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Vikings don't wear plate; Knights can't bring horses on long boats.

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It has come to our realization that the Armies of the Knights Templar and Valhalla's Raiding parties aren't so different after all.

With that we've some to an agreement in which Valhalla will not raid the Templar homelands, and the Knights shall not attempt to raze the halls of Valhalla.

To celebrate, there is now a standing invitation to The Templar Knights from Valhalla to join her in any fight, should it take place in Valhalla's own halls or in lands abroad. The Templars in return have offered the Vikings the chance to engage any forces that desecrate Templar homelands and an offer to loot and pillage "reeducate" non believers along side the Knights Templar.

In the event The Templar Knights and Valhalla feel that the other has slighted them or taken on a bit too much pillaging, a week long feast and discussion will be held. Should issues still remain and no deal can be worked out then the Knights and Vikings have two weeks to peacefully to leave each others lands.

[center][color="#00FFFF"]Regent:[/color] ChefJoe
Vice Regent: Bud
Marshal: Levistus
Security Consul: Jesper
Chancellor: ChairmanHal
Emissary: Keshav

[color="#8B0000"]Grand Master of Templar Knights:[/color]Wiccan High Priest

Advisor: Teredona

Elder Council:
Northern Empire
Tiger c
East Prussia


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[quote name='Rebel Virginia' timestamp='1312169448' post='2768839']
[color="#0000FF"]How long until CRAP also ditches GOD?[/color]

TTK did not ditch anyone, this is a treaty 7 months in the making. after all when I retire as GM I will be like two other GM's and retire to Valhalla. a fitting place for warriors to retire to.

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[quote name='Exige' timestamp='1312189944' post='2769026']
bad choice TTK, bad choice

[s]How else is TTK going to complete it's master plan of Taking over RoK and Valhalla if we do not get the the treaty signed. we have our top agent in Kait in RoK and Bud slowly poisioning Chef our 100% takeover of those alliances is almost complete...[/s] uuuummmm ty for your support

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