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Harbingers of Doom

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[center][b][size="6"]A Joint Announcement from Non Grata and The Last Remnants[/size][/b][/center]

[quote][center][b][size="5"]Merger Madness 2.0[/size][/b][/center]

Article 1.
The Last Remnants and Non Grata will not fight each other, spy on each other, or say bad things about each other.

Article 2.
Both The Last Remnants and Non Grata agree that they will share any information with each other that might threaten the security of the other.

Article 3.
If one signatory is attacked the other is obligated to enter the conflict in defense.

Article 4.
If one signatory aggressively enters a conflict, the other has the option to enter the conflict along side.

Article 5.
Non-chaining Clause
This is a non-chaining clause.

Article 6.
Should one alliance decide this pact no longer fits into their best interests, 72 hours must pass before it is considered null and void.

Signed on behalf of The Last Remnants,


Rush Sykes[/b]


Minister of Economics - [b]Azelie[/b]
Minister of Foreign Affairs - [b]Voodoo[/b]
Minister of Internal Affairs - [b]Wyrmon[/b]
Minister of War - [b]Eratria[/b]

The First Senate of The Last Remnants:

Senate Leader - [b]Cameronious
Devilyn Caster
Stefano Palmieri
Signed on behalf of Non Grata,

[b]Derwood1[/b], Triumvir
[b]kriekfreak[/b], Triumvir
[b]KingXander[/b], Triumvir
[b]Gofastleft[/b], Advisor
[b]MiketheFirst[/b], Advisor
[b]zoomzoomzoom[/b], Advisor & Minister of Foreign Affairs
[b]Fear-[/b], Minister of Defense
[b]Stewie[/b], Minister of Education and Growth
[b]Lenin[/b], Minister of Recruitment
[b]Nickledime[/b], Minister of Tech
[b]Diabloz[/b], Minister of Trades


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[quote name='Duncan King' timestamp='1312128342' post='2768286']
Congrats, guys! Nice to see you doing well. Still think a merger of both alliances would be awesome as there's a lot of smart and fun people in each alliance. But you might fracture from epic lolverload.

Remember that Athens merger chart?

It would be like that but almost three times bigger.

Glad to see your ODoAP worked out. A textbook example of how relationships should progress.

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