cyrantian territory, and all commercial operations of the city are subject to Cyrantian taxation.

Article Three: Reduction of Tariffs
With strong economic ties being vital to healthy relations between states, both Marscurian Siberia and Cyrantia agree to lower tariffs on each other's imports by an amount of at least 50%.

Article Four: Cancellation
Should either party find that this agreement is no longer in the best interests of national peace and prosperity, a prior notification of at least 168 hours must be given before the treaty is considered officially null and void.

Signed for the Chancellery of Cyrantia
Sergei Aleksandrov, Grand Chancellor of the State

Dmitry Garin, High Chancellor of Foreign Affairs

Signed for the Khaganate of Marscurian Siberia
Vladimir Stein, Head of Diplomacy

With the Approval and Authority of:
Mikhail Stein, Khagan of Marscurian Siberia, Protector of the Amur, Defender of the Faith


The Duma of Marscurian Siberia[/quote]

We hope for the best futures for our nation and our new allies. We thank them for their invitations and cooperation, and hope we find the newly signed treaties long-lived and agreeable.

[b][OOC: tl;dr - my country now has an ODP/intelligence/economic treaty with the USRS, an economic agreement with Marscurian Siberia, and if my country falls, the territory is again a protectorate of SR Vaule.][/b]

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