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Austria Prevails!

Captain Enema

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[quote]To: Commander Denard, of the Austrian Foreign Legion
From: Maria Theresia II, Empress of Austria


You have my absolute thanks in handling the situation in Austria and Slovenia with such discipline and honor. I fear however that my regime and my governance has taken a toll on my body that I cannot recover from with any small speed. It pains me to watch my country fall and that I am not there to help defend it. Until such a time that I am able to return to power, if at all, I appoint you, Commander as Regent of the Empire and all responsibilities of government fall upon your shoulders. With more diligence, Austria may one day return to it's time of glory and strength. Until that time. Godspeed.


HIH Maria Theresia[/quote]

"You gotta be kidding me," groans Denard.

"Nope, seems you are the one in charge of the entire shooting match Bob, not bad for a dirty unwashed savage from Africa, No?" laughs Dellion.

"Christ, get in touch with the UFE and Athens, pass along official copies of this message. Someone find me some high ranking Austrians and we'll make a formal government," orders Denard.

"You going to be in charge?"

"No, Austria needs to be taken care of by Austria. Legion is a friend to our Austrian brothers, but not their rulers. It would be improper for me to directly lead this nation. For now I'll retain control of the Austrian Empire and get Austria together under its own leadership," Denard states as he looks thoughtful.

"Going to need a huge amount of capitol investment to repair the war damage," Dellion says as he looks at some of the earlier rough estimates of the damage done.

"Well, the Germans can pay for that. They blew it up they can pay to fix it. If not we'll work something out with the UFE. We'll find the money somehow. For right now I want you to get order restored in Vienna. We can't have the capitol of the Empire in total chaos. Put an Austrian patrol on each street if you have to. If that fails move the entire 5th and 6th Legion Divisions into Vienna and crack some skulls to get the point across. I don't have time for mayhem and anarchy in our own ranks."

"Roger, Austrian patrols and civil action groups out in force," Dellion says as he passes the order.

"Messages to the UFE and Athens," Denard reminds Dellion.

"Done sir," Dellion replies.

"Find me some high ranking Austrian Officers," Denard says.

"That could be difficult, you've seen the security footage from the bunker just prior to the fall of Vienna?" Dellion asks.

"Yes, that reminds me. Put out a warrant for the arrest of Kaiser Martens. He's wanted for the murder of four Austrian senior ranking officers who were attempting to organize a strategic withdrawl in the face of overwhelming numbers. Their deaths contributed to uncountable Austrian lives lost due to the disruption of the chain of command," Denard orders.

"Gotcha, if he shows his face in Austria again we'll throw him in the nearest pokey," Dellion responds.

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[quote]To: Commander Denard
From: Imperial Command of the Athenian Federation

We have received your message and recognize you authority over the Austrian Empire. With a formal government in power now we formally request permission retroactively to position Hellenic forces in the Empire for a continued offensive against the German enemy. [/quote]

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Legion forces will be positioned to cover your supply lines inside of Austria. Airbases in Austria will be made available for Hellenic Aircraft should they need it as well. Our hospitals and railways are at your disposal as well.

Show the madman Haas no mercy.

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