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Republicanism Rising

Sarah Tintagyl

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In the wake of the Royalist Liberation of Austria, what many expected to lead to cheering in the streets and celebration of a new wave of liberty had no such effect. When the Legionnaires entered Vienna, their presence was appreciated, but it was not celebrated. A new wave of Royalist hatred and mild xenophobia began to sweep through the nation, both liberated and still chafing from the German Occupation. In the time the war had occurred, the world seemed to have spun out of control. Ireland had effectually collapsed, likewise Eastern France. Dalmatia had invaded Bohemia in a surprise move of aggression and most of the world simply waited and stood silent. These world events, combined with the ineffectiveness of Royalist forces ushered in a wave of Republican uprising that was stronger than Chancellor Bridgette Saenger could ever had imagined. In ruined cities from Innsbruck to Klagenfurt, men and women crowded into beer halls as speakers rose on podiums calling for the end of the monarchy. However, this time, there was no great divide between Royalist and Republican, nearly all people wanted an end to the strength of the monarchy. There were of course the few that would have preferred to see the Hapsburg Family stay as figure heads, but these advocates were greatly outnumbered by the mass of Austrians calling for Total Democracy.

As the protests and political meetings continued, a board of ten revolutionaries were chosen. These officers ranged from Councilors of the Interior and Defense and with the return of Envoy Anke Vogel from North America, she quickly replaced Frederich Kant as chief of Foreign Affairs. On her shoulders was placed the responsibility of keeping the new Republic afloat after it's independence was declared. First of which was removing Legionnaire command of Vienna, but second was painting this Republican movement in different colors than the revolution which had happened years ago, under Saenger. Vogel and her comrades were not fascists, they had one goal, to establish democracy and a new Austria that might be a voice to stand against the amount of oppression and silence governing the world in the present time.

Two messages were then sent from the office of the Director of Foreign Affairs, the first to the Legionary Government in Vienna, the second was to be a world broadcast announcing to both Empress Maria Theresia and the world that Austria would no longer stand for monarchical rule in any form.

[b]TO: The Head of State of the Interim Austrian Government
From: Anke Vogel, Director of Foreign Affairs of the Austrian Revolutionary Council
Subject: Recognization[/b]

I realize this letter may come at the most inconvenient of times, I can assure you these past years have been inconvenient and depressing for all those who live under the Austrian banner. Surely you have seen the recent protests and small uprisings occurring across the Empire, Excellency, these are the sounds of a nation tired and unfaithful to an ancient and ineffective system of government. It is clear that the Hapsburg Monarchy can no longer keep the Austrian people's interests at heart, however I wish to make it clear that this is not the same movement that happened in Austria a few years ago during the Saenger Revolution. We are not fascists, we shall never be fascists nor will we employ the same xenophobia strategies that turned so much of the world against the Republicans, including your Legion Forces. I realize that you and your men have a loyalty swore to the Empress, but my colleagues and I have a loyal sworn to the Austrian people. I would rather not see another civil war occur so soon after liberation has been achieved.

In light of this, I would like the chance to meet with the Interim Government personally and discuss how Austrian Governance can be handed to the Revolutionary Council. I will however make light of the situation, while we are open to discussions, the only outcome the Council will approve of is the full transference of entire Empire to the Republic. We would welcome the Legionnaires to our cause and our country as we always have, but Royalism must end.

I look forward to your response Excellency and I hope that a new period of peace can finally fall over Austria. Her people deserve it after so much strife.


Anke Vogel[/i]


Meanwhile, Vogel along with Wolfgang Braak, Director of the Interior made their own address to the world from the ruins of Innsbruck to the world.

[i]Citizens of Austria and of the World,

For too long Austria has reeled under the hands of strife forced upon her by neighboring madmen and by her own rulers. The ineffectiveness of the Austrian Imperial Army during the Haas Wars for Empire sent our nation spiraling into a gloom and depression that has not been known since the collapse of the Communist Regime years ago. We owe our thanks to our allies across the world and the Austrian Legion who was able to force the German invaders back across the Danube and into their own nation. It saddens me that Austria could not even defend herself and perhaps we are an unworthy ally to most, that still does not take away our thanks and sincerity to those who were there for our nation in it's moment of need.

Yet, this responsibility of failure and defeat must be placed into someone's hand and with a heavy heart we must place blame onto the shoulders of the Austrian Imperial Family. The Hapsburg Monarchy after this devastating failure of statesmanship cannot with any logical reason be allowed to continue on the path of governance. A declaration of no-confidence has thus been placed by the new Revolutionary Council of Austria asking for the immediate abdication of the Hapsburg Monarchy and all power placed into the hands of the Republic. Elections will not be postponed and we shall do what is necessary to reduce the Imperial Hand of Austria across the world. Without causing more strife to the people who still fall under our responsibility to govern.

This address, Empress Theresia, is a declaration not only of governance, but also of peace. We ask that you not resist your former subjects and while we have gone through unbearable hardships we will not forget what your family has done for us. But it is time to release your children to the world, as you cannot longer take care of them.

Thus, I gladly proclaim the Republic of Austria and ask for the Interim Government to abdicate their power to the Republic so that war can be prevented. Our people have suffered too much, they cannot be allowed to suffer more.

Thank you. [/i]

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The Angevin Monarchy officially recognizes the Republic of Austria as the true government of the Austrian people. We request the immediate dispatch of a diplomat to negotiate trade and other administrative matters governing the relations between states. (Austria has a lot of metal, and we would like some!)

-Angevin State Department

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[b]Official Imperial Statement[/b]

The Empire recognizes the legitimacy of the government of Ms. Vogel and reaffirms our commitment to our allies in Austria. If you need anything, all you need do is call.

[b]**Private Message to Ms. Vogel**[/b]


I know how busy a time it is pulling a nation back on its feet after a crisis, but I hope that when you find the time you will once again visit the Empire. Hopefully we can continue our conversations then.


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To: Vogel
From: Denard

My orders, directly from the beloved Empress Maria Theresia, leave me with little room to maneuver. Whatever the Empress orders, we shall respect them.

I highly suggest speaking directly with her on this matter.


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They say the price of freedom if your every drop of courage, ounce of pain and pint of blood. Paid in advance. Under the German oppression the Austrian people have paid this price. In line with the spirit of our treaties with the Austrian state our loyalties as always are with the Austrian people. At this time we can not assess whether or not the republican movement truly is the will of the people but we can see they are significant enough to have a voice. It is our hope that the monarchy can come to the table to work the difficult matters out with this new movement. While at this point we can not back either side fully we do urge all to prevent further bloodshed as the streets have had enough of that.

[quote]Dear miss Vogel,

It is our hope that Athenian-Austrian relations can continue as they have until now under a movement fully backed by the people. As such I would like to invite you or one of your offiicials to Athens for a meeting between our respective states.

Yours sincerely,
Empress Ariadne Notaras[/quote]

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"The United States of The Islands will grant recognition to The Republic of Austria once elections are held, finished, and public officials are put into office, acting as a United government. We are happy that Austria did not go into complete chaos and turmoil like other.. "liberated" nations sometimes do and have to have been made into a protectorate. Will the Republic of Austria wipe all former treaties from the former monarchy or will they be kept? The USI holds no alliance to the former monarchy however talks were in place before the war and we would like to know what kind of diplomatic relations your nation plans to hold with Europe. Thank you for your time, may rebuilding go well.

If the monarchy is to stay in power, we will have no problem recognizing that government as well."

Susan O'Neil
[b]Chief Diplomat of The United States of The Islands[/b]

[b]Private With The Republic of Austria[/b]

"The United States of The Islands specializes in construction and rebuilding. If any supplies are needed or if you would even need men to come and help rebuild there are many private contractors that are aching to do so. Congress agreed that no tax will be placed on the charges so that it will be cheaper for the government or whomever contracts them. We hope your rebuilding and new Republic lasts - and goes well."

David Anthony O'Reilly
[b]The President of The United States[/b]

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The Revolutionary Council thanks the nations of the world for their support in our struggle for liberation and independence. We hope to join you soon, without bloodshed as a child released from her mother after growing through both saddening and happy times. In regards to the French statement, we would be happy to conduct trade with our neighbors if and when our government is set up. You need only to come and be welcomed.

[b]**To HIH Thomas Atkinson-Asgiersson of Pravus Inguro**[/b]

It would be an absolute pleasure to return to Washington and to see you again, it has truly been too long. However, I believe I will be quite busy trying to manage the rebirth of Austria and the creation of a truly republican system. There is sparse democracy in Europe, I hope that this will be a wind of change not soon forgotten.



To: R. Denard
From: A. Vogel

I have already written to Her Majesty and am awaiting her response. I do hope that you and I do not become enemies because of the Empress demanding to hold power, but Theresia is wise beyond her years and I believe she will want the best for Austria. When I get word of her approval or dismissal of my offer, I will be the first to let you know.



To: HIH Ariadne Notaras, Empress of the Athenian Federation
From: Anke Vogel, Director of Foreign Affairs, of the Revolutionary Council of Austria


I realize that the Imperial Government of Austria had dubious relations with Athens, especially the Eastern-Greek speaking territories. I would like to do my best to fix this and meet Athens on equal ground, a blank slate if you will. Our countries have gone through severe periods of prejudice and strife, but Austria can ill afford another conflict. While I have no intention of canceling current treaties, I will be reviewing Austria's movements throughout the world and cutting back on our overseas budget. To concentrate on our affairs at home a strong friendship with both the Latin and the Greek World would be advantageous. Unfortunately with the government still in it's birth, I cannot spare time to travel to Athens. Let me take the time, however, to extend an invitation for you to come to Vienna, whenever the city is under Republican control, to meet with me to discuss our relations.


Anke Vogel[/i]


To: David O'Reilly, President of the United States of the Island
From: Anke Vogel, Director of Foreign Affairs, of the Austrian Revolutionary Council


I did not have the pleasure to meet with you myself, however, I am aware that Austria and the USI did have relations before the war began. I would be happy to continue those talks after the Republican government is established. As one of the only other democracies in Europe, I look forward in becoming fast and strong allies and I hope to meet you very soon. That said, Austria will accept your terms for reconstruction, once our government is ready to take on the monetary responsibility. I will let you know when we are prepared.


Anke Vogel[/i]

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Legion Flight 202- Dellion

Dellion is in an unbelievably irate frame of mind. "Yeah, I'm the one who gets thrown out of bed at three in the morning and put on a chopper to Innsbruck, just great," he mutters as the clatter of the helicopter's rotors swallows his words.

"Sir, 10 minutes to Innsbruk," the pilot comments over Dellion's earphones.

"Copy," Dellion mutters as he looks over at Rol Mbembe and Lt. General Bari Mustapha. Three men, all dark as midnight and heavily scarred, without an ounce of give between the three of them. They are Legion's representatives to Vogel. Whatever the outcome of this meeting Dellion has his orders.

"No violence, but you know what to do if they try to get frisky," Denard had told him, which from Denard means take Vogel out back and shoot her in the head if she tries to launch a violent coup. Even with that, Dellion is pretty certain that things won't get that far along. Neither does Denard, but then the both of them aren't so keen on dealing with a violent revolution, best to decapitate it when it is young and round up the potential future leaders and make them disappear if it needs to be done.

Without a word the three men and their eight man security team from the Legion Austrian Special Operations Group dismount the helicopter as soon as it touches down in the middle of Innsbruck. Their landing point, the Innsbruck Central Square. Their attire, full Legion Combat Uniforms and armor with their rifles slung over their shoulders as the men wait. It's a bit of a joke performed by Legion at times, don't wait for an invitation, just drop in and see what happens.

You can tell a great deal about someone by how they respond to a surprise, and first impressions are everything, might as well confuse the hell out of Vogel by having 3 high ranking Legion Generals and 8 Austrians in Legion service show up unannounced bearing a message directly from Denard.

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"Pending talks between Empress/ Imperatrix Theresia, August Imperator Jia, and both interim governments the United Federation will consider its treaty obligations and aid programs active with the Austrian People. The unique situation and ties between our two nations means we must take a more cautious approach than most governments, as we cannot very well not recognize our own Imperatrix's authority, we will hold off recognizing the government until they make an agreement with her. Agreements between her and the other Austrian Factions will be done through confidential channels. All this aside, I reiterate our commitments to the people of Austria remain unchanged."

-Grand Vizier Wei

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[i]The Bohemia Reichskommissariat recognizes the creation of the Republic of Austria. May peace and prosperity inhabit your land for centuries to come. We hope that relations between our two nations will improve greatly, in the coming years.[/i]
[b]-Frederick Von Hapsburg, Imperial Governor of Bohemia[/b]

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I would be honored to meet with you in Vienna upon conclusion of the talks between the republican and monarchist movements. Relations between the East and Austria have been indeed less than perfect but I do think a change will be easy to achieve.

-Empress Ariadne Notaras[/quote]

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"Miss Vogel...?"

Anke opened her eyes slowly to see the grim face of her personal guard standing over her. Her bed was warm and outside the snow was still falling, the ruins of Innsbruck city hall did not keep in much heat and she had no desire to remove herself from her wool blanket. "Please go away, Jarl, I have a long day tomorrow I need all the sleep I can get."

"I'm afraid that your day has to start early, Ma'am. Eleven Austrian Legionnaires have arrived and the rest of the Council has been summoned to me them." The guard said bending over the floor and lighting a candle at the foot of Anke's bed. "You have to get dressed, the meeting will be starting in fifteen minutes or so."

The Director of Foreign Affairs closed her eyes one last time before pushing as hard as she could against the wool cover and placed her feet onto the cold, wooden floor. Anke fought hard not to fall back into the covers, but she slowly wrapped herself in an old Austrian uniform. Her coat was unbuttoned and her undershirt hugged her skin tightly trying to stay warm. As to her hair, that would have to stay a mess, there was no time for proper styling, but she doubted the Legionnaires would care. However, before making her way down to the lobby, The blonde-haired woman grabbed a letter which had just arrived from Qingyuan, and the Austrian Imperial Court there, it would at least be something for the Interim government and the Revolutionaries to agree on.

Walking down the stairs towards the grand lobby, Anke saw that the Revolutionary Council and the Legionnaires were already in discussion and by the looks on their faces and the tone in their voices. None of them were too happy to see the other.

"Vogel!" Braak, the Interior Director looked up at her as she joined the meeting. "What took you so long, I sent that soldier almost a half hour ago."

"Well I couldn't come down here in a nightgown, unlike you Wolfgang, I actually had to wake up early tomorrow. That said," she turned to the Legionnaires. "I assume you gentlemen are here on behalf of the letter I sent?"

They never spoke, only nodding their heads. The intimidation factor was there, which saddened Anke a bit. She was hoping that this Republican Government would be treated different than Saenger's Regime, but seemed that it would be too much to ask for.

"I'm afraid then we're all going to have to pack our bags. This," she said handing the letter to Dellion. "Came this evening, from the Austrian Imperial Court in Qingyuan. The Empress, Her Majesty, has agreed to meet with us both to prevent unnecessary bloodshed between Royal and Republican Forces. Hence why my day is going to be so incredibly long, I hate spending time on a plane."

Dellion smiled as he handed the letter back to Anke. "Perhaps we could make this an adventure for you then, Fraulein. I don't believe you've had the pleasure of riding in a Legionnaire aircraft?"


It was a long trip from Innsbruck to Qingyuan and for someone who didn't like to fly, but given the importance of the meeting couldn't imbibe herself with alcohol to make the trip easier, Anke tried to sleep. By the time the rickety plane finally found itself planed on a Chinese airfield, the Director of Foreign Affairs removed herself from the craft, so quickly and violently, that she knocked over to Legionnaires in the process. One of her first times in China was spent on her hands and knees purging herself of the meatloaf and Salisbury steak she had on the plane.

After the initial purge, she felt a hand on her shoulder and Dellion smiled down at her. "It would be best to compose yourself now, you don't want the Empress seeing you sick after all." He reached into his uniform and pulled out a small silver flask. "Whiskey is good for something like this, it should get you through the meeting and then we and open the wet bar on the plane for the ride home. You won't even know where you're at Fraulein."

Anke stood wearily and took the shot with ease. "You'd think working in a beer hall, all my life to pay for schooling, I'd have a stronger stomach than this."

"Motion and drunkenness, are two different devils, Fraulein, mastery of one can be a weakness to the other." He said taking her hand as they walked in to the Imperial Compound, papers in hand to find the future of Austria within.

After being led to the personal quarters of the Imperator and Imperatrix, Theresia beckoned both of the representatives to sit as she and Jia sat up, and smiled. "I thank you all from coming this far to China, but I realize that these kinds of changes must have our absolute diligence. I will not let Austria be subject to yet another Civil War."

The two representatives nodded and turned to Jia as he began to speak. "Indeed, welcome. I do believe we can all avoid any unpleasantries and hopefully maintain amicable relations."

The Empress began once her husband had finished, as to begin the meeting properly. "After speaking with my husband and seeing the ineffectiveness of my governance in Austria itself. I have realized that my home, my true home is not in Europe anymore. It is in China. Miss Vogel, given that you and your colleagues have pushed forward the idea of permanent government. I have decided to abdicate and end monarchical rule over the Austrian Empire. This will in turn allow you to create the Republic that the Revolutionaries desire. Provided of course that there will be no blood shed to Royalist supporters."

"None at all, Your Majesty. We are not Saengerians, we are simply those who wish for democratic rule. Not the chaos of a mob." Said Anke.

Then Theresia turned back to Dellion, "Herr Dellion, your views then as the Interim Head of State?"

"Legion objects to the Empress abdicating strenuously and would rather see a constitutional monarchy put in place. Austria reveres the Empress, but informal polls made amongst Austrians serving in Legion forces show that whilst they love and cherish the Empress, they would like to see a change of government. Or, some sort of mechanism that retains the dignity of the Empress under what is a very difficult situation."

Anke turned as he spoke and took a deep breath, the pleasantries on the plane would finally becoming to an end. Now it was time to put on her statesman shoes and actually keep the Royalists from regaining power. She would be the villain here, but it was a necessary role. "I can assure you Herr Dellion, that the new Republic would not push our history away. We are all fond of the Monarchy, but even Constitutional Monarchy is something that I do not believe we can embrace anymore. A Civil War and a Foreign Invasion so quickly, people want, people need democracy. It would set us apart from the other regimes in the world who cling to figureheads and ancient ways of government. If the Empress wishes to abdicate, that is her decision. I do not want to bring up terrible memories, but the Imperial Government nearly collapsed after Haas' invasion. We need a new system free of Monarchy, completely."

Jia spoke once she was done, "As a husband of course I support my wife. I though am not going to tell Austria how to govern its own affairs. I'll stand behind her decision to abdicate, even though I feel your government is making a mistake. That said, our aid will be contingent on the royalists being treated with respect and the overall policies of an Austrian Republic. We won't hold you hostage with rebuilding aid."

"Legion Security Services will keep watch over members of the Royal family as well. We take our oath to the Empress and by extension her family quite seriously." Dellion said giving a light glare at Anke before turning back to the Empress with reverence.

"I feel as though this is nearly a parting of the ways and that does hurt me a great deal. I'm curious of your policies though, Ms. Vogel, what will change in Austria if this Republic is allowed to rise up." Theresia said feigning a smile beneath her frown and crossing her hands.

"That is up for the voters to decide Your Majesty, but given the Hapsburg promise to Liberalism and Progress, I cannot see destructive ideologies like Fascism or Communism rising up within our nation. You are an embodiment of our nation, but it is that we feel it is time that a daughter separate from her mother."

Jia narrowed his eyes, "If I may ask, who is we? Could we get a bit of a better idea of that."

Dellion too stated his own retort. "Yet the Empress is an Austrian. You are asking for something far more than just a parting of the ways. What status will the Royal family be afforded? Will they retain their land and property?"

"Yes, they are property owners like anyone else, Herr Dellion, but as to having stronger voting power. No, that is something they will not be afforded. As to the 'we', Imperator. Over the course of the last few months, various protests and talks have taken root in the country, after our liberation. The 'we' I speak of are the citizens of Austria. The Revolutionary Council is simply a Transitional Movement before elections can take place."

The Legionnaire chuckled, "Wouldn't be much of a democracy if they were afforded any sort of special voting rights, I have to agree with you there. I am relieved to hear they are retaining their property. "

"This is not the Reign of Terror, we are not the French."

"Don't get me started on the French Ms. Vogel, there is still a standing Legion order to shoot captured French Generals on sight."

"Yes, of course Herr Dellion," she said turning back to the Imperatrix and her husband. "Is there anything else I can say to put, Your Excellecnies at ease?"

Jia nodded leaning forward, "My only remaining question is on the status of the Sovereign Initiative under this."

And before he was done speaking, Dellion interrupted with an interjection of his own. "Would you consider making the Empress an honorary title? One without power inside of Austria?"

"She may retain whatever title she wishes, and Imperator, the Republic is prepared to honor any and all treaties signed during the Imperial Regime."

Dellion groaned, "I see there is a semantic difference at play here. I'd rather see the Empress being asked to retain her title as a honorary function for the sake of her dignity being retained to some extent. The woman was in the middle of giving birth during the war and her high command was wiped out by a renegade German officer of some sort. Blaming her entirely for this mess seems an incredible disservice."

"Of course," said Anke, "Herr Dellion, I meant no disrespect I assure you."

Jia moved uncomfortably in his seat. "Alright well... I can't say I'm thrilled, but Theresia unless you have anything to add, its something I can live with."

"It is the entire country's disservice, we are all to blame for not holding back the German assault, I am just afraid to say that there is just little confidence left in the Monarchy itself. I can still safely say that Her Majesty was one of the most considerate rulers I have had the pleasure of knowing."

"Very well," said Dellion looking up at the Empress. "Then I suspect the rest is left to the Empress, Ma'am, your comments?"

"The ruler does not hold power over a state, she is the first servant of the state. If a people's wish is to see her abdicate then it is her duty to follow their wishes to prevent bloodshed. Therefore I will relinquish my power as Head of State of Austria. As to the Legionnaire's Loyalty, that is for you to decide Herr Dellion. But from this point on, Austria, is a republic."

"Ma'am, we shall respect your wishes. Denard asked me to not let the meeting go as an echo chamber and to rant and rave a little on your behalf to make sure someone is speaking up for you. I see Ms. Vogel is quite intent on being a peaceful sort, much to my relief. What Legion shall do is for you to decide." Said the Legionnaire.

"Then I would like to see Legion serve Austria and it's new government as they did to me. If that is too much however, those who do not wish to serve the Republic, are released from their oath."

"Agreed," said Jia. "Haas isn't beaten yet, and though he will be, many of Austria's young have unfortunately perished. It is my planners assessments that at the end of this, Austria will still be vulnerable, therefore the Legion's services will be important."

"The Oath of a Legionnaire is the oath sworn by the council. We swore to serve you in hopes of bringing light to the darkness of lawless lands, we've done that. If the Republic allows us to continue in that role, we'll do just that. But be aware, too much blood was spilled by the Legion for us to just see Austria as we used to. 60,000 Legionnaires are in Austria as we speak. We've organized and returned to duty a further 80,000 Austrians that we've formed into the 1st Austrian Army Group, which is currently holding Vienna."

"You are in our debts Herr Dellion and I am positive you would be a great addition to the Revolutionary Council as Director of Defense."

"You'd be better off trying to talk Denard out of retiring and getting him to do that. My inclinations lay elsewhere. I'm more of a build it up and fix it up sort of guy, which is why Denard sent me to this meeting. He thinks you need a fixer, not a wrecker for the time being. Though, be advised, the Legion has plenty of rather talented wrecker sort of chaps who would be happy to break just about anything if you ask them nicely enough."

Anke smiled, "I'd be happy to. That said gentlemen, and Your Majesty, is there more that we must discuss. I would rather leave nothing unturned at the moment."

Dellion nodded at the notice for more discussion. "Yes, there is. I've been requested to ask permission for recruit a fully Austrian Division for the Legion. Right now there are a few too many angry Sudanese in Port Sudan over the entire 50,000 Legion dead for us to get them to willingly serve in Austria. They'll go if they are ordered, but we'd rather them want to go instead of forcing them."

"You are free to recruit, Legion and Austria are tied at the hip so to say, your nation is our nation and vice versa."

"Good, next bit is we'd like a port in Austria to fortify and to prepare as a fallback position. We just don't believe we can trust the Germans to behave after this last episode of juvenile behavior on their part. But holding a fortified port gives us a defend space to land reinforcements rather than bringing them over the beach like we did on a few occasions just recently."

"The City of Koper, I believe would be adequate for such a move. It needs built up anyways, this would greatly help its position as a trading city and as a military port as well." Said Anke.

"Excellent. Last request is a member of Legion in the Austrian government and a member of the Austrian government to serve on the Legion council. If we really are tied at the hips we certainly will be more so after such a move."

"As I said, Director of Defense would be a blessing and perhaps you gentlemen are in need of a foreign minister who knows his or her way around the world?"

"The Legion Council is the Legion Council. It doesn't really have working positions such as that. It is more of a steering committee of sorts. But we'd welcome a person who knows their way around the world and who wants to serve at the Council's pleasure. "

"I will look into it myself, Herr Dellion" Nodded Anke.

"As for the Empress," Dellion said looking back up at Theresia. "Legion takes our oath to ensure her safety very seriously. As a practical matter having us stumping around in the UFE when the UFE has a security service that is quite able to take care of the Empress on their own seems silly. We would like to request a member of Legion attached to the Empress's staff as a formality to satisfy our honor so to speak."

"I would like that very much Herr Dellion, thank you."

"Good, once we find Beckwith, he's still missing, we'll put him on a plane to join you. He's one of our more respected officers. He lead the jump into the heart of the Kickapoo Valley during the fight against Greenly Morris's nutters. He'll serve you well, if we can find the lazy blighter."

"Well then, perhaps our business here is finished? Unless anyone has more to add?"

"Indeed, too much work to be done. Legion will bury its dead, rebuild, and stand with Austria and our Empress as one. Hopefully a shining future is ahead for us all, for the Empress and for the Republic. Empress, with your permission, I'll be on my way." Said the Legionnaire with a smile on his face." He turned to Anke. "Ms. Vogel, I'll escort you back to Austria, perhaps we can speak on more specific matters during transit. With your permission of course."

""That would be a pleasure, Herr Dellion." She said, taking his arm and they exited the compound on the way back to an Austria totally from of Monarchical rule.

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Mattias De Luit, Keeper of Strigia, and Christopher Khendon, Monitor of Strigia, mutually extend their respect and recognition to this new government.

Privately, to T-B-M:


I am Christopher Khendon, recently retired Commandant of the Hanseatic Legion. As a sister-service, there is a great deal of respect from our Legion to yours; and so we wish to extend our assistance to you however we may, our friendship, to renew the ancient ties of the past."

Hail the Legion's!


Privately, to the Austrian Government:

"I, Mattias De Luit, Keeper of the Marchar and Strigia, send greetings;

At your convenience, we wish to meet with your government leaders in order to insure peace and prosperity for our peoples in our time."


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[center][b]Dispatch from the United Federation of the East[/b]:[/center]

Upon resolution of issues. The United Federation of the East hereby commits, 250 billion international bancors to the rebuilding efforts of the Austrian Nation. Additionally the 11th People's Liberation Army Engineering Brigade will be dispatched to help rebuild infrastructure. Further the United Federation of the East shall donate 25 medical helicopters to Austria to deal with rapid response while infrastructure remains damaged by the war.

-August Imperator Jia

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[b]To: Mattius de Luit, Keeper of Strigia
From: Anke Vogel, Director of Foreign Affairs of the Austrian Revolutionary Council

You, along with quite a few other world leaders have requested to meet with the Revolutionary Government of Austria. At your earliest convenience, I would like to invite you to come to Vienna so that we will be able to talk about building relations between your people and ours. I await the meeting with haste.


Anke Vogel[/i]

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Susan and her guards would be allowed access to the Rathaus, the City Hall of Vienna where the Directorate was located. However, the marines would have to disarm themselves if they were to enter the building proper and as a contingent of Austrian soldiers brought O'Neil towards Anke Vogel's office, the marines were forbidden to enter the actual meeting itself.

The style of Vogel's quarters was modern, with a beige carpet covering the floor and two red velvet couches stylized in the Rococo Era pushed up against the far wall. Three lamps covered both sides of the couches and the space in between them while two red velvet chairs sat in line with the small black desk opposite of the entrance. This is where Anke was seated in a red blazer that hugged her shoulders and a white dress shirt with frills traveling up the center of the shirt to a flowery neck piece of lace and ribbon, tied together with a silver broach. Behind her were two windows that ran the length of the room, the harshness of the sun's light hidden by gentle white curtains made of cotton and lace. Seeing Susan enter, Anke gestured to the small black leather chair in front of her desk and opened a small notebook.

"Frau O'Neil, I was expecting you. Please, have a seat." Anke turned the small lamp on her desk on and waited for Susan to sit before continuing. "If I can get you anything, I'd be happy to and more than that I would like to thank you and your country for offering to help Austria in such a dire time. Heaven knows we need it after so many things have gone wrong. The Saenger Civil War, Haas' invasion. Things are finally beginning to turn around and your promise of aid really shows us that we still have friends around the world." She nodded her head.

"So what can I do for you today?"

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David had given the Marines the order to stay with her the entire time however David knew that Susan easily manipulated her security detail when she wanted to. When told to surrender their firearms they were reluctant however the Marines did turn over their decorated assault rifles after dismantling the bayonets and handing them over first when Susan assured them that they were in friendly territory. They patiently stayed outside while the meeting went on, enjoying the beautiful building that lay upon them.

Susan gave a slight head nod to Anke before sitting in the chair. A head nod meant almost nothing to the rest of the world but to the people of the Island it was a sign of reverence and respect, like that of a Japanese bow. Such a small unnoticeable gesture is also given as an alternative to a handshake. Susan had on an orange outfit that was definitely formal enough for the meeting however she looked dashing in it. "Thank you Madame Director. I appreciate your gratitude. Something that President O'Reilly ensures is that the moment any ally or enemy has civilians in trouble we are the first to have planes in the air with humanitarian aid and supplies to help the residents."

Susan crossed her legs and unfolded a piece of paper, "Per request of President O'Reilly I am here to ask you of two things, the first being the easy one." She said, "We have plenty of aid waiting to be dropped off in locations in your Republic, the C-130s just need permission to enter your airspace. Secondly I wanted to ask you what your opinion was on diplomatic relations. Neither of us know each other well so it might be silly to offer any type of Mutual Defense Pact between the two of us however I would like to offer you a Pact of Non Aggression and Free Trade between our nations. An embassy is also on the table I would hope. What do you think Madame?"

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Anke jotted a few notes down in her book before turning back to Susan. "To your first statement, yes, Austria is willing to allow your C-130s entrance into our airspace. The aid that you give is greatly appreciated and once the nation gets back onto it's feet can be repaid with interest. I would love to think just how advanced and strong we would be if it hadn't been for these wars, but we have to play the hands dealt to us. A free-trade agreement and non-aggression pact would be equally favorable. Though I am afraid I will have to place such a request for the Directorate to agree on. However, I can assure you, Frau O'Neil, I look very favorably upon strong relations with the United States of the Island." She laughed, "Indeed, you are the only real nation left in the British Isles and it is a shame that your nation has been kept so small, especially bordered by nations who contribute nothing to the world. If this passes, I will see what I can to improve this pact to a Mutual Defense Agreement in the future. Austria and the United States should share one voice. As nearly the only two democracies in Europe, it only makes sense."

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"Thank you very much Madame Director. And waiting for an embassy will be no problem. As you may know the United States has an extremely strict policy on immigration because it was agreed on way back when the island was a Union of Republics and Monarchies that if immigration legislation were to be passed, it would go under just as much scrutiny and take as long with as many processes to be passed. That policy was because a fear of the USI's unique culture being destroyed. The same policy existed for tourism until recently where the government has became more open to letting European nations to sending a set number of tourists per year. We have several spaces for Austria to build a embassy and when you announce that we have permission to create one in Austria I will see to it that congress starts the process of allowing a larger number of tourists from Austria.
And it is the dream of every Islander to one day be reunited with Ireland. The USI does not have an Imperialist policy however it is a goal to one day try to unite with Ireland without destroying our sovereignty; I only hope it will happen in my lifetime.

But you are right.. our nations need to stick together because frankly our way of governing by the people is rare in this part of the world, I hope we can preserve it for a long time so that our children may grow up in countries where they can decide their own fate." With that, Susan signed a piece of parchment that was written by David only hours ago defining the Non Aggression Treaty and Free Trade Agreement. She handed the document to the Director for review.

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Anke frowned for a moment and crossed her arms on the desk. "Well I can't say that our politics see eye to eye, Frau O'Neil, but that isn't something to keep us from being allies." She reached over and took the treaty from Susan's hands, then her eyes darted down the page as she took in the information. "Yes, I believe we can agree on this. At least I can, we'll see what the Directorate says, but I think given your democratic history. It will be approved." She closed her notebook with the treaty inside and slowly looked back up at Susan.

"That said, Frau O'Neil, is there anything else that you'd wish to discuss? If not, I don't want to hold you if you have more important matters to attend to."

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