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Rise of the oblast mafia


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A group of men sat in a large smokey room around a table. Most of them had cigars in their mouths and a variety of drinks in there hands. There's a series of knocks at the door and several men answer it. Everyone else is silent has they waited for there "visitor" to be brought over. The man walks in carrying a suitcase. He places the suitcase on the table and pulls out a pistol pointing it straight at the man at the head of the table. "Hahahaha. My friend I see you haven't changed at all." The man gives off a slight smile but doesn't move his gun from the man. "You know why I'm here right?"
"I do, but explain it to me again." The man takes a breathe in the gun never wavering "you owe quite a bit of money to my boss and I'm here to collect." The man laughs again " Then you can tell your boss that hes not getting !@#$ from me. Normally i'd kill people like you but you've put me in a good mood. You have 60 seconds to get out." the man blinks "remember you brought this on yourself." The man leaves with the smile of a job well done on his face.

Back inside the building the men take there seats when one notices the suitcase still on the table. " He left the suitcase." Another man "lets open it." The men crowd around the suitcase examining the lock "i'd be able to pick this lock easy enough." After another few minuets the case finally snaps open and its back on the table. The man opens it and freezes in fear. Inside it is a bomb and a note. The man picks up the note and just has enough time to read it before the mine blows. And the man was already on the other side of town calling in to the don " he refused to pay so I gave him his reward.
So where am i heading next?"

The police arrive at the explosion site. After securing it investigators move in to examine the scene. After several hours they are able to confirm that the bomb, even though crudly made, was very effective at wiping most if not all of the evidence.

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Several miles outside Magadan city.

A car pulls up to a large house. From the outside the building looks beat down and on the verge of collapsing. Has the man walks up to the door several pairs of eyes watch him from inside. "doorbell". After several minuets a man opens the door. The two look into each others eyes a mixture of hatred and professionalism are obvious in both of them. After several seconds the man turns around and leads him into the building. Has the enter another room a series of laughter and the sound of corks being pulled off wine bottles is heard.
"Ahh my friend im glad you could make it." The man takes a seat " thank you for inviting me. It must be of importance if we are meeting here." Don: "yes it is but not now, first we should relax here have some wine." The man examines the wine than takes a sip while looking around the room. The first man his eyes saw was boris. The dons brother. He never went on any jobs. No one knew exactly what it was he did. The next man his eyes found was fendrea. He was foreign but we never found out where from. Fendrea was the financial operator. The next person was a woman Lya. Attractive to look at but out of every one here she was the deadliest. Women he thought to himself. She was the top "collector". The last person he found, the man who had lead him in was Osin. He hated that man with a passion since the first time he laid eyes on him. He wasn't quite sure but he knew that eventually he would kill him. Osin was has he liked to call himself a tactical mastermind. He planned there operations. The others around him were locked in conversation but he was deep in thought know. And who was he? He was simply known has friend has the don always called him. Others had learned not to ask his name has the last man that did lost his hand. He wasn't a violent man by choice he just had lots of built up hatred. Anyways, trying to get back on thought, he was the information provider. He had lots of connections outside of the mafia and information came his way often. Don: " Now, lets get to why I've called you in here tonight." He snaps into focus. " My friend if you would like to...". The man stands up " Over the past month we have been working hard to take our place in the country, but the nation just does not fear us. This is partly due to how new we are and partly due to the powerful police force that the nation has set up. We don't have the resources to take on the police or the few other gangs we have rivaling us. My informants have however informed me of a major gun deal going on between two of the top gangs. Breaking up the deal and getting those weapons for ourselves will put us at the top." Osin: "That is an insane plan. Not only will the deal be heavily guarded but the second guns start going off the police are going to be all over us." The man feels a wave of anger go threw him, but he pushes it down. " You're wrong. You over estimate the polices power. This will be the first heavy gun fight they will have experienced in a long time. I doubt they will be prepared." Osin stands up and starts yelling at the man. " SO YOU ARE PREPARED TO RISK OUR FUTURE ON THE ASSUMPTION THAT THE POLICE WILL NOT BE PREPARED!" The man smiles, he had left a certain piece of information out. He had thought about telling Osin, but decided to toy with him a bit more first. " Thats why you will be leading the attack. It is your job has the tactical mastermind to make this work tactically or the failure will be on your head." Osin looks furious, his face starts turning red " I SHOULD JUST SHOOT YOU RIGHT NOW!" Osin reaches for his gun. Don: "That is enough! My friend has left a piece of information out, Im sure accidentally, but we have learned that the police force will be deployed else where at the time.

MNSA Internal branch

" The information has been spread threw our connections in the city. Do you really expect to catch anything with this?" A man chuckles " there's only one way to find out."

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Lya and to other mobster sat back watching the deal begin. There was about 30 men down there. About a mile away in the safe house sat Osin and the man along with about 25 mobsters and 15 others who had there favors called in. Has soon has Lya gave the call they would move in on the deal. The men weren't well armed however, the majority having just pistols, but Osin believes the surprise will be enough.

MNSA internal branch
The majority of the police force in magadan city has been put undercover. They have been positioned around the city and was calling in law breaking to the police force that haven't been deployed. So far they have made a few minor busts but nothing major. A squad of 20 mnsa agents armed with the standard police weaponry the PSM pistol and the 9A-91 rifle. They would be deployed in case a situation got hairy.

Outside magadan city
Osin: "Lya made the call lets roll out." The group moved fast, jumping into there cars and in 3 minuets there were screaming down the road heading for lya.

At the gun deal
Lya watched has the cars pulled up. Osin gets out. Lya: "Its time to move in. The guns are in a truck and it only has one guard. You all know your jobs so lets get this done." She jumps into her car. The cars go racing towards the deal several of them opening fire. Has the cars get closer the others begin noticing them. Soon a fire fight erupts has the mobsters and the gangs fight. The man and Osin go for the truck. The man easily picks of the guard and jumps from the car onto the truck. Several other mobsters jumped in and onto the back. The man looked back and several gang members were heading for them. He turned around and stepped on the gas.

Police headquarters
"Were getting reports of weapon fires just outside of magadan city." Police chief: Get some men out there to see the situation. Also report this to the mnsa."
Several police cars leave the city for recon on the situation. While the police were getting close to the scene the truck and two other cars are seen coming up on them.

In the truck
Mobster: !@#$ there right behind us. The man looks back has he sees two cars shooting at them. He looks ahead and sees the cops. "$%&@."

In the police cars
The three police cars stop and pull into a blockade. 5 of the 6 cops get out there guns raised. The other is on the radio giving a report on the situation.

Mobster: "Its a blockade." The man to busy driving to hit him thinks fast. He drives off the road in a open space along the safety rails. This truck wont last long off road thanks to the terrain.

The police watch him go off road along with the other two cars still chasing them. He nods to one group who get into there car and goes after them. The other two groups go along towards the gunfight.

MNSA safe house
Alright were getting reports of a gunfight just outside of the city. Were to assist the local police in this fight. Lets move. The 20 mnsa agents quickly vacate the building into the mnsa agency trucks. They head towards the scene.

The man was forced to head back onto the road because of an upcoming bridge. He looks back... looks like he lost one car but the other one and the police were still hot on his tail. Tactical mstermind my ass he thought to himself.

The fighting at the gun deal site had intensified. Lya looks to her left to see two cop cars come rolling up just a short distance away. Great she thought to herself.

"Holy !@#$ its like a war zone here." The cars stop a short distance away and the men duck has a flurry of bullets hit the cars. "We are so screwed without back up."

Mnsa agents
The trucks now less then a mile away gained speed now that they were out in the open road. "We will be there momentarily" says one of the officers to the rest of the men. "Reports says its one hell of a fight right now.
One group is to break off and assist an officer in a current chase. We believe they are involved in the current situation.

"where the hell are we going?" says a mobster. We cant head to the drop off site with the police and these other guys on us." The man had an idea. He looked up at the mountains. "Theres a mountain exit coming up we should be able to loose this cop if we go out of his territory."

Police headquarters
"Contact the mountain police and tell the to put up check points on all nearby exits."

The police had managed to get into a good position, but they were still outnumbered and out gunned. One cop looks back to see several mnsa trucks roll up. "Oh here they come. Its about !@#$@#$ time, lets turn this fight around.

Lya sees the mnsa trucks coming. "We gotta get out of here fast. Lets roll out now!." The mobsters begin running to there vehicles but the police and gang fire was keeping them back.

The back doors of the trucks open up and 15 mnsa agents come running out. Meanwhile in one of the truck a speaker goes off: " you are surrounded and now out gunned. Put down your weapons now and put your hands on your heads." While the command was given out over and over again the agents set up a perimeter around the fighting group.

Lya watches has the gangs and her own mobsters surrender. She looks at osin who had reached his car. She and a handful of mobsters take off.

(to be continued)

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OOC: skipped a bunch of stuff, it will be explained shortly.

IC: Jacob woke up with in shock, his first instinct to get to his feet. "arggggg" he feel back, a sharp pain in his stomach. He laid still for minute, letting his senses return to him. He remembered now, he had been shot. After meeting up with lya at the warehouse a cop had caught them off guard and hit him. He looked down at his gun shot wound. Someone had patched it up while he was passed out. He looked around, he noticed his revolver within reach. He turned to his other end and found the door, closed. Panic quickly took over him. Had he been left to be caught by the police or worse, die? He tried to get to his feet, causing another sharp cry of pain. Then he heard footsteps. He whipped around and grabbed his revolver, hidding it behind his pillow with his hand ready to use it if needed. The door opened and he turned to see Lya and another mobster come walking in, food and water with them. Food, he thought, he just realized he was starving. "Glad to see your finally awake." said Lya. "I tried to dress the wound best i could, bu i didn't have much to use." He opened his mouth to try to speak but only a squeak came out. His mouth was bone dry. Lya looked at the other mobster he gave Jacob the water. He finished it with 1 gulp then returned it him asking for more. He than wolfed down sandwhich, not taking the time to find out what was in it. He looked at Lya "how long have i been out?" "A day and a half. We started to think you would die." The mobster returned with more water handing it to Jacob. "You can leave now." said Lya. The mobster turned and left, mumbling something about gratitude. " My head is pounding, I cant remember anything before the warehouse." "Your head hit the wall, took a pretty big bruise." Jacobs hand went to his head where he could find a sizable bump. "Damn that hurts. So what are we going to do?" Lya looked at him for a moment before saying " we still have no word from the Don, though im sure hes heard about whats happened, unless hes been found. One of our own may have rated him out to the cops." Jacob looked at her " and Osin?" " Still no sign of him either. All we got are a hand-full of mobsters, a truck full of ammo-less guns, and a old storage building, which is running dangerously low on food, water, and batteries for lights. We should be happy its summer right now." Jacob was starting to fall back into sleep again. Lya noticed and left, and Jacob quickly was knocked out.

Several miles away

Osin climbed out of his car, he had cut up his leg bad but other than that he was fine. He stood up, ignoring the sharp pain going up his leg and whipped out his PSS, facing the car crash. He had been driving to meet the Don to re-establish orders when he had suddenly be hit by the side. He slowly approached the other car, looking inside he could see two cops, one obviously dead and the other seriously injured. He was on the radio calling for help when he noticed Osin and began to struggle in his crushed up position, attempting to reach his gun. Osin thought about shooting the officer but decided against it, he had an issue in killing harmless people. The cops arm by his gun was obviously broken and his other arm couldn't reach. He walked away, his thumb out, attempting to hitchhike.

MNSA command

The mobsters and gang members had been rounded up and put threw the systems. They were now in line to go threw questioning. Meanwhile the men on the scene were being debriefed. After several hours of questions the MNSA had learned that there job was far from done. They had to track down a truck full of weapons and a group of high up mobsters of the newly founded Mafia organization. They put more agents back on the streets, and began looking heavily into this group threw there "contacts". The head of MNSA internal security sat back and sighed, this was going to get worse before it got better.

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Inside the Don's mansion

The Don was sitting back, his feet up and enjoying a nice bottle of wine while flipping threw the channels on TV. It landed on the news and he stopped, watching a reporter outside Magadan city giving a report on a gun fight. " Witnesses say that it was a large fight over a truck load of weapons. The weapons, however along with a handful of suspects, seemed to of escaped. According to interviews there has been no report on them however.....". The Don could only look on in shock has several of his on men where shown to be on the wanted list. He began to sweat, if even only 1 of his guys sold him out he could be in trouble. He jumped up and began packing. It was time for him to disappear. He grabbed his suitcase when he heard a large smashing from downstairs.

Several miles away

Osin sat in side a rusted old pick up truck. He had managed to flag someone down where he had quickly knocked him out and taken his truck. It wasn't his vehicle of choice but he had to admit, it runned well and was pretty fast for a rusted old piece of metal. Maybe he would keep it and fix her up. He was rolling up to the Dons mansion when he noticed several trucks up front. On a closer look he found several mnsa officers, armed with bullet proof armor and there standard 9A-91 rifles. He also sees the front door busted in. That's when he notices the checkpoint.


A few officers sat in there cars. They had blocked up the street so no one could come in or out without being noticed. "Hey we got someone rolling up." said one of the officers. A single cop walked up to the truck.

Inside the truck.

Osin watched the cap come strolling up, his hand tightening on his pistol. The cop came up next to the door and Osin rolled down the window. "Hey where just checking everyone passing threw this area. Can I see your idea?" Osin hands the officer his license. "Whats going on in there?" The cop hands him back his ID. "Sorry, thats private for now." The cop turns back and heads back towards the checkpoint, waving his hand to let Osin go threw. After Osin gets by he can only chuckle to himself. " Dumbass cop." he said to himself. He would make a full circle and meet up with Lya and Jacob to plan there next move.

Inside the mansion

The Don could hear the men running threw the house, searching for him. A few shouts from his mobsters could be heard has well has they were taken by surprise. He heard feet climbing the stairs. He had only a minute or two till they found him, and there was no way he could make it to one of his secret rooms in-time. He had to think fast, but every option ended with him either being captured or killed. Best to go out fighting he thought. His hand flew into the suitcase and pulled out his revolver, he looked at it. It was an expensive custom made one, and was more than enough to take someone down at point blank range. He aimed it at the door which was still closed. He heard footsteps outside the door and watched it slowly open.


A dozen heavily armed agents flooded the mansion from all sides. They had located two mobsters and had easily disarmed and arrested them. Then they began searching the house, room by room. Four of the agents went up stairs, looking room to room has well. They approached a room at the end of the hall, the door closed. The other 3 were busy searching other rooms so the fourth went in alone, against his better judgement. He slowly slid the door open, and went in. He looked around the room before he found the gun pointed at him. He barley had enough time to notice it before a burst and a bang came from the weapon.
The other three agents quickly entered the room, with many more behind them. The agents, using superior numbers to there advantage charged the Don before he could get another shot off. They quickly handcuffed him and secured the gun, while others checked the shot agent. Meanwhile outside an ambulance was called.
A medic, checking the fallen agent was quickly on the spot. The agent had been shot in the chest and leg. The bullets hit just the right positions to do maximum damage on the target against the armor. The bullets in the chest had been deflected by the armor, however he was hit by enough force to break a rib and knock him out. His arm wasn't has lucky, it had hit him in the soft part of the armor, however it was not serious damage and he would make a full recovery. If it had not been for the armor he would be dead now.

At the safehouse

Osin walked in on Jacobs, Lya, and a handful of mobsters playing cards. "The Dons been arrested. Im lucky to of made it out." Looks of surprise crossed the room. "So now what?" said one of the mobsters. " Then that leaves Jacobs in charge." Said Lya. "What?1 I can't be in charge." Lya looked at him "with the Don arrested and chances are his son to, your the next highest up. So you now run our mafia."

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