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4BR Construction, Jewelry, Steel, Affluent Pop.


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Let me know if you want in. See below for details and needed resources.

[color=blue][b]Affluent Construction[/b][/color]

Aluminum - Cao Pai
Iron - Me
Lumber -
Marble - Magion

Coal -
Gems - Me
Gold - rylejed
Silver - Magion

Fish -
Furs - rylejed
Wine - Cao Pai
Wild Card -


[b]Bonus Set:[/b]
Affluent Population
Fine Jewelry

+22.5% Citizens
+10.5 Happiness
+10 Income
-33.2% Infra Cost

*This is first come first served, but I reserve the right to replace and rearrange nations in order to get this completed as quick as possible.

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