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Arctic Diplomacy: Desolate Icehole Edition


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With the recent internal changes in the United Kingdom, Greenland decided it was time to open negotiations with the nation over its Arctic lands. While the previous regime had been seemingly dedicated to expansionist policies with Svalbard and Franz Josef Land, officials in the Greenland hoped the new UK government would show a more level-headed and reasonable attitude towards Arctic affairs. The two nations had had some contact through the formation of the CAN, which the UK later withdrew from, however this was the first time Greenland had initiated contact for quite some time. The UK Foreign Affairs Ministry would receive a diplomatic communique from its Greenlandic counterpart.

TO: United Kingdom
FR: FR Greenland
RE: Current UK Arctic Holdings


The Foreign Affairs Department of Greenland, on behalf of the Greenlandic people, hopes this message finds you and your people well. With the current governmental shifts and readjustments in the United Kingdom, Greenland has found it prudent to discuss the current United Kingdom Arctic holdings, with Franz Josef Land and your small holding in North America in particular. While we acknowledge the United Kingdom is stable and well-established nation, we inquire as to the purposes of these land holdings and are willing to reach some sort of arrangement where control of these lands could possible be handed over to Greenland. In fact, we are prepared to outright buy these land holdings if the United Kingdom would find such a proposition agreeable.


Kristjan Vilhjálmsson
Greenland Minister of Foreign Affairs

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[quote]TO: FR Greenland
FR: United Kingdom
RE: Current UK Arctic Holdings

Dear Mr. Vilhjálmsson,

In the recent review of British holdings it was found that Franz Josef Land was a considerable and unnecessary burden on the economy of the United Kingdom. They are just too far away to be able to sustain at any reasonable cost to the tax payer.

For this reason we would very much like to consider your proposition. What we have in mind is the transition from our control to your control over the space of a year. This should allow us time to withdraw and give you time to prepare for taking control.

As for the price for purchasing outright, we would consider a fee of £100,000,000 (OOC: No idea if that's too much or not enough :P).

Arthur Thwaites
Prime Minister[/quote]

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That price sounds reasonable and we thank the United Kingdom for a fair and reasonable agreement. We will wire the money over immediately and assist with the transition. We are willing to pay to relocate any of your citizens and scientists currently living in the franz Josef lands.

Additionally, does the current deal include the small united kingdom owned island in the middle of the CAN protectorate? Due to its geographical position we would prefer a similar deal, if at all possible.

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Excellent, your payment has been received. Thank you for the swiftness of the transaction. We currently have suitable transport to remove all citizens en route to FJL so we will take care of the logistics of returning them to the main land, thank you for offer though. Once they have departed along with their equipment you can go ahead and begin to establish control.

Alas, I cannot, unfortunately, give away that one particular location for any price. The research carried out there helps our sciences and technologies vastly and it is not part of said deal.

It has been a pleasure doing business with you and we look forward to continued diplomacy with your nation.

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It was a pleasure doing business with you. With confirmation that the money has been received we will begin establishing control as your men leave the islands. Greenland looks forward to cooperating with the United Kingdom on future endeavors.

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